china by ali and grant. flight depart from denver on september 21 st. depart from denver on...

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  • ChinaBy Ali and Grant

  • FlightDepart from Denver on September 21st. Arrive in Beijing 22nd.Passport needed. Visa needed $208.Fly Delta to Beijing and get a rental car and hotel. Staying at Beijing Zhongan Hotel.Total $ spent on flight = $2568. 22,591 yuan remaining.

  • Chinese Language

    Language = Mandarin Chinese. (about 850 million speak in china.)Hello= Ni HaoWhere is the bathroom?= Csu zi nl How much is this?=Zhge dusho qin Thank you =Xixi

  • President Hu JintaoSecretary of the Communist party of china.Political leader of around 1.3 billion chinese.Largest economy in 25 years.

  • Chinese MusicFounder of Chinese music was Ling Lun.He made bamboo pipes in the tone of birds. dizi, sheng, paigu, gong, paixiao, guan, bells, cymbals chinese instruments.The Ruan- string instrument.

  • Money$1.00 = 6.60 Chinese Yuan$1.00 = 7.80 Hong Kong DollarTotal Chinese Yuan we have = 22,591 Yuan.

  • ReligionBuddhism and Taoism.Taoism= following lifes path.Main religion is Buddhism.Siddhartha Gautama is the Buddha.Siddhartha has reached enlightenment wWhich other Buddhists are trying to reach.Enlightenment= knowing the purpose of all things.

  • Population and ClimatePopulation= 1,331,460,000 Climate= Ranges from -40 degrees to 100 degrees F.Rainy summers.Cold, snowy winters.Typhoon season is July to September.


  • Beijing


  • Day 1Arrive in Beijing on 22nd,Get rental car and check in to the Zhongan Hotel in Beijing. (payed w\flight)Eat Dinner 200 Yuan. (22,391)

  • Day 2Leave hotel for the Forbidden City. First built in the Qing Dynasty. Construction had begun in 1407.Roofs in yellow symbolizing royalty.80 Yuan.Total Food cost 250 Yuan.(22,061)

  • Day 4Go shopping at Hongqiao Market for the day and eat lunch there. 500 yuan.Eat dinner at Xue Wu Dining Hall for 175 yuan.(21,176)

    Hongqiao Market

  • Day 5 LobbyCheck out of hotelFly to Shanghai 5,300 yuan.Check in to Howard Johnson hotel 900 yuan. Spend the rest of the day at hotel and dine there 200 yuan. Taxi 70 Yuan. (14,706)

  • China Map

  • Day 6Zhujiajiao and Seven Treasure Town Day Tour.8 Hours, lunch provided. 1542 Yuan. (transportation provided.)Eat Dinner at Tan Wai Lou 250 Yuan.Taxi 70 Yuan.(12,844) Zhujiajiao ->

  • Day 7Visit Shanghai Bund.Taxi 50 Yuan.Eat Lunch 80 Yuan.Visit YuYuan Garden 60 Yuan.Taxi 70 Yuan.Eat Dinner at Sashas Restaurant 205 Yuan. (12,449)Bund (left)YuYuan (right)

  • Day 8Catch Flight back to Beijing midday.Eat at airport 70 Yuan.Check back in at hotel.Go out and eat dinner 150 Yuan.Pack for morning flight.Total gas cost 200 Yuan.(12,029)

  • Day 9Check out of hotel.Return rental car.Catch morning flight back to Denver. (arrive late)Total Yuan left over = 12,029American Dollars = $1,800-280 (for visa)1,520 Total