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  • 1. "Of all of the ancient cultures I admire,that of Chavin amazes me the most.Actually, it hasbeen the inspirationbehind most of my art" Pablo Picasso

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  • 3,177 m elevation in highland Peru (central-northern Peru)
  • Situated in a valley, where the Mosna and Wacheksa streams meet
  • Located on the eastern slopes of the Cordillera Blanca
  • Chavin de Huantar is about half-way between the coast and the jungle of Peru
  • Intersection of several major trade routes through the mountains, making it a strategically located capital
  • Between the coast and the jungle, an ideal location for the dissemination and collection of both ideas and material goods.

4. Example of Pre-Inca irrigation system. Maize Quinoa Llamas 5.

  • A gathering place for worship.
  • Network of passageways and strategic ducts.
  • U-shaped flat top pyramid.
  • Sunken circular court.
  • Clay friezes and low relief stone carvings.

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  • The New Temple forms a continuum with the Old Temple. And contained galleries and plazas.
  • Findings of broken pots and bones from food, that this gallery was a storage area for ritual items.
  • Many human bones also were found, which brings about the assumption that there was ritual cannibalism being practiced.

8. A startling five-meters-high stone figure whose imposing face - ferocious divinities mixing men, birds, tigers and snakes. Similar iconographic images are seen repeatedly in Chavin art, most coming from the jungle to the east. Staff bearing gods, human-animal combinations, and priests and shamans transforming are the most prevalent.Features a zoomorphic figure dominated by cayman attributes, believed to narrate a cosmological myth. A slightly tapered 2.52 m tall . 9. Tenon-heads like this one once hung high on exterior walls at Chavn, encircling the temple . They are thought to represent stages of a drug-induced human-to-feline shamanic transformation. 10.