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<p>Chaucer Casting Call Emily, Austin, Bobby, CaitlinEveryone wants to be Steven Spielberg, but do you think youre up to the task? Geoffrey Chaucer has optioned his work, The Canterbury Tales for production. This means that there will be a casting call for actors who might fit the roles. The most important roles are those of the pilgrims, so they have to be cast exactly. Using textual evidence, YOU will scour Hollywood for the perfect actors to fit each pilgrim mentioned in the General Prologue. I want you to come up with the best actors for the job and submit their head shots along with a little evidence that they can play the role in which they will be cast. You may use this handy casting sheet to submit your final report.</p> <p>Pilgrim The Knight</p> <p>Actor/Actress Patrick Dempsey</p> <p>Head Shot</p> <p>Textual Evidence A most distinguished man</p> <p>The Squire</p> <p>Rupert Grint</p> <p>Lad of fire (red hair) Stature of a moderate length</p> <p>Yeoman</p> <p>Brad Pitt</p> <p>Brown face (tan) He worked and traveled (he was built)</p> <p>Prioress</p> <p>Sandra Bullock</p> <p>Smile was simple and coy Stately bearing</p> <p>Monk</p> <p>Gerard Butler</p> <p>Manly man Not skinny Not pale</p> <p>Pilgrim Friar</p> <p>Actor/Actres s</p> <p>Head Shot</p> <p>Textual Evidence Merry Pimpin</p> <p>Merchant</p> <p>Rainn Wilson</p> <p>Good at acting in administrative positions He can grow a beard</p> <p>Clerk</p> <p>Dustin Diamond</p> <p>Studious looking</p> <p>Franklin</p> <p>Dakin Matthews</p> <p>White beard Merry Not skinny</p> <p>The Guildsme n</p> <p>Power Rangers</p> <p>Theres five of them, each with a special ability</p> <p>Pilgrim Cook</p> <p>Actor/Actres s Ethan Suplee</p> <p>Head Shot</p> <p>Textual Evidence Bigger guy Unattractive and kind of gross</p> <p>Shipman</p> <p>Johnny Depp</p> <p>Has experience playing a dishonest sailor</p> <p>Doctor</p> <p>Hugh Laurie</p> <p>He pretty much plays a TV doctor</p> <p>Wife of Bath</p> <p>Tina Fey</p> <p>Middle aged woman Shes bold</p> <p>Parson</p> <p>Robert Downey Jr.</p> <p>Good guy Not super in to apprearence</p> <p>Pilgrim Miller</p> <p>Actor/Actress</p> <p>Head Shot</p> <p>Textual Evidence Unattractive Big guy</p> <p>Reeve</p> <p>Clint Eastwood</p> <p>Old Thin Rode a horse ;)</p> <p>Summone r</p> <p>Mike Myers</p> <p>Ugly</p> <p>Pardoner</p> <p>Leonardo de Caprio</p> <p>Feminine looking</p> <p>The Host</p> <p>Oprah</p> <p>Shes a host She gives out free stuff like the Host</p>