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<ul><li> 1. Top 10 most subscribedyoutube Channels of 2013by: Joshua Chitwood</li></ul> <p> 2. #10MoviesMoviesThis channel was made onDecember 14, 2005 whenyoutube was first launched.This channel allows peoplewith youtube accounts tobuy movies on youtube.Their channel has 5,197,751+subscribers according to4/16/13 charts. 3. CreatorsThe people thatcreated the channelwas youtube.The people thatcreated youtube areSteve Chen, ChadHurley, and JawedKarim. 4. #9freddiewfreddiewThis channel was created onFebuary 22, 2006.The channel has 5,256,553+subscribers according to4/16/13 charts.They create action videos, andupload videos once a week.They are based out of the USA. 5. CreatorsThe creators of freddiew areFreddie Wong ( older brotherof Jimmy Wong) andBrondonJLa.They also are friends withCorridor Digital and Node.There website 6. #8hola soy germanhola soy germanThis channel was createdon September 8, 2011.Unlike most of thechannels this channel isbased out of Chile.The channel has5,891,880+ subscribersaccording to 4/16/13charts. 7. CreatorThe guy that createdHola Soy German isAlejandro GarmendiaAranis.He makes spanishvideos on stuff in theworld. 8. #7One Direction VEVOOne Direction VEVOThis channel was madeon December 4, 2010.This channel has6,009,560+ subscribersaccording to 4/17/13charts.This channel is based outof the United Kingdom. 9. CreatorsVEVO was thecreators of thischannel.They put up musicvideos and behind thesinces of their musicvideos. 10. #6MachinimaMachinimaThis channel was made onDecember 16, 2010.This channel has7,431,096+ subscribersaccording to 5/3/13charts.This channel is based outof the USA. 11. CreatorThe person that made thischannel is HughHancock.They have twelveyoutube channels andseven other channels.They put up every type ofvideo that is gaming andentertainment related. 12. #5Rihanna vevoRihanna vevoThis Channel was madeon May 11, 2009.It is based out of theUnited States.It has 7,837,987+subscribers according to4/18/13 charts. 13. creatorsThe people that createdthis channel was VEVO.They put up musicvideos and behind thesinces of their musicvideos. 14. #4PewdiepiePewdiepieThis channel was madeon April 29, 2010.His channel is based outof Sweden and Italy.He has 7,274,272+subscribers according to5/1/13 charts. 15. CreatorThe person that madethis channel is FelixArvid Ulf Kjellberg.He makes lets playvideo game videosand vlogs. 16. #3nigahiganigahigaThis channel was madeon July 20, 2006.His channel is basedout of Hawaii.THis channel has8,083,754+ subscribersaccording to 5/1/13charts. 17. CreatorThe person that madethis channel is RyanHiga.He makes comedy skitsand other videos.He also has a secondchannelHigaTVYouTube. 18. #2raywilliamjohnsonraywilliamjohnsonThis channel was madein February 2011.THis channel is basedout of New York andOklahoma!The channel has8,546,656+ subscribersaccording to 5/1/13charts. 19. creatorThe person that createdthis channel is RayWilliam Johnson as itsaid in the title.His videos most of thetime are on randomthings like punchingkids, worlds scariestride, or deadly cats. 20. #1smoshsmoshThis channel was made onNovember 19, 2005.This channel has9,569,671+ subscribersaccording to 5/3/13charts.They are based out of theUSA. 21. CreatorsThe people that created thischannel are Anthony Padillaand Ian Hecox.The videos that they makeare comedy skits.They also have several otherchannels like IanH, SmoshGames, Smosh en espaol,and Shut Up! Cartoons. 22. Sourceswww.youtubecharts.com</p>