child 'protection' or child snatching?

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2. BACKGROUND Mathematician, software designer, event organiserand independent web publisher Professional life with zest: 3D Metrics Social life with meaning: monetary analysis and reform => victims of white collar crimes Forum for Stable Currencies Meetings at Westminster since 1998 Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 Grouping Cases to Change the Law 3. FIRST ALERTS JULY 2010 Enforcement of Bank of England Act 1694 3-page summary by Raymond Ashley, Warrington, about The Persecution of Maureen Spalek Adoption Targets and Rewards 30 Local Authorities have been rewarded 13 LAs did not receive Performance Reward Grants (PRG) Robert Green, Hollie Greig and Maureen Spalek Forced Adoption Ian Josephs Monaco In Britain, thousands of children stolen by government Florence Bellone RTBF State Stealing Children David Icke since Oct 2006 4. VICTIMS UNITE! AUGUST 2010April 2011 The Story of Baby Harley Swansea CouncilMay 2011 Vicky Haigh requesting her daughter to return Doncaster CouncilJuly 2011 The Musas acknowledge to be the worst of allchild snatching cases Haringey Council 5. EDUCATION SELECT COMMITTEEMAY 2012 Portfolio of Nine Cases1. Vicky Haigh2. The Musas3. The Greek girl4. The Irish couple5. The Thompson family6. Baby Harley7. The Grandmother: Children Screaming to be Heard8. The Estranged Daughter: Justice 4 Linda Lewis9. My Ex is a Freemason 6. CO-CAMPAIGNERS Ian Josephs: Forced Adoption Punishment without Crime John Hemming MP Justice for Families Campaign Group: 1700 cases Family Justice Bill: 26th October WriteToThem Christopher Booker The Telegraph 14 articles on the Musas Regular related articles Mainstream Media Overview Sue Reid Daily Mail Camilla Cavendish The Times 7. ONLINE PETITIONS The Secrecy in Family Courts should be Lifted NOW Comments 1,079 signatures FREE the Musas and Send the Whole Family back Hometo Nigeria Comments 500 signatures Stop Social Workers Removing Innocent Children forForced Adoption 811 signatures Paedophile Rights? What about the Rights of ourChildren? 3,460 signatures Stop All Child Abuse Now: > 17,000 paedophiles 8. END CHILD ABUSE RALLY OCT 2012 Truth and Hope UK End Child Abuse Rally Children Have Rights in Society CHRIS Video Childhood Abuses Missing or Murdered UK Children Cover-Ups 9. RECENT INDIVIDUAL CASES The Musas Prison Conditions The Slovak Father Governments Audit Raises Suspicions of WrongfulAdoptions Melissa Laird An American in Spain 10. CHANGING THE SYSTEM Association of McKenzie Friends Assisting Litigants in Person with Lay Legal Advice Help 4 Lips Trying to Avoid Courts Citizens Cyber Court Your Chance to Learn about Justice in Courts andOnline 11. BIG PRECEDENT CASES Royal Commission into NSW Police - 1997 Corruption Reform Paedophilia Operation Ore (UK) 1999 Avalanche (US) 7,272 UK names 4,283 homes searched 3,744 arrests 1,848 charged 1,451 convictions 493 cautioned 140 children removed from suspected dangeroussituations 33 estimated suicides. 12. WHERE DO WE GO FROM HERE? Royal Commission into Policing Tabled on 15.03.2011 John Hemming MP, Martin Caton MP, Nadine DorriesMP, Micke Hancock MP, Dai Havard MP, Keith Vaz MP 91 signatures David Icke 13.10.2012 Jimmy Savile Doorman to the Cesspit An article of 5,500 words with lots of photos Also in The Biggest Secret 13. DAILY MAIL, 12.04.12: 10,000 CHILDRENTAKEN INTO CARE: NUMBERS HAVE DOUBLEDIN THE PAST FOUR YEARS 14. THANK YOU! Victims Unite! Child Snatching Punishment without Crime This is the Situation


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