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  • 1. THE 12 CORE STRATEGIES OF BUSINESS: o 0 0 ro I Ion or I Ion . -..- -- - --. -- CHET HOLMES

2. breakthroughS.CO ", fro... Chet Holmes International. www.buslness 3. ughs.(orn How to go from 0 to 100 million... or billion FROM THE DESK OF CHET HOLMES Dear Friend, This program is like a system within the system. What you're going to find is that the program has a logical and linear flow to it, but what you'll also find is that everything in the program cross-references everything else making the program also modular. So if you are an out-of-control CEO who'd like to learn how to manage your time and organization like a billionaire, than go to Session 5. Add Session 4 to Session 5 and now you'll be leading and managing like the best run companies in the world. If you need to hire top producers, go to Session 2 and Session 6. If you need your trade shows, advertising and marketing to be stronger, go to Session 7. But the most potent of ALL the sessions is Session 1. It changes everything about how you market and sell, giving some clients a 16,000% boost in results from the same efforts they were already making. For real, you'll hear the stories yourself from some of the attendees at the event where this product was created. The ideal way to view this is the way it was made, starting at Session 1 and going through it in order. But if you have a problem area you need solved right way, and we have training for it within these sessions, know that each session does stand alone. Each is strong, but together, they are remarkable. You are in for a profound learning experience. And if you use these sessions regularly and continuously, they will eventually help you achieve mastery. And that's when no competitor can stand against you. Very few companies are true masters. So when you become the master of the skills in these sessions, no competitor will be able to stand against you. To your success, Chet Holmes III 02010 Chet ti.)lmr$ Interrwt~l. All nghts merw-d 4. . ..,.......................~ ......................................... ..................................................................... .... . . . ............. "Becoming a master is not about doing 4,000 things; it's about doing 12 things 4,000 times." CHETHOLMES . ..'" .. . .. .........................................................................~ ................... ....... .. ... .................................... . 5. ........ ..........". TABLE OF CONTENTS SESSION 1: BECOMING A MARKETING MASTER: ................................................. 1.1 Secrets of the Super Strategist and How to Build a Core Story SESSION 2: HOW TO BUILD A COMPLETE, TURNKEY, ......................................... 2.1 VIRTUAL SALES ORGANIZATION ON STRAIGHT COMMISSION SESSION 3: BEST BUYER STRATEGY: .................................................................... 3.1 The Fastest, Least-Expensive Method to Double Sales SESSION 4: CREATE THE ULTIMATE COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: ......................... 4.1 How to Go From 0 - $100 Million ... or a Billion SESSION 5: TIME AND RESULTS MANAGEMENT: ................................................ 5.1 Secrets of Billionaires SESSION 6: HIRING AND TALENT: ...................................................................... 6.1 The Key That Makes (or Costs) You Millions SESSION 7: THE SEVEN "MUSTS" OF MARKETING .............................................. 7.1 SESSION 8: DETAILING AND PERFECTING THE SALES PROCESS .......................... 8.1 SESSION 9: PERFECTING YOUR FOLLOW UP ...................................................... 9.1 SESSION 10: THE HIGH ART OF GETTING ........................................................... 10.1 APPOINTMENTS WITH ANYONE, Part 1 SESSION 11: THE HIGH ART OF GETTING ........................................................... 11.1 APPOINTMENTS WITH ANYONE, Part 2 SESSION 12: PROFESSIONAL PRESENTING: ........................................................ 12.1 Rules and Skills Training I v 6. I THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM ....a............................- . 7. BECOMING A MARKETING MASTER: e U er ra e IS an 0 UI a ore or - - - - - - - - - - - SESSION ONE - - -- ~--- - -- 8. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SySTEM I -~ .... -- -- . ---- ---" .... CHET HOL MI 9. CHET HOLM ES I THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM LIVE WORKSHOP: Think This Through What is the ultimate accomplishment, or ultimate position you want in the market? (Focused on you.) What is the ultimate perception you would like your clients to have about your company? (Focused on them.) -~-~-~ SESSION ONE. Becoming a Marketing Master: Secrets of the Super Strategist and How to Build a Core Story I 1.3 . - - - _ ------__.--- 10. TH( UlTIMATE BUSINf~S MASTERY SYSTEM LIVE WORKSHOP _SPEED MINUTE: Write one answer for each Whdt would mdke yOU more trusted? Respected? Have deep credibility? Be perceived as an expert? Get more brand loyalty? Preemptive positioning? (Not buy f rom anyone else.) pansons dealt with?Pricing com . Referrals? Motivate action now? 1.4 SESSION ONE 8e 2010 'hoC H....... rateglst and How t. _ ......... All ,....... It 0 BUild a (orf' TEM NOTES... SESSION FIVE. Time and Results Management: Secrets of Billionaires 5.5 109. - THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SySTEM NOTES... - -5.6 I SlSSION FNE T1me1IId.... - - 110. HIRING AND TALENT: a es or os S OU I Ions ~ - - - -- SESSION SIX -- - - - 0201 0 Ch~t Hohnt' Inttfn.lIOn.1 All nghu fuerYf'd 111. