child themes, starter themes, and frameworks.... oh my!

Download Child Themes, Starter Themes, and Frameworks.... Oh My!

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Child Themes, Starter Themes, and Frameworks Oh my!

Child Themes, Starter Themes, and Frameworks Oh my!Julie Kuehlwordpress wisdomDont hack core.

(or themes)prospective clientDo you do custom theme development?

Some definitions - My DefinitionsFirst

...a drop-in code library used to facilitate development of a themeA front-end web development framework is simply a collection of production ready HTML/CSS/JavaScript components that we can use in our designs.framework

Requires a parent theme Hint - many WordPress frameworks are parent themesChild Theme

Scares the crap out of you

Little to no CSSStarter ThemeEveryone in this roomSo how do you choose? Every developer everywhereIt depends.

frameworksProsBase CSS Grid systemResponsiveClasses definedTypographyDefines stuff youd forget aboutBroader than WordPress

FrameworksConsNot a stand-alone themeUsually included in a themes functions.php file or folders

BootstrapframeworksMedia queries based on pixels

BootstrapHTML, CSS, & JS12-col gridXS, S, M, L screen sizesMobile-first (mostly min-width)Media queries based on pixelsLESS (ported to Sass)XS< 768pxS>= 768pxM>= 992pxL>= 1200px


foundationframeworksMedia queries based on emsFoundationHTML, CSS, & JS12-col gridS, M, L, XL, XXL screen sizesMobile-first (min-widths & max-widths)Media queries based on emsSassS < 40em = 640pxM= 40-64em= 641-1024pxL= 64-90em= 1025-1440pxXL= 90-120em= 1441-1920pxXXL> 120em= 1921px +

framework comparisonFrameworks

Child ThemeProsQuickest and easiest choiceDO THIS rather than hack the themeParent theme can carry the weightBork the child and the parent is OKWorks immediately80% of the work is done for you

Child ThemeConsAt the mercy of the parent themes code QualitySecurityUpgradesCompatibilityNot the leanest strategy

GenesisParent themes

GenesisParent Themes

Jump startparent themes

Jump StartParent Themes

Responsiveparent themes

ResponsiveParent Themes

Starter ThemeProsYou control (and are responsible for) updatesOne and doneIts your codeLean and mean code

Starter ThemeConsYou control (and are responsible for) updatesYou have to build the theme20% of the work is done for you

_s (underscores)starter themes

_S (Underscores)Starter Themes

_tkstarter themes

_tkstarter themes

Some Like it NeatStarter Themes

some Like it Neatstarter themes

So how do you choose???

So how do you choose???Questions to askHow will it (the site / framework / parent theme) change?Upgrades? Redesigns? Improvements?Budget? Timeframe?What will you be asking the site to do? Heavy traffic? Heavy database use? Whos going to support it?What are you comfortable with?Anyone whos still with meSo what do you recommend?

My AdviceResearch the differences between frameworksChoose one parent theme and build several child themes on itWhen youre ready, find a starter theme that you like and use it for everything

Ride Your own RideIn the end, you have to

Thank You!Questions?


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