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  • Chinese NCEA Level 2

    Appendix for external assessment

    Texts for Achievement Standards 2.1 Demonstrate understanding of a variety of spoken Chinese texts on familiar matters 2.4 Demonstrate understanding of a variety of Chinese texts on familiar matters will reflect the achievement objectives for levels 7and 8 for Learning Languages:

    Communicate information, ideas, and opinions through increasingly complex and varied texts.

    Understand texts which explore the views of others, and which develop and share personal perspectives.

    Students will be expected to identify linguistic and cultural forms that guide interpretation of texts. This will involve understanding information, ideas and opinions through increasingly complex and varied texts. Level 2 Level 2 texts will be based on familiar matters, personal/community interest. This refers to regularly encountered information, ideas and opinions that will be expressed in clear standard language. The texts will reflect the relationship between language and culture and be adapted as appropriate. Note for internal assessments This appendix applies only to language used for the two end of year reading and listening external assessments. The language which students will use to communicate in internal assessment activities and associated learning opportunities throughout the year will necessarily reflect the Chinese teaching and learning that takes place within the context of each particular classroom and cannot and should not therefore be restricted to solely the language and useful expressions contained in this appendix. . NOTES TO TEACHER: Students are expected to be able to recognise:

    1. Where a noun, adverb or adjective can easily be constructed from the verb or vice versa; 2. Obvious cognates and loan words;

  • No Pinyin Characters English Compounds/ Examples

    1 i Love Be fond of

    Hobby, interest Husband or wife

    2 n Peace To arrange, arrangement Safe To feel at ease Tiananmen

    3 bn Class Team Shift

    The Chinese class; To go to work To finish work Class representative

    4 bn Half Southern Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere

    5 bn To do To manage

    Office To do things / To work

    6 bng To help To assist

    To help

    7 bi Mw Cup

    Three glasses of water Tea cup Wine glass Cheers

    8 b Compare . She is taller than me. . Chinese is relatively easy to learn

    9 bin Side Edge

    Left hand side At the same time

    10 bi Other Dont

    Other/s Dont talk!

    11 b Step To make progress, To deteriorate To run To take a walk

    12 ci Only then

    Just now

    I will only go back to my home country next year I just came back yesterday just now

    13 cn Food Meal

    Picnic Western food Chinese food Lunch Fast food

    14 cn Join Take part

    To visit / To tour around To attend / To take part in

  • 15 c Toilet Toilet Mens room Womens room;

    16 ch To lack Bad

    Five minutes to six; Almost / Approximately; . The service is poor.

    17 ch Tea Tea house To drink tea

    18 chng zhng

    Long To grow Capitan

    Long hair The Great Wall To grow up School principal

    19 chng To complete Successful; Adult Results / Accomplishments

    20 ch Place Everywhere Advantage / Benefit Disadvantage

    21 cng Intelligent / Clever 22 cng From

    In the past / Before 23

    Never Have never done

    I never exercise. I have never been to China.

    24 d Strike, hit To work part time To intend to / To plan / Plans

    25 d di

    Big Large Doctor

    Everybody; University; (difu ) Doctor

    26 dn Egg Chicken egg Cake

    27 do Way Path Road

    Main road Footpath

    28 do To arrive To go To indicate completion of an action

    To arrive home To walk to school To have found

    29 d de di

    To get Degree marker Have to

    . I got 100% . My mum cooks well. . I have to go.

    30 dng To wait To wait a moment Etc.

    31 d

    Earth Land


  • de To indicate adverb


    32 dng Surely Definitely

    Certainly To decide

    33 d Abdomen Stomach Stomach ache

    34 d Degree (Temperature)

    5 degrees below zero

    35 du Team Soccer team Captain Team member

    36 du To face To Correct

    Opposite Sorry As far as.. is concerned He is very nice to me. By the way! She is correct.

    37 du More How! How much?

    Much colder How cute! How much time?

    38 fng Square rectangle Direction Perspective

    39 fng House Room

    Room House

    40 fng To release Holiday To fly a kite

    41 fng Wind Northwest lie wind 42 gng Just Just now

    Just now 43 go Tall

    High Happy High score To raise

    44 go Cake Cake 45 go To tell To tell

    Advertisement 46 gn With Ill go with you 47 gng Even more Much more

    Much better 48 gng To work Engineer

    To work / Job Work part time

    49 gng To work Homework Kongfu / Martial Art

    50 gng Public Bus

  • Park Kilogram Kilometre

    51 gng Total Communal

    Altogether Same

    52 gu Dog Puppy 53 gu (Of wind)

    To blow Windy

    54 gui To turn Turn right 55 gun To shut Never mind

    Concerned about 56 gun Certain service

    establishment Restaurant Library Embassy

    57 gu To cross Particle indicating Completion

    In the past, go over Come over Over Ive been to China before

    58 hi hun

    Still Also Return book

    So so Furthermore, also; Or (as in an interrogative sentence) To return books

    59 hi Sea Shanghai Overseas Beach

    60 hn Chinese Man

    Chinese language Chinese characters Tough man

    61 ho

    Good Fine Easy to

    (hkn) Good looking (hwn) Fun (hch) Delicious (hxu) Easy to learn

    62 ho Number Date


    63 h huo

    And With

    You and I/me Peace (nunhuo) Warm

    64 hi Black Blackboard 65 hu Time When

    . When.. ? When? Climate

    66 hu Flower To spend time or

    Garden Spend money

  • 66 hu Flower To spend time or money on

    Garden Spend money Spend time on

    67 hu To slip To slide

    To ski To ice skate

    68 hu To draw Picture

    To draw a picture Image

    69 hu Chemistry Culture

    70 hu Speech Language

    To speak Joke

    71 hui Bad To go off To break down

    The milk has gone off The car has broken down To speak ill of someone

    72 hung Yellow A surname

    The Yellow River Mr. Huang

    73 Hu kui

    Be able to Meeting Society

    I am able to speak Chinese Have a meeting Society (kuij) Accounting

    74 hu Live Activity Life

    75 hu Or (used in a statement)


    76 j Machine Airplane Cell phone Opportunity

    77 j Write down Diary 78 j Season Season

    Four seasons 79 ji To add

    To join To join in

    80 ji Home Family Expert

    Writer Nation Musician

    81 ji Holiday Have a holiday Holidays

    82 jin Room MW

    Room Middle

    83 jin To see To meet To see To hear Goodbye

    84 jin Healthy Healthy Gym

    85 jing To speak Talk about Tell a story

  • 86 jia To make (friends)

    To make friends

    87 jio Compare/ Relatively 88 jio To be named

    To shout ...He is called.... To scream

    89 ji Street On the street 90 ji Festival

    Holiday Spring festival; Festival; Season; Programme

    91 jn Gold Gold fish Yellow gold

    92 jn To enter To go in / To enter Please come in To make progress

    93 jn Near Very near / Clsoe by Recently

    94 jng Via By way of

    Return home via Beijing Already

    95 jng Quiet Quiet 96 ji Long time Long time no see

    For how long? A long time

    97 ji Only Then

    Everyone has a computer, except for me. Turn left, then youre there.

    98 ki Open Boiled water School/term starts To drive a vehicle Happy When will the shop open?

    99 kn To look at To read

    To see To read a book Good looking

    100 kng Healthy 101 ko Test Examination 102 k Thirsty Im thirsty

    103 k May / Can

    Suffix __able Possible Lovable / Lovely / Cute Laughable / Funny

  • 104 k Guest Visitor

    Guest Living room Guest room

    105 k A quarter of an hour

    A quarter of an hour Moment

    106 k To cry Dont cry 107 k Trousers Trousers

    Shorts 108 li To come

    To arrive To run around People come,people go

    109 ln Blue Blue colour 110 ln Basket Basketball 111 l Gift

    Present Gifts

    112 ling Cool Cool 113 ling Light

    Bright Beautiful, pretty The moon

    114 lu Storey Building

    Upstairs Downstairs Building

    115 l Travel, Journey

    To tour / To travel / Journey Tour / Tourism Motel / Hotel

    116 m Horse Immediately (mmhh) Careless

    117 mi To buy Go shopping Trade

    118 mi To sell All sold out 119 mn Slow To run slowly

    Slowly 120 mi Beautiful America

    Fine art 121 min Side

    Flour Face

    Front Bread Surface To meet

    122 mng Name Famous Famous

    123 mng Bright Understand Smart Bright

    124 nn Difficult Hard

    difficult to learn

    125 nng Be able Possible

    Capable Possible

  • 126 nin Year Age

    Year level Young people Age

    127 png Side Beside 128 pin A piece of paper Photograph

    Postcards Picture Card

    129 png Bottle Wine bottle Milk bottle

    130 q Period of time School term 131 q To ride To ride a bike

    To ride a horse 132 q Ice cream 133 q Air To get angry

    Air Balloon

    134 qin Thousand By all means By no means

    135 qng Fine Clear

    Fine day / Sunny day

    136 qn Skirt Skirt 137 rn After that

    Of course 138 r Hot Warm hearted / Helpful

    Passion / Passionate 139 r Sun

    Day Day Date Day and night

    140 rng To contain Easy / Easily Smile

    141 ru Meat Flesh

    Beef Pork Roast meat / Barbecue

    142 r If For example

    143 sho Little Few

    How much? Minority

    144 shn Body Health

    Body / Health Height

    145 sh Room Bathroom Classroom

    146 sh Vision Television

    147 sh Market City

  • 147 sh Market City

    City City centre

    148 shu Hand Cell phone Gloves

    149 sh Book Childrens book Book / Booklet

    150 sh Be well Comfortable

    Whats wrong with you? Comfortable

    151 sh Art Skill

    Fine art Art

    152 sng To deliver To give To see someone off

    Deliver a meal Give it to you (as a present) Take me to school

    153 s Tell To tell / To inform 154 sun To calculate To plan / To intend

    To calculate Computer

    155 su Year of age Two years old Time

    156 ti Excessively ! Great! Space

    157 tng Soup Chicken soup Beef soup Vegetable soup

    158 t Special Unusual

    Special / Extremely Characteristics

    159 tng Painful Headache 160 tin Day

    Sky /Everyday Sky Heaven

    161 tio To jump Dance High jump Long jump Heartbeat

    162 tng To listen Listening test Heard / Rumour says Dictation

    163 wi Outside Foreign country Foreign language Overseas

    164 wng Towards To turn left To socialise

    165 wng To forget I forgot Unforgettable

  • 166 wi wi

    For Because Why In order to

    167 wn Temperature Weather temperature Temperature

    168 w Noon Nap Lunch break

    169 w Dance To dance 170 w Be in the service

    of Attendant House chores

    171 w Thing Creature

    Animal Gift

    172 x To hope Wish / Hope 173 x To rest To rest

    Daily routine 174 x To wash Wash dishes;