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM TI I 112. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM Your Company is Your Culture Who you choose to be a part of ~our company can make a huge impact on the success of your business, and ultimately, on your bottom line. Make sure you only bring superstars into your organization. But, how do you distinguish a superstar from an average player? This session is your guide. - - - - - - - -- - SESSION SIX. Hiring and Talent: The ~ey That Makes (or Costs) You Millions __6.1 - --020100'.., Hoh"" InlttNittONl All nghU rc,..~(d 113. , t, mJ I"es. As .., st re aJ a~ r LV [ oe L ,to ,mp'v';';d? 0 tape you listened to? Or which seminar you 1 Whal wasthe lastsell help boo you eve"'" rh lim Rohn and other marketers and sal ""ent to' (loD or people ""ned by Tony Robb,ns, lay Abra am, es stacS)t) who do yoU admire the most? 2 0 all the people m th world today (past or presen d t th them Ask about their resume history. ft ryou'v bonded n got rappor WI E FOR IM PROVEMENT DETERMINE DEDICATION AND DESIR TER sYSTE THE un I 1. hy did you lea e each of the last 3pOSItions? 2. Why were you 100 mg? hat was bad about It? 3. If you've left, were you unhappy? Why? 4. Nhat are your top 3 personal goab? What ace you doing right noW to achieve them? DETERMINING CONFIDENCE, PERSEVERANCE, AND JUDGEMENT i T IJ me aoout a dlsappOi rnent or disagreement with a bosS and what happened? Then what? And 2. ame 2 wea pomts of your previouS boss? How did you deal with this? 3. How do you handle stress?hat is your technique, give me some recent examples. ( ou are 100 mg for ho v they thin and you can ask deeper questions to clarify.) PROBE ON HOW THEY THINK 1. am wo times when a boss critICized you and why? 2. hat was the result? Ho did you deal with it? Important: Don't react to their answer .. re an c am up. You must encourage them to tell you more. person saysthey won't lel1 you any rno d I or reael posot,vely. II you react negatively to anything the ATTACK IS separates the men a 1. Top communicator/producer y omeone who you think is .. 2. II eable 3. Has a good sense of self 4. Has good rapport sills 62 SESS 0 SIX 'ng and Ta en The 'J!'j Tha Ma es (or Costs) You 'ons co,.,. ,f .... 114. CHfT HO s LIVE WORKSHOP: List at least three initiatives that you would LOVE 0 job for you. 1. 2. 3. SESSIO . S X Hif n9 and Talent The e T at a es (or Costs) 0 (12010 CIwt 6.3 115. (Itilite ) ." ~ 1111 III IIMAII /l11INl 5~ Iv1A~ IIHY SY~ IIM , t ttwy tlclVC' the' dOt/lty to bond dnd bc' r . . " 111 [5S MASURY SYSiEM PRODUCTS AND/OR SERVICES Current Improved SESSION SEVEN The Seven "Musts" of Marketin~ _ 7.11 139. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM I CHET HOl"'VIES Every time I get a client, I go onto t~e web and typ~'n 'd think you would've done that for yourself, but h 0 describe it It always gives me great Ideas for them. Ou aVe. list some now. you? What are some search terms for you to use, DATABASE POWERHow much and what type of info do you want from clients? List here, create multiple choice as a way of getting more cooperation. For example: What is your income bracket? ____Under S20K per year _ _ S21 K to S50K __ S51K to S100K __ S100K plus What do YOU want to know about your clients. 7.12 I SESSION SEVEN. The MMustsMof 0 2010 CIIII ........ '-'--~-_,u......_ 140. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMATE 8USINlSS MASTlRY SYSTlM SUPERIOR ACCESS VEt-:tICLES? What can you create t~at would give you superior access to your dream 1007 Here a. b. are some suggestions: A magazine or newsletter? Wha.t would be the title? What questions would you ask if you were to interview them for a feature article? A party or really cool i~v.ite? What would be something really cool that they would want to attend or in which they would partiCipate? Some suggestions: I. A movie premier. A charity event... II. iii. A party at a trade show. iv. A mass teleconference with a celebrity or for some other valuable purpose. What are some ideas for your particular situation? v. A barbecue at your home? . Free dinner somewhere?VI. '1'1 What else?v. - SESSION SEVEN The Seven "Musts" of Marketing I 7.1_3_ 141. S MASHRY SYSrEM f belonging? What benefit is thrtf! UlIlMAH BUSINlS . HEY get out 0 ere Acommittee that you wan de association that t ey a. to them? Can you start a tra d ? What would be the theme?Id b the title of the awar s.b. An awards ceremony. What wou e Now go back through your list and set some goals. Write the goals in the left hand margin next to the activity. WHEN are you going to do it? - 7.14 SESSION SEVEN The Seven "Musts ot Marketing C 2010 Cbet Holmel IMIdnJ!Vonel. AI rtthb "I II wed 142. CHEf HOLMES THE. Ulll.1AH BUS E.SS MASURY SYSTlM COMPLETE THESE SENTENCES: write 12 headlines for your product/service/compan that . . . roduct service company at work for r y explains the biggest single payoff, benefit, result, your p " a c lent produces/delivers. Go at it from every angle. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. Write five ways your product/service adds specific, measurable benefit or value to your client. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. ---- SESSION SEVEN The Seven "Musts" of Marketing 7.15 - 143. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTfM I tition tangible or intangible. Write ten advantages you have over your compe , 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. CHl T HOl" 'VIE ~ Make a list of all the specific, direct and indirect competition you have for the problem your product/service/ company solves. ..,.(Il0l.-................._. 144. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMAU BUSINlSS MASURY SYSTlM tell the five things everyone should look for In a product or service like yours (without directly referencing NoWproduct or service - you're setting the market's buying criteria here, so these should be things you do that y~~~ competition doesn'~, or that they haven't delineated. For example, if you're a real estate broker you may ~nd that all you~ competitors. help gUide the homeowner through the process AFTER the sale, but few real estate brokers make thiS part of their presentation In order to get the listing in the first place). 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. vide five metaphors or similes that analyze or illustrate what else having your product or service in their ~:~s is like. OR: Some analogies that show the pure logic of your positioning, ~uch as: (Chet's example of 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. - - SESSION ;EVEN The Suel1 MusU ~ _____1__7._1_7_ - - - ' __ ~I ,U ......u ttl Iv"d02010 CMt HoImt' 1",..-n.I__ ...,.. 145. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SySTEM MY MASTER STRATEGY IS:Now that you've "thought" through ('or perhaps the ,;"t t;me ever) all 0' the ways you can "strate . outsell your competition can you tie it all together? What is your Ultimate Strategic/Preemptive po~l~ally" ( h . . ' . (d h . sition ow Id,fferent"te 'rom all the rest). NoW spell ;t out 'or YOUR company an note t at thos wHi grow stronger when you have market data). even Just k~epasking "what is the ultimate benefit," and when you've answered that, ask the bene';t 0' th bene',t you just named. e - 7.18 I ._GIII..............- 146. CHEr HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSI [5S MASTlRY SY!'T[M STADIUM PITCH: If we could gather all your customers in a stadiu d once, what wou!d you say? (See "Strategy Versu~:~tiC~:~eyou an opportunity to prese~t to them all at d the "pyramid of Buyers" concept.) Again n video for rules, full understanding of the concept a~tch will be when you have hard data that c~n o.w ~o~ can begin to see how much stronger your stadium P~ur stadium pitch. This should be much strong rlve t e ~ttentlon of your audience from the start. Outline y er now t at you've done all these other exercises. Now say it in a single sentence. This is your slogan/strategic position, that statement that goes under your logo every time. . . . -- -.-----~-- - --- SESSION SEVEN. The Seven -Musts- of Mlriteting I 7.19 -_._------ - -- - - 147. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM I CHET HO LMES DEMING 101What are Ihe key peoc e "'" cur",nlly ddvlng my ",venue ,nd h~do Ihey p",form bolh ",ns'Ctlon,IIy I tlmellne-denomlnated basis and measu"bly In a quanl'f'~blebaS'S.,n g , tak,ng sales as an example.~~may have one pe"on who Is very good al getting neW doenlS, bul I",,,bl e ,I keep,ng them. Then you h C ,nolh.. pe"on who keepS Ihem fo",ve' bul has , lerrlble lime getting In Ihe door. Each of those sltuat' off",s a "proce,,- thai can be defined, :xamined and then Improved and duplicated, But fi"t you have '~n' study them. You may also have marketing efforlS Ihat work better at some stages than others. You may also have delivery I~sues(for your product or service) thai can be broken down, examined and 'mproved. Th's Is 0 opporlun,ty to work ON your buslne", to look at each of these areas and look tor ,ncremental gains. Fy " each area, we suggest a "workshop" with your crew in which you use everyone's brain power to imp orI' h rove S ost eac aspect of the functions of your company below and then the current levels of performance/ . 0 a d th . .h ' . ' reSUlts n .en, e,t er what you can do to ,mprove them, or at the very least, detone the title of the worksho ' you w,II have, "e.; ~Doworkshop wllh crew on Improving our shipping department." Or, "Do worksh P w,th sales team to 'mprove our dosing "tlo and test dosing." Or "Do workshop with crew to Imp op "pport skills." Or, "Do workshOp with technology team to streamline our Information floW." Wor;;:;e Our covered thoroughly throughout the entire series. ops ar, Performance Levels List Areas of Impact 7.20 n Musts" of Martceting ~. 148. CH[T HOLMES THE ULTlMATl BUS [55 MASURY SYSH.M Companies Industries Individuals SESSION SEVEN. The Seven -Musts- of Marketing 7.21 CllO10 Chet HoImco' InttrNtIOMI An nghll rtuned. 149. How Many Different & Complimentary Ways I Can Use My Marketing Weapons? THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM Seve,,1 pagO' of chokes fallaw, but let's begin with "the Seven Musts." There ore dozens of w ~fthese m"keting weapons. This h" been e,plained in detail on the videos. In this section ay~to Use ,what" d " 'II d 't d ' I you re I ach . you can o. In the ne,tsectio n , you will plan "hoW you w, 0' ,an ,n the followin panni w,II actually plan WHEN you will do what. So under each area, let's begin with which of thes 9 Section, yn9 appropnate for you and what are some of your ideas/goalS for utilizing this "ea. Remember e weapons is 00 m,nd. So let's write some down. ' 9 0a ls focus th, Salespeople Plans/Goals P,R, Plans/Goals Trade Show Plans/Goals 7.22 SESSION SEVEN_._The Sewn '"Mutts' GI ......