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Entertaining with Cheese - tips to create the perfect cheese board, cheese party ideas and cheese pairings. From Houston Dairymaids' Entertaining with Cheese for the Holidays class.


  • 1. Cheese Plate 10110/30/20131

2. Tip #1: Be interesting. Mix milks, flavors, textures & colors. Pick cheeses that will be memorable or have a broad appeal. Ask your cheesemonger for her picks.10/30/20132 3. Tip #2: Give us some space. Make sure to have a platter or board large enough to hold the cheeses. Or do butcher paper. Or do multiple plates. Do not overcrowd the cheese plate or overwhelm your guests. Have separate knives.10/30/20133 4. Tip #3 Dress it up! Add crackers, meats, breads, honey, fruit, olives, nuts and figs. Be creative!Harbison 10/30/20134 5. Party Timeline Unwrap cheese and arrange at least an hour before party oclock. Labeling your cheeses is a good idea. You may want to make a handy pairing guide.10/30/20135 6. Party Timeline Chilling Wine Time Chart10/30/20136 7. Cheese Board Ideas Regional Celebrate a state (Texas), a region (the South, Britain), or perhaps honor where a special guest is from. Anti-Regional The same cheese across regions10/30/20137 8. Milk the Theme Housewarming (local cheeses) Sports (cheese from one region vs. another) Favorite cheeses of the honoree Seasonal10/30/20138 9. Creative Pairings Not just cheese & wine or beer! Cheese & Coffee Cheese & Chocolate Cheese & Scotch Cheese & Honey Cheese & Breads10/30/20139 10. The Traditional Cheese Plate10/30/201310 11. The DIY Cheese Board10/30/201311 12. The DIY Cheese Board10/30/201312 13. The DIY Cheese Board10/30/201313 14. Other Ways to Entertain with Cheese10/30/201314 15. Other Ways to Entertain with Cheese10/30/201315 16. Other Ways to Entertain with Cheese10/30/201316 17. Other Ways to Entertain with Cheese10/30/201317


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