    Have a bath/shower Wash clothes

    175 x Happy Joyful

    To like Happy

    176 x Department Connection

    ! Never mind! The Chinese department

    177 xin First Firstthen ; Firstly

    178 xin Present Now Modern time

    179 xing To think To suppose Would like to miss

    To think it over I supppose ? Where would you like to go Homesick

    180 xing Be like Similar to

    As if / Seems like She looks like a movie star A little bit like...

    181 xing Photograph Take a photo Photographs

    182 xio Small Young

    Primary school Be careful Narrow minded / Unforgiving Evil nasty person

    183 xio School School The most pretty girl in the school School campus

  • 184 xi Shoes Sports shoes 185 xng Star

    Planet Week Celebrity Planet

    186 xng Okay To walk

    ? Is that OK ? To walk Pedestrian

    187 xng xng

    (gxng) Happy (xngfn) Exciting / Excited

    188 xi To rest Day off Leisure

    189 x Probably To permit

    Perhaps Many Dont talk!

    190 xu Snow Snowing To ski

    191 y Tooth Dentist Toothache

    192 yn Language Words

    Language Dialect

    193 yng Appearance The same In this case In that case ? How about it? How is...?

    194 yo To want To indicate future tense

    If Dont / Dont want I will leave now.

    195 yo Medicine Chinese medicine; Western medicine;\ Take medicine

    196 y Medicine Doctor Hospital Chinese medicine Western medicine

    197 y After / Later Above Under Within Outside

    198 y Meaning Idea

    Opinion Business To agree

    199 yn Cause Because Reason

    yn Sound Music

  • yn Sound Music Sound / Voice

    200 yng Shadow Movie Cinema

    201 yng To swim Swim 202 yng To use Useful

    To write with a pen Function No need to

    203 yu To swim Swimming pool Game

    204 yu Friend Friendship Friendly

    205 yu Right hand side On the right Around / About

    206 y Fish Gold fish 207 y Education Physical education

    Education 208 yun Person Attendant 209 yun Park Garden

    Chinese landscaped garden 210 yun Building Cinema

    Hospital 211 yu Mouth

    Moon The Moon The Moon (planet)

    212 yu More More and more 213 yn Clouds Overcast / Cloudy 214 yn Motion

    Movement Luck


    ! Good luck! Luck

    215 zi In At

    Goodbye Say that again.

    216 zhn Station To stand

    Station / Bus stop To stand up

    217 zho Take a photo Photos Take a photo

    218 zhn Really Really good Really? Really

    219 zh To know To know / To realise Knowledge Bestfriend / Soul mate

    220 zh Paper Newspaper 221 zhng A kind

    A type? Which kind?

  • 222 zhng Heavy Important 223 zhu Week Weekend 224 zh To assist Help 225 z Character

    Word Calligraphy writing Dictionary

    226 zng Overall Always In conclusion

    227 zu To walk To go To leave

    ! Go away! Goodbye!

    228 z Foot Enough

    Football Not enough

  • Measure words

    No Pinyin Characters English Examples 1 tu MW for four-

    legged animals One cow

    2 jin MW for big institution

    One hospital

    3 wn A bowl of One bowl of fried noodles 4 pn A plate of One plate of fried rice 5 jn MW for weight

    equivalent to 0.5kg

    6 shung A pair of 7 ling MW for vehicles 8 ji MW for shops

    and restaurants

    9 su MW for schools 10 pin 11 zh MW for pens and


    12 b A handful of


    Are you able to go tomorrow? ! We miss you very much! I want to be a teacher. I can speak English, but not


    Is it likely to rain today? Probably not.

    Modal verbs

    You shouldnt drive after drinking.

    I am not as clever as you are.

    Xiaoming got 80% for his Maths Exam, but Dawen did even better, he got 100%.

    This book is cheaper than that one.


    Which place is colder, North Island or South Island?

    My younger sister is reading at home.

    What are you thinking? Who gave you this present?


    My mum cooks for me


  • Grandpa told him a story. It is two kilometres from the

    school to the park.

    Lunchtime is from 12 to 1.

    / The cinema is close to my house.

    He never does any exercises but he is in good health.

    I have never been to China before.

    Its already very late, but Mum is still working.

    I ate a loaf of bread and an ice-cream.

    I ate bread and ice-cream.

    He and I went to the library.

    Do you walk to school or take the bus?

    I either walk to school or take the bus.


    He didnt talk t...