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  • JJYPAC: ~~{V&t\TtoAJ. m_V\s \ "~ & Chili Cook Off Competition Rules & Re~:ulations


    I ! !

    1. This Competition allows for entry of Red Chili and/or Green Chili (Chili Verd ~, . Any kind of meat maybe used or combinations of meats (such as beef, chicken, pork, ve ison, lamb, etc ... ). All meats will be cooked with red and/or green chili peppers, various spices and other ingredients with the exception of BEANS and PASTA which are strictly forbidden.

    Note: A people's choice taste kit will be available for purchase at the run site r $t'it will include a spoon, napkin, 5 sample cups 5 taste tickets and a scoring card to


    ote for the best chili peoples choice award.

    1 I I

    2. No ingredient may be pre-cooked in any way prior to the commencement o ~the official cook-off. The only exceptions are canned or bottled tomatoes, tomato sauc , peppers, pepper sauce, beverages, broth and grinding and/or mixing of ?Pices. Meat may be pre-cut or ground. MEAT MAY NOT BE PRE-COOKED, PRE-SMOKED, PRE-TREATED, PRE RUBBED or PRE-MARINATED in any way until competition starts. All other ingredients must e chopped or prepared during the preparation period.

    Note: There will be a meat inspection 1 hour prior to the start of the cook o All meats must be stored at below 40 degrees until cooking time. A cooler with ice is fine.

    3. You must be at least 21 years old to compete or be a part of a team. No mor than 3 cooks per team.

    Note: You can have as many helpers as you need but you are only getting 3 wri~~tbands at the gate per spot.


    I 4. A representative from your team must be present at the contestant's meeti p1 , at which time final instructions will be given and questions answered.


    Note: The meeting will be no later than 1 hour prior to the official starting time bf the cook ~ I 5. The cooking period: Fires can be started by 9am and chili turn in is at 2pm. window of 10 minutes is allowed for turn in from 1:55pm to 2:05pm. Cooking during en ire cooking period is at the sole discretion of the contestant. 1

    6. Food handler's gloves must be worn by team food handlers. I I

    7. Contestants are responsible for supplying all of their own cooking utensils lnd cooking equipment, etc. NO electrical cookers such as crock pots. Everything is to be poked over flame - charcoal, wood or propane. The sponsors of the cook off will provide a lOxlO area for each contestant. There will be a common water hook up so bring your lown water carrier. There will be limited electrical outlets that will be shared by spots. Brin 50 feet of electrical cord and splitter if you need electric. 1


    Note: You supply your own tables, chairs, pop up tent, bring your own comfort i I

    8. Each contestant must cook approximately two gallon of competition chili prep+ red in one pot and 32 oz will be submitted for judging and the rest will be for those with ti :~ets to vote for the people's choice award.



    I !

  • ......____ ii ' --...

    9. Each contestant will be assigned a contestant's number by the Chief Scorek eper at the 'l1Jl5rning meeting and be given an official 32 oz judging cup. Each contestant ould verify ,, tllat the number on the bottom of their cup is the same as their assigne 1 contestant number. Each contestant is responsible to deliver their cup, which must be


    illed to the bottom of the cup's rim, to the judging area at the official time for judging. Note: The judging is anonymous so your cup should in no way be altered or ~rked as to

    ~e ~ifferent from the others. If found to be altered your chili will be disqJflified from JUdgmg. ,


    ' i

    10. Judges will be told they should vote for the chili they like best based on the following major considerations: good flavor, texture of the meat, consistency, blend of spi1


    .ces, aroma and color.

    i 11. In the event of a first place tie, 3 judges will resample and judge the chili fo 1 a second time. The decisions of the Chief Judge shall be final.


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