chocolate lollypops. $1.00 colors & flavors ingredients & supplies needed. mold sticks bags string...

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Chocolate Lollypops

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Chocolate Lollypops

$1.00 Colors & Flavors

Ingredients & supplies needed.MoldSticksBagsStringChocolate :-fudge-vanilla-dark chocolate-peanut butter

Step 1: Put 1 lb. of chocolate in a bowl . Microwave on half power for 1 minute, then stir [it will not be all melted at this point]. Do it again. Repeat the process until the chocolate is mixed well. When ready to use it will pour from a spoon like syrup.You can also use plastic baggies to make it easier. Remember don't overcook the chocolate. It will burn!

Step 2:To fill molds either spoon it into the mold cavities, or gently squeeze the chocolate out using a squeeze bottle (this is definitely the easiest). Then hold both sides of the mold and tap it lightly on the table top. This will level out the chocolate and remove any air bubbles. If you are making lollipops, now insert the lollipop sticks into the mold, and with your finger "roll" the stick in it's mold position. Step 3:Put the filled mold into the freezer (on a flat surface) for about 10 minutes. Leaving it in the freezer longer is no problem at all . If you must, you can use the refrigerator instead of the freezer. However, using a freezer "quick cools" the chocolate and has the advantages of making it easier to remove the chocolate from the mold and gives a better, shiny surface finish. Step 4:Remove molded candy from moldWhen you take the mold out of the freezer turn it upside down and gently tap it on the table. The candy should drop right out. Put it inside

After you finishClean molds in soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry. Remove excess chocolate from the containers and squeeze bottles while still melted, then set containers in freezer until the chocolate is hard. Flexible containers/squeeze bottles can then be taken out of the freezer and simply flexed; chocolate will separate unused chocolate and store in a cool dry place, NOT in the refrigerator. Remember you can "reuse" chocolate