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Case Study Chernobyl Disaster

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A small, compact case study on the Chernobyl disaster. I have made this presentation because I deeply grieve for the loss of every person who suffered by the hand of the horrendous disaster.


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Case Study Chernobyl Disaster

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Chernobyl disaster is considered to be the worst catastrophic (Manmade disaster) in history. Chernobyl was a nuclear power plant that was located 80 miles north of Kiev, which is now the ‘Ukraine’. Chernobyl was a part of the city ‘Pripyat’.

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What Happened? On 26th April 1986, at 1:23 P.M.

blast occurred in the 4th reactor. The reactor 4 suffered power increase leading to explosion from core. The two engineers present in the 4th reactor were Alexander Akimov and Leonid Toptunov. Whereas Leonid was present at the time of blast as he was a young engineer with a 3 months experience.

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Alexander Akimov Leonid Toptunov

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How did it happen?

The obvious reason that can be stated is ‘Operator error’. Maybe the operator was not experienced enough to control the reactor. Another reason was that the, operator allowed to much water flow in the tank that caused the speed of the turbine to increase uncontrollably. Additionally normal safety rules were not followed. Example the regulation required at least 15 controlled rods but at the time of the explosion there were on 10 rods intact.

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RBMK The Chernobyl plant showed the RBMK design characteristics. Excessive supply of cold watch and the attachment of only 10 rods led to the explosion.

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The core of reactor 4.

Arial view of the blast.

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What happened then?

Soon after the blast the city Pirpyat was evacuated immediately. There were 50,000 people living who were forced to leave everything behind (Even necessary belongings). Within hours after explosion dozen of people fell ill and experienced headache, metallic taste in mouth, vomiting, uncontrollable fits. Within hours Pripyat became a ghost city.

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Effects of the explosion.

With the emitting radiations a rise was seen in health disorders. Disease like Thyroid cancer, mental illness, rise in abortion, various physical disability. The rate of cancers are still at a rise and many cases are reported every year with a certain disability. Every year thousands of people die in this manner.

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Effects (Continued)

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Effects (Continued)

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Effects (Continued)

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Effects (Continued)

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Chernobyl today. 27 years have passed but still the

radiation level is that area is so high that nobody will be able to live there for 200 years. The whole area is sealed by the Russian force and no individuals id allowed to visit anywhere near the reactor. It is said that the controller keys of reactor 4 still remain untouched even after 27 years.

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