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<ul><li><p>19th Annual CHILI COOK-OFF &amp; RED HOT CAR SHOW </p><p>COURTHOUSE ROCHESTER, IN October 11 th, 2014 </p><p>Hosted by:Blacktop Cruisers Car Club </p><p>Registration: 8:00 am to 11:00 am Judging: 10:30 am Awards: Approx. 4:00 pm </p><p>T-Shirts: All pre-registered Dash Plaques: First 400 registered </p><p>AA. Street Rod 1931 &amp; Older </p><p>BB. Street Rod 1932-1933 </p><p>CC. Street Rod 1934-1937 </p><p>DD. Street Rod 1938-1947 </p><p>EE. Modified 1948-1985 </p><p>FF. Modified 1986 to Present </p><p>GG. Street Machine / Pro Street </p><p>HH. Trucks 1956 and older </p><p>II. Trucks 1957-1979 </p><p>JJ. Trucks 1980-Present </p><p>KK. Rat Rods All </p><p>LL. Motorcycles American </p><p>MM. Motorcycles Foreign </p><p>A. Antique 1954 &amp; Older </p><p>B. Classic 1955-1957 </p><p>C. Classic 1958-1964 </p><p>D. Classic 1965-1973 </p><p>E. Foreign All </p><p>F. Original GM 2004 &amp; Older </p><p>G. Original Ford 2004 &amp; Older </p><p>H. Original Mopar /AMC 2004 &amp; Older </p><p>I. Original Other 2004 &amp; Older </p><p>J. Original All 2005 to Present </p><p>K. Camaro / Firebird 1967-1973 L. Camaro / Firebird 1974-2004 </p><p>M. Mustang/ Cougar 1964-1973 </p><p>N. Mustang / Cougar 1974-2004 </p><p>O. Corvette (C1) 1953-1962 </p><p>P. Corvette (C2) 1963-1967 </p><p>Q. Corvette (C3) 1968-1982 </p><p>R. Corvette (C4) 1984-1996 </p><p>S. Corvette (C5) 1997-2004 </p><p>T. Corvette (C6) 2005-2013 </p><p>U. Factory Muscle 1950-1969 (Original) </p><p>V. Factory Muscle 1970-2004 (Original) </p><p>W. Factory Muscle 2005-Present (Original) </p><p>X. Low Riders/Tuners </p><p>Y. Special Interest </p><p>Z. Unfinished / Primer </p><p>AWARDS FOR TOP 3 PLACES IN EACH CLASS </p><p>Speciality Awards: Best of Show * Best of Show Motorcycle * Mayors Choice * Sheriffs Choice * Fire Chiefs Choice *Police Chiefs Choice* Club Participation (Cash) </p><p>*Earl Gaerte*, *Don Snipes*, and *Greg Miller* Memorial Awards </p><p>*** to receive free show T-shirts, pre-registration must be postmarked by September 25, 2014*** </p><p>Name___________________________________________________________________________________________Phone______________________________________ </p><p> Do Not Leave Blank </p><p>Address___________________________________________________________________________Club______________________________________________________ </p><p>City_______________________________________St___________________________ZIP______________Email_______________________________________________ </p><p>T-Shirt Size_____________Year___________Make_________________________________Model______________________________________Class______________ </p><p> DO NOT LEAVE BLANK </p><p>Pre-Registration: $15.00 (free show T-shirt) </p><p>Day of Show: $15.00 (show T-shirts $12.00) </p><p>Make checks payable to: Blacktop Cruisers </p><p>Please NO ALCOHOL </p><p>Mail entries to: </p><p>Blacktop Cruisers Car Club </p><p>971 S Prairiewood Dr </p><p>Rochester, In 46975 </p><p>Information: </p><p>Cars - Chris Peterson 574.551.6405 </p><p>Motorcycles- Jay Powell 765.473.4714 </p><p>To get entry form: </p><p>Parking available at north end of Main </p><p>Street for participants needing to leave </p><p>prior to end of show. </p><p>(Inform first parking official at entry.) NOT RESPONSIBLE for THEFT, INJURY or DAMAGES </p></li></ul>


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