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<ul><li><p>BOSS Chili Master Chef COOK-OFF</p><p>Call BOSS at 0503-332-5366 or 010-2368-4406 for more information.</p><p>Were gonna have a cook-off------Master Chef Style! Competitors must prepare and bring enough good home-cooked chili for 10 BOSS members to judge. Be as creative as you can be, </p><p>but remember these are hungry Soldiers and they are ready to critique!</p><p>1st Place Winner- $100 AAFES Gift Card - 100 Commanders Cup Points- BOSS Chili Master Chef Plaque- Group Photo</p><p>2st Place Winner- $50 AAFES Gift Card- 75 Commanders Cup Points- Group Photo</p><p>3st Place Winner- $25 AAFES Gift Card- 50 Commanders Cup Points- Group Photo</p><p>Saturday, March 7 / 1 p.m. at Camp Stanley CAC</p><p>Area I BOSS Presents... Sponsored by Camp Stanley BOSS </p></li></ul>