chinese inventions russell, justice, aniyah. china’s great inventions   the great inventions...

Download Chinese Inventions RUSSELL, JUSTICE, ANIYAH. CHINA’S GREAT INVENTIONS   The great inventions are paper printing, gunpowder and compass. These inventions

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  • Chinese InventionsRUSSELL, JUSTICE, ANIYAH

  • CHINAS GREAT INVENTIONSThe great inventions are paper printing, gunpowder and compass. These inventions really helped the Chinese to have a better life. As these inventions became popular they started sending lot of their inventions to different places. But sad news for the other places, we dont keep the cash we have to send it back to China . But anyways as I was saying the 4 great inventions where used a lot in China. Thats why they became popular in China.

  • Gunpowder is one of the 4 great inventions. Gunpowder was invented because they needed something stronger then spears, staffs , bow and arrows. So they came up with gunpowder and guns. And then those became popular for movies, fights, video games. All that stuff then they realized they could use gunpowder for much more like fireworks that we use for the 4th of July, Independence day all of that stuff. Some people thought it of a distraction to evil spirits to make the people get more time to hide and run away from the spirits


  • CHINA COMPASSA compass is a instrument magnetic element that is horizontal of the earth s magnetic field at a point observation. The magnetic compass is a old Chinese invention probably the first invention made in the Qin Dynasty . Chinese fortune tellers used lodestones. Compass is the world s strongest magnet some compass has 3 axis tilt compensated 3D for years compass was a instrument the compass was the fourth great invention. A compass involves iron by smelting and a spoon on top and copper. Chinese people came upon a natural mineral magnetite that attracts iron and is always pointed north if its suspended it has development the round compass into being. The compass was made inside Qin Dynasty. One compass was a lodestone witch what for fourtune tellers used .

  • CHINESE PRINTING This is about paper and printing at the same time and what it was used for!!And how they used it in a country called china where most of our American things came from china some like toys and your going to look into this book in see Chinese Pictures of paper printing and learn a lot of facts about how to print the paper and how to make the paper that goes in the machines you dont put raglan paper you have to make spice paper and then compare it to the wirers on the computer And what the printer does is make a copy of any thing hard cover book drawings important things like papers for work you can copy from different things