chartres cathedral caroline devoto code 2. chartres cathedral history * the chartres cathedral is...

Download Chartres Cathedral Caroline DeVoto Code 2. Chartres Cathedral History * The Chartres Cathedral is located in Chartres, France, which is about 56 miles

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  • Chartres Cathedral Caroline DeVoto Code 2
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  • Chartres Cathedral History * The Chartres Cathedral is located in Chartres, France, which is about 56 miles from Paris. * It is said that the construction of it started in the year of 1194 and ended in 1220. * Although the construction of the Chartres Cathedral began in 1194, there were many other churches that were built before it on the same ground, but were burnt down by fires. *After the fire on June 10th, 1194, the construction of the famous Cathedral started
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  • What makes a Gothic Cathedral? There are many features that make Gothic architecture stand out from other forms. One of the main features is the pointed arch. Unlike Romanesque style, which has the curved arch, the pointed arch sends the pressure down to the floor instead of the sides. However, the pointed arches can still collapse over time. That is why flying buttresses are put next to the arches, so they can support them and keep them from collapsing. Flying buttresses have to be placed in very exact positions for them to do their job; otherwise they would not support the arch at all.
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  • Features of Gothic Cathedrals Pointed arches and flying buttresses on exterior of Chartres Cathedral Ceiling of Chartres Cathedral
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  • Famous Feature of Chartres Cathedral One essential feature of the Chartres Cathedral is the rose window. It is a huge stained-glass window that is inside the Cathedral. It represents a sun and a rose. The sun symbolizes Jesus and the rose, free of thorns, symbolizes Mary, born without sin. interior exterio r
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  • Interesting fact about the Chartres Cathedral The tunic that is believed to have belonged to Mary had been in the Churches before the Chartres Cathedral, and it is still in there today. This tunic has survived all of the previous fires, even when everything around it was burnt to ashes. It is now in the crypt of the Chartres Cathedral, undamaged from all of the fires.
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