chernobyl disaster

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Chernobyl Chernobyl Disaster Disaster

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Chernobyl Chernobyl DisasterDisaster

Chernobyl’s locationChernobyl’s location

Chernobyl DisasterChernobyl Disaster• Chernobyl, Ukraine • In 1986, the USSR

generated 10% of the world’s nuclear power.• Nuclear power plant in

Chernobyl exploded on April 26, 1986

Effect on other countries?

• Over the following days, winds mostly blowing north and west, carried fallout into Belarus, as well as Russia, Poland & other countries around the world.

Effects Today• An official exclusion zone around the

plant remains in place, extending for 30 kilometers (18 miles). It is one of the most radioactive spots on Earth.

Chernobyl is now a ghost town

Effects of the disaster…

• In the first months after the accident, 28 emergency workers died from acute radiation syndrome–Doctors have noticed an increase in

cases of cancer who lived nearby• Many animals died or got sick–Fish in nearby rivers were unsafe to

eat for many years• Millions of acres of farmland have been


Effects of the radiation• Radiation caused the Worm Wood Forest to be re named the Red Forest because of the effects that the radiation had on the forest…

The Red Forest

The Red Forest

The Red Forest

Chernobyl after the disaster

A former hospital in Chernobyl…

Chernobyl after the disaster

A destroyed building in Chernobyl…

Chernobyl after the disaster

Another destroyed building in Chernobyl…

Chernobyl after the disaster

An abandoned building near Chernobyl…

Chernobyl DisasterChernobyl Disaster• The following Youtube video

gives a detailed description of the unforgettable events that took place that day…

Nuclear Disaster in Chernobyl