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Chef Larrys Intranet Caf Welcome Creating an Internal Web Site for Staff Slide 2 Menu du Jour Apritif Hors doeuvre Salade verte Entre Dessert Digestif Slide 3 Apritif Recipes that didnt quite work! 1. Paperless Office 2. Staff Yellow Pages 3. Internal Web Pages Slide 4 Hors doeuvre Definition In tra net - n. A computer network connecting an affiliated set of clients using standard Internet protocols, especially TCP/IP and HTTP, connected by secure, possibly virtual, networks. Slide 5 So, isnt this just like our Internet Web site? Slide 6 Yes 1. Uses a Web server to deliver content 2. Requires organization and guidelines 3. It requires maintenance Slide 7 No 1. Small, known audience and want to keep it that way! 2. Easy to forget if it isnt often used 3. Security permissions very important 4. You know the capabilities of your users Slide 8 So, am I not just DOUBLING my work? Slide 9 No! 1.We all have documents in electronic format 2.We all need to share information 3.There are great ways to organize it, but do we? 4.Some of the information may already be on your public Web site, but could be rearranged for staff use Slide 10 What types of things would you put on your librarys intranet? Slide 11 Salade Verte 1.List of library hours, general phone numbers, addresses 2.Staff work phone list 3.Staff home phone list 4.Meeting room schedule 5.Public service policies 6.Personnel policies 7.Press releases 8.Photos of staff party Where does it belong? Internet, intranet, neither? Slide 12 What format? 1. Print versus screen 2. HTML versus native file format 3. Adobe PDF versus native file format 4. Paper versus electronic 5. One file versus two Slide 13 Guarding the Recipes 1. Unpublished URL 2. Login with username and password 3. Authenticate by IP address Slide 14 Things to Remember! 9. Experiment with advanced features 1. Modify work patterns, dont add work 2. Determine best file format 3. Store data in one place 4. Dont duplicate Internet site 5. Organize directory structure 6. Determine security permissions 7. Develop content guidelines 8. Create style guides and templates 10. Keep them coming back! Slide 15 15-minute break Slide 16 Entre A demonstration of CMPLs Intranet Slide 17 How to Build 1.Outsourcing 2.Intranet in a Box 3.From scratch Slide 18 Outsourcing Pros Dont have much staff expertise in running a web server Dont have the hardware/software In a hurry, can be happy with a generic solution Slide 19 Outsourcing Concerns 1.Do you feel comfortable with someone else safeguarding your data? 2.Is the customer service of the provider adequate? 3.What happens if you want to take your data and switch providers? 4.What are the guarantees regarding uptime, security, etc? 5.Are you creating extra work by having to transfer documents to a second location? Slide 20 Out of the Box Pros 1.Ready to go 2.Saves time 3.Dont have to understand how it works Slide 21 Out of the Box Concerns 1.Canned look and feel 2.Might be hard to fix if it breaks 3.May not exactly match your organizations style Slide 22 From Scratch Pros 1.Custom design can exactly match your needs 2.Can have the look and feel of your organizations culture 3.Can be designed for maximum appeal Slide 23 From Scratch Concerns 1.Can be time consuming to setup 2.Can require programming skills Slide 24 Miscellaneous 1.May need to train staff how to author Web pages who may not know HTML (e.g. Policies) 2.New windows for whole documents? 3.Some documents everyone may want to write on and will need permissions 4.Prepare documents for search engine results 5.Dates in documents may update to current date making them look newer than printed Slide 25 If I build it will they come? Slide 26 No! Slide 27 If we build it will they come? Slide 28 Maybe! Slide 29 Dessert Keep them Coming Back A. This is something for every department! B. Make it fun, yet informative C. Use staff names and photos D. Keep it current! E. Pack it with information and promote it Slide 30 Maybe 1.Subtle force - word of mouth 2.Moderate force available exclusively on the intranet 3.Create a portal worthy as browser startup 4.Make part of Active Desktop 5.Offer sufficient access, e.g. lounge Slide 31 Fromage Comments from a RHPL Web user I am definitely not computer literate, so the RHPL Web makes the big gray box in front of me less intimidating. It is also a nice way of learning more about other employees in this huge building, especially those who work on another floor entirely. The set-up is really attractive and unique; I dont know how anybody can keep from using this service. In conclusion, it must be great for patrons who walk by the Web-equipped terminal at the Information Desk; the new toy has the employees smiling and looking riveted, so they must see how much fun we have working here! Slide 32 Digestif Questions Slide 33 La Fin Further information is available at: