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Chernobyl Heroes They eliminated the nuclear disaster with the cost of their life

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Chernobyl HeroesThey eliminated the nuclear disaster with the cost of their life

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April 26, 1986. Chernobyl disaster happens. Nuclear power plant explodes. Radionuclides are ejected to the atmosphere.

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116 thousands inhabitants of polluted areas evacuated, leaving their homes and belongings forever

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It took 600 thousands people work to eliminate the effects of Chernobyl nuclear disaster

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Dosimetrists working at the field in Chernobyl area, studying the pollution level

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They were given lead aprons, gas masks and boot covers as protection from radiation a human body is unable to bear

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31 eliminator died of radiation sickness and burns during Chernobyl disaster elimination works

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Thousands eliminators died later, due to the radiation impact on their organisms

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USSR authorities didn’t even tell them what was going on. They didn’t leave an option to refuse, either.

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Sacrifice of thousands saved millions.

Their work made the disaster stop its spread.

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