- 150. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSI lSS MASTlRY SYSTEM Direct Mail Plans/Goals Advertising Plans/Goals Internet (web, email, affiliates) Plans/Goals Promo Pieces & Brochures Plans/Goals SESSION SEVEN. The Seven "Musts" 01 Marketing I 7.23 151. THl lILTlMAH BUSIM SS MAS TlRl SY5HM INCREASING yOUR LEAD GENERATION THROUGH: Referral systems. What will they be who will deploy them? What is the plan? (Put mto colendot h ' ' and ' ot asks fa' ',tmteg" abiect;ves",) mto0"0 , len s at reakeven up front and make a profit on the back end Acquiring cl' t b urc ases through risk reversalGuaranteeing p h 7.24 SESSION SEVEN The IIlIlO CIIII_ --.........- 152. CHEr HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM USing telemarketing Running special events or information nights Acquiring qualified lists Increasing the perceived value of your product/service through better client education SESSION SEVEN . The Seven - Musts of Marketing 7.25 153. THE UlTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM d levels of serVice Delivering higher-than-expecte . I' ts to nurture them Communicating frequently With your c len Separate focus, which may involve the same weapons, but now with a different objective. This is designed to help you THINK more. INCREASING YOUR CONVERSION FROM INQUIRY TO SALE BY: Increasing sales skills levels of your.staff (more on this later). let's review the "Seven Steps to Every Sale" as it relates to YOUR Business. 1. ~apport: Improved methods. Steps you ~i" tak~ that will help you build better rapport at every turn. List Ideas for each level of customer contact, including electronic methods. 7.26 ' SESSION SEVEN. The a...... --...........- 154. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM Qualify/find need: product or service pain AND pleasure.) ospect To help you find the acute areas of need for your 3. Build Value: What makes what you sell have "value" to them? (Education you will provide that helps THEM, but also "Sets up the buying criteria in your favor.") 4. Create Desire: How do you make them want it? Specific techniques, pain points, etc. .. How can you dramatically enhance this process? Intensify it? - SESSION SEVEN The Seven "Musts" of Marketing I 7.27 -- ------~- 155. CHET Ii J Ol~ A5TERY SYSTEM ( THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS M . d the methods for overcorT) mmon objectlO~S an Ing thert? the most co . ratio. . 1. Overcome Objections: What a;'~a"y improve your closing How To Overcome Most Common Objections 2. Closing Techniques: (What different closing techniques can you use: i.e., smallpoint dose, "either or" close, straight forward question 7.28 close, graduated closes offering more and more with each offer. When do you close? Perfect time, secondary time, etc...) SESSION SEVEN The Sewn "Mulls- 01 156. CHET HOLMES THE ULTlMATl BUSINESS MAS'fEItY SYSTlM II W Up' What are your standardized follow ff 7 .. 3 Fo 0 . up e arts. How many do you have'1 List your minimum. folloW up procedures here: . NEXT, TO INCREASE THE AVERAGE TRANSACTION VALUE, YOu CAN FOCUS ON: Improving your teams' selling techniques to up-sell and cross-sell. How can you do that? Using point-at-sale promotions - SESSION SEVEN. The Seven "Musts" of Marketing 02010 Cnft Holm.., Intrrn.uon,1 All rlqhh rttfVf'd 7.29 157. Ilfl lJlliMAli fll)SINfSS MASIfRY WSf[M Pdckclqlnq complrmcnt,J(Y products and servlC s together Increasll1g your pnClng and hence your margins 7.30 SfSSION SEVEN . Th S "e evpn Musil" f Mo arkellng Q/OtOlhot_ 158. CH[ r HOI Mf ~ THE ULTIMATE BUS [SS MASH Y ')YSTE -------Curren::t-------~---------------- Description ---:S----_____~'m~~_r_o_v_ed________ -------==---....1....------- Descr~_________--.,;..S__ Changing the profile of your products or services to be more "up market" SESSION SEVEN ' The Seven "Musts" of Marketing 7.31 "1010 (hrlitolme InlrrnJ'lOnJI All r'Uhts 1C"1trwd 159. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SySTEM I Offering greater/larger units of purchase TO INCREASE TRANSACTION FREQUENCY, YOU CAN FOCUS ON: back to your clients with Developing a back end of products that you can go Communicating personally with your clients (by telephone, letter, email, etc.) to maintain a positive relationship Endorsing other people's products to your list 7.32 160. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMAH 8U~INE!>~ MASTERY SnTEM Running special events such as "closed door sales" I . , Imlted pre-release and so on programming clients Price inducements for frequency SESSION SEVEN. The Seven MMusU" of Marketing 7.33 --- -- - - 161. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM FROM ALL THESE PAST SEVERAL PAGES WHAT WIll ALSO SERVE AS WHAT CHEr CAllS "A SUPERIOR ACCESS VEHICLE"? (Something that by design gives you superior access to your prospects.) What's easy to sell? Can you sell something that's free? List ideas here. Why and how have' been limit" .e. wing down h' d ., In enng 7.34 SESSION SEVEN. The 162. CHEf HOLMES THE UlllMAll Sl ESS MASll SYST[M What key factors must I now test? How Will I Test When Factors Who can endorse our product/services/company? SESSION SEVEN . The Seven "Musts" of Marketing I 7.35 163. ERY SYSTEM THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MAST (monials? From whom can we get tes I Name How can Imake my risk reversal stronger? What do my clients value most in the area in which Ioccupy? Who To Do It/How What weaker companies could Iacquire the products, services, distribution, sales force, or clients and prospects from? 7.36 SESSION SEVEN. The 164. CHEf HOLMES Set Buying Cntena t Targeting Buyers c Develop Business Philosophy t t What's Your Core 7 Get Clients Core Concepts tIr Seven Musts t THE ULTIMATE BUSINE.SS MASTERY SYSTEM D ,eve op evo elop Strategic Crystallized Position Identity t t Stacked Testing CauseStandards DatabaseOf ConstantMarketing Concepts MarketingMarketing & Rules Improvement '" Note: See how many different marketing efforts "stack" upon and cross over other marketing efforts Brochure Market Direct Public Personal InternetAdvertising& Sales Education Mail Relations ContactLiterature SESSION SEVEN. The Seven - Musts" of Marketing 7.37 165. 