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Chernobyl Heroes They eliminated the nuclear disaster with the cost of their life

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Chernobyl HeroesThey eliminated the nuclear disaster with the cost of their life

April 26, 1986. Chernobyl disaster happens. Nuclear power plant explodes. Radionuclides are ejected to the atmosphere.

116 thousands inhabitants of polluted areas evacuated, leaving their homes and belongings forever

It took 600 thousands people work to eliminate the effects of Chernobyl nuclear disaster

Dosimetrists working at the field in Chernobyl area, studying the pollution level

They were given lead aprons, gas masks and boot covers as protection from radiation a human body is unable to bear

31 eliminator died of radiation sickness and burns during Chernobyl disaster elimination works

Thousands eliminators died later, due to the radiation impact on their organisms

USSR authorities didnt even tell them what was going on. They didnt leave an option to refuse, either.

Sacrifice of thousands saved millions.

Their work made the disaster stop its spread.

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