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  • 1. BEIJINGA unit of the People's Militia waits its turn at the daily morning drill. In the background, Tien An Men Palace, where the country's leaders stand to review patriotic parades, 1958 All Photos Henri Cartier-Bresson

2. SHEN-YANG, ChinaWorkers in the industrial center are urged to produce "still bigger, still better, more quickly, more frugally," 1958. 3. CHONGQING, ChinaOn the docks, men unload barges by hand; mechanized equipment had not yet been installed. Several citizens wrote letters of protest when Henri Cartier-Bresson took this picture, claiming that his action was an insult to the Chinese people, 1958 4. CHINAThe Great Wall, 1958 5. CHINAA unit going to work in the fields, 1958 6. YUMEN, ChinaWhatever the city, whatever the region, the sound of drums and cymbals announces a workers delegation marching to administration headquarters to tell of a new high in their production, 1958 7. SIAN, ChinaAs an after-school project, youngsters pave the sidewalks of their neighborhood under the supervision of their mothers, 1958 8. CHENGDU, China A male nurse disinfects all who enter the city in an effort to halt an epidemic. Fearful of their well-known "facility to catch cold," the Chinese use draconian methods to combat it, 1958 9. CHINASchoolboys rest after their daily drill. Sons of peasants, they form a militia trained in the handling of guns, hand grenades, and weapons dropped from planes. On the wall is the slogan "Everybody loves to work," 1958 10. SHEN-YANG, ChinaWork-study programs are an integral part of Chinese university life. Here, an engineering student works a lathe, 1958 11. CHINAPeasants were encouraged to construct their own smelting ovens. Every half-hour these ovens smelted about 100 pounds of iron used to make farm tools. Such labor was done after the normal workday spent in the fields or rice paddies, 1958. 12. URUMCHI, ChinaSinkiang Province, 1958. 13. TURFAN, ChinaA mother lays her child down for a nap. A Muslim and one of the national minorities, she works in the vineyards of a newly formed commune, 1958 14. SHANGHAI, China1958 15. BEIJINGThe extermination of China's four scourgesflies, mosquitoes, rats, and sparrowsis the theme of this exhibit, illustrated by a rat made from real rat skin, 1958 16. BEIJINGAn exhibition on bridges and railroad systems, in the Chinese Culture Park, as an example of progress made since the Communist takeover, 1958.