7.38 THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM , SESSION SEVEN TheSewen SAMPLE CORE STORY ON CRIME Please ask your coach for this product, or call: domestic 888-230-9437 or international +1_706-854-4494 and tell them you want the "sample crime core story" promised by Chet. ....a........ ........ 166. CHET HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM NOTES... ~ . . . . - ~---- SESSION SEVEN. The Seven NMustsNof Marketing I 7.39 -----'--- 167. 4. 5. 6. 7. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SySTEM I Session 7 Test THE SEVEN "MUSTS" Of MARKETING . I program purchaser, and not to be resold or used f ed by the onglna h Or Please Note: This test can be COpied only for repeat usage, this test Will prompt yOU to note t e Important pOints as th any proftt Uses for the test: a) Used as a prtmer before viewing the Video, II ou retained the information. c) The test can be used a ey artse. b) The test should be given after viewing the Video to show h~,~;e(f:'current employee new-hlfes, or any employee who uses tSha vehicle to measure the comprehenSion of employees who VIeW the I ven weeks as a means for promoting memorization (the VIdeo for self-study or m a traming sltuatlOn)- d) The test can be given every e e e minimum acceptable level of learning) of the material. Name: ______________-~------------------------------------------ Score: (8 points for each correct answer, 104 points == 100%) -------------- 1_ 2. 3. What is the ultimate goal of marketing? -------------------- What is "top of mind awareness"? ----------------------- What are the "7 musts of marketing"? 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) Explain the concept of "stacked marketing"? What is the most potent form of marketing? ------_._---_.-"._-- list 3 ways to p d ed .rovi e ucatJon to your clients 1) . 2) 3) Your brochure header should be v .. (Circle one) Ti ery Similar to your core story rue False . 7.40 SESSION SEVEN. The c..,__.~.>eftn -Musts- 01 ---. JOI. CIIoI...... -----.--........- 168. CHEf HOLMES 8. 9. 10. What is the first rule of a trade show? What is the second rule of a trade show? List 3 themes that you could do a trade show to stand out: 1) 2) 3) THl ULTIMATE BUSINE.SS MASTERY SYS1TM - 11. What percentage of all purchases are made on impulse? ______________ 12. 13. Motion displays have proven to be a waste of investment. (Circle one) True False List the first three rules of effective advertiSing: 1) 2) 3) SESSION SEVEN The Seven "Musts of Marketing 7.41 169. THI. Ul TlMAH 8USINtSS MASTlRY SYSTEM I NOTES... 7.42 SESSION SEVEN. The r __........... -Musts" 01 ....,- 170. an er ec In - .. a es rocess SESSION EIGHT 171. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM 172. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM NOTES... -- - . -~~---.~- -- - - SESSION EIGHT. Detailing and Perfecting the Sales I 8.1 -~------- ----~-~------ - -02010 (het HoI",, Intff'n'liONt All uCJt'IU rrwtWd 173. THE UlTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM LIVE WORKSHOP: Bui/ding Rapport bl ' h d eper rapport with clients? What are at least three steps yOU can take to esta IS e 1. 2. 3. LIVE WORKSHOP: Rapport; New-hire and ongoing training Think about how you might use this in all new-hire training. And how you might do a workshop 0 h every few months to further sharpen skills. Make note here of any ideas you might have. ntIS on" How would you work this into your new-hire and ongoing training? 8.2 SESSION EIGHT. and 174. CHET HOLMES THE ULTI....ATE BUSINf.SS MASTERY SYSTE.... LIVE WORKSHOP: Asking questions Some ideas might be: 1 What are the three biggest problems you're having in your area of bus'n , . liN II k th t . less.(If they say one, as e nex quest,on) 2. What are the areas where you would like to see improvement in your business? 3. Tell me about your company/department? How long have you worked for your company/department?4. Where were you before this?5. 6. What are some of your goals for the company/department? 7. What is your criteria for making a decision about buying a product or service like ours? Identity-based questions samples: Medical Care - Doctor: Are you the kind of doctor who wants to treat the symptom or cure the patient? Business coaching question: Are you the type of business owner who would to see constant improvement in your business? Home security company: Are you the type of person that wants to keep your family as safe as pwsible? Tech support company: Are you the type of business owner who wants to get the most out of your people and your technology? 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. SESSION EIGHT .1010Clool _ _ _ _ _ 111 .......- - 175. