chinook’s edge school division no. 73 general safety orientation

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  • Chinooks Edge School Division No. 73

    General Safety Orientation

  • ACCIDENTSAll accidents (and incidents with the potential to cause injury) MUST be investigated.Accident investigation should take place immediately after the injured worker has been cared for, and any potential hazards have been removed.

  • ACCIDENTS (CONT)The accident investigation is done to identify the immediate and underlying causes of the accident.Once the immediate and underlying causes of the accident are identified the necessary measures can be taken to prevent a recurrence of the accident.The accident investigation must never fix blame

  • ACCIDENTS (CONT) All work related injuries and illnesses must be reported on form. Your password and user name will be sent to youAdditional reporting to WCB may be required for Custodial, Maintenance, support workers and some teaching staff.Certified teaching staff are exempt WCB.

  • ONLINE SAFETY TRAININGYou will be receiving an email registering you for CESD online training. The next two slides are screen shots of the e-mails you will recieve:The safety training is mandatory and any non-compliance will be brought to the attention of your Principal and / or Liaison Superintendent.



  • HAZARD REPORTINGAll hazards and Safety concerns should be reported on the Occupational Health & Safety concern form. (See your supervisor for this form shown on the next page)

    This form can also be found at under the Forms, Tags and labels pull down menu.

  • OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH & SAFETY CONCERN FORMUse this section to report circumstances of your occupational health & safety concern. This is your chance to help us prevent a loss before it has a chance to injure somebody or something.I, _______________________ , at _______ observed a safety or occupational health Timeconcern at___________________________________________________________. Exact Location & facility nameHeres what I noticed:_______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.I think this has the potential to injure or damage: ________________________________ (person, object, material, environment)This report was handed to: __________________________________________________Action taken at this level: __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________FOLLOWUP PLAN:I have made the following Plan to eliminate the occupational health & safety concern:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Signed: _____________________ Date: _________________FOLLOWUP ACTION:I have done the following to eliminate the occupational health & safety concern:________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Signed: _____________________ Date: _________________This form was sent back to the originating facility by _____________________________(Name)__________________________________________

  • HAZARD REPORTINGWhen the OH&S Concern form is completed, hand a copy of the form to your supervisor.The form will go to all parties required to fix the problem.When the concern you identified has been fixed, a copy of the OH&S Concern form will be returned to you indicating what has been done and by who.

  • CRITICAL HAZARDSIf in your opinion, the hazard creates an immediate critical danger to people or property contact the Safety Manager (403-396-3248) and notify your supervisor.

  • EMERGENCY RESPONSEOn your first day at your new work location, review the emergency response plan and ensure you are aware of your specific responsibilities during an emergency.

  • CESD work rulesAll members of the Chinooks Edge School Division are accountable for health, safety and environmental management within their areas of work.

    Failure to follow safety procedures and rules or creating a safety hazard could result in disciplinary action up to and including termination.

  • RIGHT TO REFUSE WORKAll staff have the duty to refuse unsafe work if they have reasonable grounds to believe that the work involves an immediate danger to themselves or others.An imminent danger is any danger that isnt normal for the job, or a danger you have not been trained to handle.

  • RIGHT TO REFUSE WORKYou cannot be disciplined in any way for acting in a safe and responsible manner. All work refusals will be investigated and the unsafe condition corrected, or the work assigned to a person qualified to do the workA copy of the completed investigation form will be given to you indicating what has been done to correct the unsafe condition.

  • HAZARD ASSESSMENTSPrior to starting any job ensure you reference the hazard assessment for that job to see what the job hazards are and what has been done to minimize or eliminate the hazard.You must put your name on the back page of the hazard assessment indicating that you have read it.

  • WHAT NEXTWhen you arrive at your new worksite, ask the principal or director for the site specific orientation.This orientation includes things such as where to pick up mail, hours of work, who do you call if you cant come to work, where to park and the location of the emergency plans and safety forms.


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