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    Chem-Match: Corporates meet Startups 2020

    Matchmaking Event "Green & Digital"

    65 STARTUPS validated until 1 October 2020

  • 3d Signals Organisation

    Country Germany

    City Langen

    Street Ohmstraße 12



    Name Markus Löhr

    Role Managing Director


    3d Signals helps manufacturers digitalize their machines to become an industry 4.0 “factory of the future”. Our solution generates visibility and actionable insights within hours, using a range of highly accurate, non-invasive sensors and a cloud-based Asset Performance Monitoring platform.

    Areas of Activity

    • Other • Artificial Intelligence • Smart Materials • Digital Transformation • Chemistry

    • Pharma • Digital Innovation • Big Data • Alternative Packaging

    Marketplace Opportunities



    Real-time machine performance monitoring and visualization of a production area, available as part of dView, or on a large public screen

    - Enhancing transparency and motivation to meat common goals - Selection of one out of several alternative views, based on manager’s preference

    Reports, let you identify trends and make comparisons

    - Machine vs. machine

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  • - Floor vs. floor - Shift vs. shift - Time frame vs. previous - Etc.

    World View

    - A dashboard to monitor all your sites - A bird’s eye view of your organization’s availability, utilization and waste parameters - Consolidated and per-factory data in a single view - Weekly and monthly resolution


    SMS notification for long idle durations based on personal specifications

    Actual vs. Planning

    Shift planning compared to actual production, highlighting: - Planned shift which were underutilized - Overtime during unplanned shifts

    + Optimization Tools Idle Reason Analysis Idle Reason Reports



    Data Acquisition System.

    IoT computer to collect data from sensors & upload it to the cloud for analysis and visualization.

    A wide range of non-invasive, off-the-shelf sensors (current, vibration, acoustics, etc.) to record machine’s status in real time.


    Accelerating digital transformation for industrial manufacturers

    The AI-based Asset Performance Monitoring cloud platform visualizes machine status and provides actionable insights, business intelligence, analysis and optimization tools.

    3d Signals’ customers have proven that the solu- tion has significantly improved machine produc- tivity and OEE within 3 months of installation, while reducing operating costs.

    Thanks to digitalization, customers were able to achieve KPIs even during the COVID-19 crisis, while managing from remote and enforcing social

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  • distancing.

    3d Signals was founded in 2015 and has offices in Kfar Saba (Israel), and Langen (Germany). The company has raised $27M in venture capital so far.

    3d Signals systems are installed in more than 10 customer factories across Germany, including SAMSON AG and the ROTHENBERGER group.

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  • AgroGrIN Tech Organisation

    Country Portugal

    City Porto




    Name Débora Campos

    Role CEO


    AgroGrIN Tech applies green processes coupled with patent green technologies within fruit processors and fruit producers to monetize fruit waste streams, helping companies to become more profitable and more sustainable.

    Areas of Activity

    • Biotechnology • Green Tech • Recycling / Upcycling

    • Sustainable Practices • Sustainable Business

    Marketplace Opportunities


    Fruit/ vegetable waste management streams

    AgroGrIN Tech offers the design, assessment and implementation of in situ downstream processes to monetize and valorize fruit/vegetable waste through the transformation of fruit waste into flours, dry juices and enzymatic and vitamins extracts for human consumption. The company incorporating AgroGrIN Tech solutions will be complying with EU sustainability directives, reducing or eliminating waste streams and creating new revenue streams to the companies.


    Clean label and natural ingredients

    AgroGrIN Tech offers the commercialization of clean label and natural ingredients, coming from food upcycling. AgroGrIN Tech applies green processes to produced different frui/vegetable flours and dry juices to be used by food and nutraceuticals industries for products development. The flours as an

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  • alternative to the current flours applied in the market and the dry juices as a natural flavouring and colourant additives. On the other hand, vitamin and enzyme extracts are suitable for nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.


    Investment opportunity to implement green waste management solution in industrial facilities

    We search for investment to scale-up! We are a high growth company at the forefront of food industry waste management. Our green technology will provide innovations in such fields as sustainable food and biopharmaceuticals.

    We will share our pitch deck, just contact us under

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  • AllocNow Organisation

    Country Germany

    City Bonn




    Name Daniel Bochnitschek

    Role Co-founder


    We support companies to achieve ambitious sustainability goals by integrating carbon management with business steering.

    Areas of Activity

    • Sustainable Business • Digital Transformation • Chemistry • Green Tech

    • Digital Innovation • Big Data • Eco-friendly Materials • Sustainable Supply Chain

    Marketplace Opportunities


    AllocNow - Sustainable Business Steering

    AllocNow is a CleanTech-Startup with a focus on the chemicals and process industry. We strive to unleash the full potential of corporations to contriibute to saving our planet.

    We build intelligent software to help companies calculate, reduce and commercialize their product carbon footprint. AllocNow provides transparency across the entire product portfolio and enables sustainable business steering based on bio-mass-balancing and GHG-reduction. Using AllocNow, companies can easily balance sustainability with profitability and growth.


    Calculation of the Product Carbon Footprint

    Our software fits the specific needs of the chemical and process industry with its complex and deeply integrated value chains and production processes. With AllocNow we are able to calculate the cradle- to-gate product carbon footprint for the entire product portfolio in a very efficient way.

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    Industry partners welcome!

    We follow a customer and user-driven development process and are therefore highly interested in industry partners who are open to support start-ups in their development with e.g. pilot usage and MVP testing.

    We rely on input to validate our hypothesis and value proposition to build a useful and viable solution.

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  • Avellana Learning Oy Organisation

    Country Finland

    City Vantaa

    Street Pähkinätie 6 D 61



    Name Jelena Kivinen

    Role Consultant


    Avellana Learning is an independent consulting and training company. Our services: - Helping businesses choose the right professional programs (LIMS for example) and writing requirement specifications - Making sense of legacy Excel sheets - Private and group training in STEM fields

    Areas of Activity

    • Chemistry • Chem Tech

    • Other

    Marketplace Opportunities


    IT procurement consulting

    We help businesses find the right professional programs for their needs. We are specialized in laboratory software, such as LIMS and ELN. We are checking out the market for any laboratory or quality control software we might have missed and also looking for customers.


    Laboratory software

    I am an independent consultant trying to find the best software on the market for demanding customers. I would like to find out all about the LIMS, ELN and other laboratory programs that I might have missed. If you have something to offer, please contact!


    Excel management

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  • Fixing legacy Excel sheets to turn them from time thieves to time savers. I know VBA.


    Training in STEM fields

    I am a qualified Chemistry teacher from Finland, and available to train you or your employees in any level of Chemistry, the principles of LIMS systems, and basic IT, Physics, Biology and Math.

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  • Biotts Organisation

    Country Poland

    City Wroclaw

    Street Dunska 7



    Name Karolina Buratynska

    Role General Manager


    BIOTTS S.A. is a Polish biotechnological company that develops proprietary drug del