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM . . New-hire and ongoing trarning LIVE WORKSHOP: Asking questions, ... A d how you mIght do a workshop on this .. II ew-hire tralnrng. n . might have onCe Think about how you might use thIs In ~ n ke note here of any Ideas you . every few months to further sharpen skIlls. Ma .' ? . e and ongoing traIning. How would you work this into your new-hlr BONUS WORKSHOP: Build Value This is where you'd introduce market education into the sales situation (Whether this be live, on the web, on your brochure, etc). Example: HLet me toke you through this data. This is more than S3 in row data that we condensed and put into a format that is designed to be fast paced, easy to grasp and highly educational. 90% of what I'm going to cover is educational in nature and designed to serve you. At the end, we have a little PR section about us, which just kind oflet's you know what's going on with us ifyou're interested. Does that seem fair?" let's write the actual dialogue used to introduce market education into a sales situation: 8.4 SESSION EIGHT. ..,.(I00I'-___--......- 176. T HOLMESCHE THE. UlTIMATE BUSINE.SS MASTERY SYSTEM How about website applications? are some sample titles of buttons on your website that would engage a prospect and make them wantWhat "tour"? to take your Exarnp e.I . "Health Tour: The most powerful lessons in health tOday: learn how to be super healthy." rf - the Sales ProcessSESSION EIGHT Detailing and Pe Ktlng _ All "glib 't1etaTlIng and Perfecting the Sales 02010 01.1 "II_I............. 178. CHEf HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM Pendulum Examples: Use positive assumptive statements: "Well, we know... of course you want to... when we get started." Use assumptive statements: "Do you want the faster model, or the standard model?" Use "minor point" close: "Should the bill be sent to you, or your accounting department? t are three "yes" questi~ns you can ask in the close that will make the prospect say yes, yes, yes, rightWha you ask if they are gOing to buy?before 1. 2. 3. What other inducements can you bring into the sale to make it sweeter? Examples: Coupon to something else, from someone else. Buya $500 item and get $1000 training program. Write some ideas for you right now. SESSION EIGHT. Detailing and Perfecting the Sales Process I 8.7 179. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM Bonus orkshops Rule: You can't improve something that you haven't identified. So let's break down your sales process: whether it is on the web or in person. Step One: Establish credibility, build rapport WORKSHOP: Building rapport and credibility Think (and write down) your two best relationships. Client relationships if you have been in sales or pers relationships if you haven't. anal Write down the top three to five reasons why those are great relationships. (Example: We share a lot in common.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 8.8 SESSION EIGHT. ,........-~--- 180. CHET HOLMES THE UlTIMATE BUSINESS MASTlRY SYSTEM ank the rules in order of importance. Example'Now r . Genuine interest in helping them succeed Learn a lot about them and their business Find common areas of interest Build trust, etc. What are the ideal ways to build credibility fast? Give us some kind of an education on some area of your industry that would show that you are an expert. Teach us something. SESSION EIGHT. Detailing and Perfecting the Sale~ Process .~- . AII ....hl"_o 1010 C~l HOImfl InIHtwUU"l_ .." 8.9 181. 2. 3. 4. s. THE Ul TlMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM Session 8 Test DETAILING AND PERFECTING THE SALES PROCESS Please Note: This test can be copied only for repeated usage, by the onglnal program purchaser, and not to be resold or used for '" p

  1. '""''''"',mp,rt.", P''"'' .. '""arISe b) The test should be given after viewing the video to show how well you retained the Information. c) The test can be used as a "h"" " m,"'" r? 8. How can you avoid pitching the gatekeeper? (Circle 01/ thot opply) a) always lead the conversation. b) sound important, and show authority. c) answer all questions with enthusiasm. d) keep asking for what you want. e) make the gatekeeper go back to their boss as many times as posslbl 9. You should tell your life's story to the gatekeeper who wants it. (Circle one) True False 10. When a gatekeeper asks you a question, answer it promptly. (Circle one) True False 11. What can you design or create that will help make you irresistible to your prospects? 1) 2) 3) 4) - -- ------~-- -~ - - -------------------~- -------------------------------~ 12. You should lie, if need be, to get past the gatekeeper to your potential client. (Circle one) True False SESSION TEN The High Art of Getllng AppOintments With Anyone, Part 1 02010 (het Holn'lfllnt~rwtlon.l All ughh f~fNtd 10.9 213. STERY SYSHMTH UlTIMAH BUSINESS MA NOTES... 10.10 SESSION TEN The High Art of Getting Appointments With Anyone, Part 1 214. PART 2: e ~ I r _e In - oln en S I none SESSION ELEVEN 0,,010 (het Holm~' Intem.! AJI 'Ignu ,e~~ 215. THE ULTIMATE BUSINE SS MAS TI RY SYST! M 216. CHEf HOlMf S THl UlTIMATE B ~ SS MASl NOTES... SESSION ELEVEN. The High Art of Getting Appomtments With Anyone, Part 2 11.1 02010 Chd Hqlm.:s Int~rnatlOnll AJ' nghU 'elrrw 20 0 , .... """"" ........ - AI rights 'fWfWd 218. CHH HOLMES T l Ul LIVE WORKSHOP: Creating a follow up fax for rejections outline your first follow up fax If the client rejects you What would your first follow up fax say? SESSION ELEVEN. The High Art 01 Getting AppOintments With Anyone, Part 2 02010 Chd HoimH InterniitloNll At: nghb f~fVflI 11 .3 219. TIH UI TlMATI RUSINI s~ MA STI RY sn ll M H[ I HOl MIs LIVE WORKSHOP: One page promo . . . r t meeting with the prospect/affiliate Out/me an excellent one pdge promo plcce thtlt describes your Irs ' etc.. I. Gretlt title: 2. Mysterious benefit: 3. Justification of why you would offer this awesome learning experience (if that's what you're offering): 4. More benefits: 5. Who should attend: 6. How long (X, plus time for Q&A) 7. When: 8. Where: 9. Cost: 11.4 SESSIO ELEVEN The Hi hAt fg r 0 Getting Appointments Wth AI nyone, Part 2 C 2010 Cht1 ""'....n ntefrwtlONl AJ1I ri.-oht...,. ..1 '~wfWd 220. Ct~ET HOlMES T [U 1 All Create a finished draft right now: SESSION ELEVEN. The High Art of Getting Appointments With Anyone, Part 2 11.5 0.201 0 (h~t Holme, Inte-rnAI1on,,1 A,lIl1ghh f,"strvtd 221. 11.6 THE UlTIMATE BUSINESS MASTIRf SYSTlM What would be the outlme of what you'd say on your audio file? o Remember that your title has to be a" sizzle. "Two Minute Audio that can save your company" "2.6 minute audio that can profoundly impact your XYZ" o The content works best if you actually teach me something. o Start with some 'wows'. o BUild/unfold to the logical next step in a way that really makes them want it. o Te" them what you want to tell them. Call to action. o What would you do after sending this? Flesh out some ideas right now SESSION ELEVEN . The High Art f G' . o ettmg Appomtments With Anyone, Part 2 02010 Chtt Hom.t. Int~ .uon.t AI "ghh 1UCtld 222. CHEr HOLMES THE ULTIMATE BUSI ESS MASTERY SYSTEM LIVE WORKSHOP: Voicemail campaign What will be your VM campaign? Outline your entire campaign for you team to follow. Write at least six VM's that you or your team will leave. (ALL offers are to help them.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. SESSION ELEVEN' The High Art of Getting Appointments With Anyone, Part 2 11.7 223. srr RY SY51f Ml/il lIlliMAIi HlJSINf5S MA US NOTESTEP 11: THE HUMORO . . your nameUse this note, put It In 11.8 I SESSION EUVEN The High Art of Getting Appointments With Anyone, Part 2 Ct 2010 Chtt H,l'411n11! land ,.,.... r'2If"~ NO,No I 't talk to Bill Jones right now. Can't you see I have a war to fight? 224. THf: ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM NOTES... SESSION ELEVEN The High Art of Getting Appointment~ With Anyone, Part 2 I 11.9 225. 2. 3. THE U[ TlMATf BUSINESS MASTfRY SYST[M Session 11 Test THE HIGH ART OF GETTING Part 2 (Getting Appointments) h er and not [0 be resold or used for . I program purc as , . h Please Note: This test can be copied only for rep~ated usage, by the orlglna u to note the important pOints as t ey any profll. Uses for the test. a) Used as a primer before viewing the Video, this test will ~~~~~ormatlon. c) The test can be used as a arise. b) The test should be given after viewing the Video to show how well you retain I ew.hlfes or any employee who uses the .'eh,cie to measure the comprehension of employees who view the video (for current emp ~Y:~eans for'promoting memOrization (the VIdeo for s{'lf'sludy or In a training slluollon). d) The test can be given every eleven weeks a minimum OCCt'ploble level of learning) of the material, Name: _____ Score: (8 points for each correct answer, 56 points = 100%) 1. What do you think is the main reason why most salespeople are mediocre? What percentage of salespeople stop pursuing clients after the first time the client has said, "No."? ----------------------------------------- What percentage of all salespeople drive in only 20 percent of the sales? (Circle one) a) 10% b) 80% c) 28% d) 95% 4. Is persistence considered obnoxious? (Circle one) Yes No 5. What is the only quality that made "Rocky" a winner? !l.10 SE.SSION EUVEN The High Art 01 Getting With Anyone, PMt 2 C 1-010 Chn Hd, .,. j &1-- -.1,,. ...... rli IlL rd 226. 6. 7. What IS the fastest, easiest way to get an appointment? (Circle one) a) a phone call b) a fax c) a letter d) go through a friend of the prospect If you get the appointment, what should your next step be? (Circle one) a) celebrate b) write it in your appointment book c) fax a confirmation of the appointment d) notify your boss and ask him for the best way to proceed e) show up on time ,HE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASIRY SYSIM S:SSION [L E.VEN lhe HI .gh Art of Getting Appointments W h 2010 Chot ttolm.. lnt,m4t1on.I All I h It Anyone, Part 2 111 .11 , 9 It rrurvcd 227. (III' II()I MIIII[ ULTIMA'll flUSINt is MASl I MY SY~" M NOTES... 11.12 S SSION (ll.Vl.N The HIgh Alt 01 (, lUng Appolntm ntl W,th Anyon. Part ') 228. PROFESSIONAL PRESENTING: u es an I s ralnln SESSION T ELVE o Jr, I0 (, .t Ilohnra Inh~'"~ I ion,,1 "',1,' .," " , I.M''1rd 229. THE UIIIMATI 8U51NfSS MASTfRY SYSHM CHfT HOL IvIrS 230. THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM NOTES... I SESSION TWELVE. Professional Presenting: Rules and Skills Training 12.1 02010 Chd Holmes tntrrn4'lon.l All ught" ft'if.vffi 231. THl Ul TlMATE BUSINl SS MASHRY Y T{M HEADER: BUllETS=- - HEADER: BULLETS I , . 12.2 SE.SSION TWELVE Professional Presenting' Rules and Skills Training - ---.--. - - . ~- .- -'-' GRAPHIC GRAPHIC CHI' HOIMI 232. IHT HOI M[~ TH U TIMAn -- . HEADER: GRAPHIC BULLETS HEADER: GRAPHIC BULLETS I . ------- - ------------- SE.SSION TWElVE: Professional Pre entlng Rut S nd S Training 12.3 o 10' 0 c:.twl Holm" ntcfNlt rw! AI1 nghb rt1~f"t'd 233. ( 1111 111)1 MIII 11 III TIMA" IJIJSINI H MM" HI" WS 1/ M z 2 HEADER: GRAPHIC HEADER: GRAPHIC 12." SESSION TWELVE Profenlon,' Presenting. Rul"s ,nd Skills Tra'nlng 234. (III I ItO l M I ~ IIil U IIMAl r I I GRAPHIC HEADER: GRAPHIC BULLETS S[S510N TWELVE ' Professional Pr s nllng Rules and SkIlls TraIn ng 12 5 235. C.HEl HOLMES THE Uln iATE 8U I f MA TE Y Y n f . HEADER: GRAPHIC BUllETS I L ~- --------------- ~---. --------------- HEADER: GRAPHIC 12.6 SESSIO TWELVE Professional Presenting: Rules and S Ills Training 236. CHEf HOLMES HEADER: - - - - HEADER: BULLETS - SESSIO GRAPHlC - r GRAPHIC I PresenungTWEt: E Profess.ona -- ng 12.7 237. I I I J I , MASH NY y~ 11 M III! UI I IMATI Ill/SINI J r J BULLETS I . I I l I HEADER: I I I I BULLETS I I I 12.8 SESSION TWELVE . Profenlonal (1tIlIHlIMI ~ GRAPH IC I --- GRAPHIC Rules und Skills Training 238. I HI T HI)I MI ~ TH J A l NOTES... SESSION TWELVE Prole Ion I Pre enung Rules and SIS Training 12.9 239. 1m Ul "MAl[ 8USIN(S MASURY YSHM PROFESSIONAL PRESENTING: RULES & SKILLS TRAININ "" er and not to ~ resold or u,ed for Please Note: Thl! lest can bt' COpied only for r pealed usage, by th.. onglnal program P~~u :0 'note the ImporUlnt pOints as Ihey ny profit USC's tor th.. t t a) Used.s. prom I betor.. Vlcwong the vldt'O, thIS tesl Will r;;r;::;Information C) The lest can be u",d as arll b) The tell should b glv "alief Ullng th vodt'O to show how wcll you ret.In tI htres or any l'f11plo~e who USl'S the vehlcl to me.,url' the compr her.S/on of emplo who View the deo (lor current employee n;;;, lor 'promoting memofllatlon (the VftJ lor seN study or In a /lolOInq ,I'uotton) d) The test un be goven every eleven w.... ks as a m min mum Q(up/oble It'vd of kamlnq) of the mat fl.' Name: Scor : (5 points for each correct answer, 120 points = 100%) 1. "A prospect WIll retam only 20% of information that is communicated verbally, and o~Iy . 20% of informatIon that is seen." What is the percentage of retention when InformatIon IS communicated both visually and orally with professional presentation materials 7 2. What are the two main reasons for why it is important that your client has a high retention of the mformation you have presented? 1) __ -- --._- -- -- -- 2) 3. How much of the information stored in the brain is taken in through the eyes? (Circle one) a) 10% b) 20% c) 25% d) 85% 4. What percentage of motivatIon is optically stimulated? ((lfcle one) a) 10% b) 20% c) 40% d) 80% 5. How many images can the eyes capture in a single glance? (CIrcle one) a) 15 b) 150 c) 1,500 d) 1,500,000 6. How many words per minute does the average person speak? ___ wpm 7. How many words per minute is the brain is capable of hearing? ____ wpm 8. IfC e one) True False . 12.10 SESSION TWELVE ProfeSSIonal Presl'ntlng. R ,u I'S and Skills Tralfllng e 1010 Chrt Hof~ InktnllJoNl AI rtg~tJ '~W!Md ( HH HOLMES , I I , I I I I I I I 240. I I I I I I I I f , r CHET HOlM[~ 9. Given the ~ame period of time, how much mar information can you pre~ nt If you r useng visual aids? (C"cle one) a) 2% b) 12% c) 22% d) 40% 10. Repeating the same core Information several times during a pr sentation IS no a W1~ Id a (C"c/e one) True False 11 . When doing presentations, it is wise to put a great deal of Informal1on on one pag , th more the better. (Circle one) True False 12. Spend a lot of time on each page of your presentation. (Circle one) True False 13. It is not your job to educate clients about anything except the facts about your products or services. (Circle one) True False 14. Telling stories during your presentation will bore a client. (Circle one) True False 15. If you do tell a story which illustrates your point, a person's recall will increase by what percent? (Circle one) a) 2% b) 3% c) 26% d) SO% 16. When you are presenting, what you say (the words that you choose) are far more powerful than how you say them (how you move your face and body). (Circle one) True False 17. You should never take over someone's office when you are presenting. It is rude to as them to come around the desk and sit next to you. (Circle one) True False 18. The best way to begin a meeting with is a busy client is by saying, "I'm sorry for taking your time, I know how busy you are." (Circle one) True False 19. It is good to stand up when you are presenting to a group, but it is not advisable to stand up when you presenting one-on-one. (Circle one) True False SESSION TWELVE . ProfeSSional Presenting: Rules and Skills Trammg 02010 (ttt HOImt~ Intt'fNtiQNl nghU,twrYflI 12.11 241. CHET HOLM ES THE ULTIMATE BUSINESS MASTERY SYSTEM 20. It doesn't matter if your hands are in your pockets when you are presentmg. (Circle one) True False 21. If a prospect tells you that they are simply "not interested," what should you do? (Circle one) a) go on to the next potential client b) make a file for trying again when you run out of potential clients c) begin a campaign to get an appointment, no matter how many rejections you receive d) decide that sales is not the career for you 1212 SESSIO TWElVE ProfesSlONI Pre1entmg RuleJ and Skil" T. a ralO,ng C ... 0 Old Helm Ii '"'-~n.l! ~ AI " If'.cd 242. CHET HOLMES THE UlllMATl SUSI ESS MASTERY SYSTEM NOTES... SESSION TWELVE. ProfeSSional Presenting: Rules and Skills Training 12.13 o 2Q' 0 (hr' Holnlt'l Inh'rn"tlon~1 "II 'lghU If'tr'tt'd 243. ( fH I HOl MI ~ HiE UI IIMAI I IlIlS/NI ~S MA~" RY sn" M I NOTES... J2.14 SSSION TWELVE ' Professional Presenltng Rul sand Skills Training