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Page 1: Children's story research

Children's story research

Will Morgan

Page 2: Children's story research

The Bad-Tempered LadybirdWho are the author , Illustrator (and art style) and publisher? The author and illustrator of this book was by Eric Carle. He illustrates by using hand-painted

papers which are cut up and formed into layers from bright images. Eric Carle uses a very recognizable collage technique for his illustrations. The publisher for this book is “Picture puffins” who are very popular and did other famous books such as “The very Hungary caterpillar’’.

What does this book look like and what is it’s font type etc.?This book would be described as a “Early reader book” because it has a relative amount of text

but not enough text so that it can be called a chapter book.The style of the Bad-Tempered ladybird involves a large picture with around about 4 or 5 lines of

text on each page. This makes reading for children easier due to there being a larger image to focus on and less text. The font in this book is very simple and isn't too adventurous. The font type is sans serif which means the words are easier to read and are less complicated.

What are the dimensions of the book and how many pages does it have?The books dimensions are 17.8 x 1.8 x 13.1cm. The bad tempered ladybird has 40 pages which

are mainly covered up mostly by pictures and not text so it means the children don’t get too tired of the book.

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Just from the front cover we can see that the famous art style which was used by Eric Carle in “The very Hungary caterpillar” was also used in “The Bad-Tempered Ladybird”. Particular art styles are good because they can be recognized by children and they know the format of the books. This also makes the books popular because parents and children both know that the books are good and are liked by children.

As mentioned in the previous slide , the font type in “The bad tempered ladybird” is sans serif. This makes the book easier to read due to the less complicated text.

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Hairy Maclarys Rumpus at the vetWho are the author , Illustrator (and art style) and publisher?The author and illustrator of this book is Lynley Dodd. For this book , Lynley Dodd has

painted illustrations on one page with the text on the opposite page. The publisher of this book was puffin which has also published some other very famous books such as the very hungry caterpillar. Due the publisher publishing other famous books , children and parents alike will recognize the publisher and know that the book will be good and be liked by children.

What does the book look like? And its font type?This book is a very simply styled book because each picture takes up a least a page and with

only about 4 lines of text on each opposite page then it means that there is very little text for the child to read which means the book is simple. The font type of this book is serif because there are little lines and edges on some letters which have been added. This may make the book slightly harder to read for new readers because the text might be more complicated.

What are the dimensions of the book and how many pages does it have?The dimensions of this book are 25.1 x 0.4 x and the paperback version of this book

has 32 pages. Roughly half of those pages will be pictures and there are only 4 lines per text page which means there is not a lot to read and the child will not get bored.

Page 5: Children's story research

Personally , I like this art style and children will like it as well due to the very friendly/comical nature of the book. From the picture above , we can also see the text which is serif due to the extra curves and lines. Serif text type can make the text and overall book look very good but the font can be hard to read for children who are just beginning to read .

Page 6: Children's story research

Cat in the hatWho are the author , illustrator (and art style) and publisher? The author and illustrator of this book is Theodor Geisel who is more commonly know as

“Dr.Seuss”. Theodor first published a copy of cat in a hat in 1957 with “Random House” publishing it but there also have been copies published by “Houghton Mifflin”. The style of the books will have been all hand drawn by Theodor himself.

What does the book look like and what is it’s font type?The book has a lot of picture pages to help tell the story and with about 8 lines of text on every

text page. Due to there being a lot of large images and pictures , it helps simplify the book for children so they can read it easier. The font type is very clearly because it is large and black which contrasts with the normally whitish background. The font style is mainly Serif font but the title is sans serif font so the book includes both types but both of them are very clear which means that children will be able to read and understand the book a lot easier.

What are the dimensions of the book and how many pages does it have?The dimensions of the book are 17.1 x 1.1 x 23.7cm. The hardcover version of the book has 72

pages. Lots of these pages are filled with pictures and small blocks of text rather than a bulk of text which means the book will be more enjoyable for kids and the kids will not get bored as much.

Page 7: Children's story research

The cat in the hat is a very well known are recognizable book which is known by both children and parents alike. The text we can see in the picture on the left is very clear and easily recognizable. This makes the book better for children because they can understand the words more which helps them understand the story. My personal opinion of this book is that it is very good and very well made the children due to very comical nature and of how easy it is to read.