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Architectural Portfolio to support Manchester School of Architecture Application



  • Contents The Poetics of Science - University Project 1 3 Concept Development 4 Plans & Elevations 5 3D Visualisation 6

    The Aesthetic of the Sublime - University Project 2 7 Concept Development 8 3D Visualisation 9

    Professional Placement Portfolio 10 Stanstead Airport 11 Lowry Outlet Mall 12 BUPA 13

  • Space, a frontier with infinite possibilities. This project explored astronomy and galaxies as a base for conceptual design. It is set as a journey between space and time and as a trajectory through galaxies and dimensional space. Design is construct-ed to explore the relationship between interior and exterior circulation and blur the two by creating a journey through the constructed galaxy. The project makes an attempt at finding a language between astronomy and architecture.

    There has always been an undeniable meshing of poetics and art within science. This project explores the justification of the application of poetics to the study of the scientific enterprise. It worked within an experimental condition surrounding architecture and astrology, exploring the way in which hypotheses are established. In particular the Copernican Hypothesis; the earth revolves around the sun; this is what should take place in a systematic, probable and necessary order. The mythos, like the hypothesis, constructs reality. The human concept of reality is always bound to a time and location, our constant reality is an engagement within the cosmos. The goal of a hypothesis is to precisely organise events systematically. This project explores the principle considerations and genius of Copernicus, discussing Heliocentrism: the astronomical model in which the Earth and planets revolve around the Sun at the centre of the Solar System.

    The Poetics of Science


  • My work here was influenced by galactial composition, celestial bodies and heliocentricism. Throughout this design period I started to explore the fragility of time and space, being led on to astronomical patterns and design. I was particularly influenced at this stage to take on board the position of stars and the composition of neutron stars and neutrino particles.

    Whilst being influenced by geometry and space I explored synodic periods, being most drawn to that of Venus as its path around the solar system creates a geometrically sound heliocentric study. This stage is where I decided to abandon horizontal views for the time being and encapsulate the often verlooked vertical landscape that is the galaxy in which we exist.

    Concept Development


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  • Regeneration is without a doubt one of the largest influences within the industry of architecture. The location of the project invokes an engagement with framing as an imminent architectural condition of analysis that induces questions regarding deteritorialization, as beyond the built frame condition there is the site, but beyond that still there is the outside. Essentially the sites occupy a fold that is liminally challenging in terms proximity to the coastal edge condition and the sea as well as its connection back to the established promenade and existing town plan configuration.

    The project was an exploration of fluidity, metaphysics and anatomy. It was about creating a heart for the regeneration of Morecambe by facilitating it with a centre for employment and community. The experimental condition saw an aqua cultural centre utilising airships to bring in catch on a sustainable and speculative plane. Explorations into Fibonacci, geometry and lunar patterns saw a journey through fractal and mathematical design. The drivers behind the project were the ideas of the sublime and religion with cathedral design and the perception of what is awe inspiring within KANTs Third Critiqueof Judgement.

    The Aesthetic of the Sublime


  • Sketching ideas: Internal integrated sytem eliminating the requirement for a processing structure and a copious amount of production team members. The systems work together to stem the catch into individual market stalls.

    After the initial site visits and research into aquaculture I began to derive ideas for my design.

    Here I began to consider geometrical patterns in nature and explored different ways of fragmenting images.

    I explored the use of mathematical patterns to generate fractal fragmentation and explored concept ideas of systems I could infuse into my design.


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  • Placement Portfolio I now understand how crucial the year out between undergraduate and postgraduate architecture studies is. Whilst my design flair and creativity has taken a back step I have learnt more about the fundamental stages within architectural design. I have worked on and increased my understanding of the RIBA work stages, working mainly in the feasibility team I have watched projects go from bid to client brief, prepared deliverables for client meetings and presentations and updated tender drawings. I have utilised my year so far out by working on the weak points within my architectural capabilities such as producing detailed drawings and understanding how much detail differs for client feasibility drawings and working drawings for structural engineers and contractors.


  • Stanstead AirportSecurity Corridor MICAM Panelling


  • Lowry Outlet MallSalford Quays


  • BUPA A new six storey office building that will consolidate Bupa UK staff into one building.The design draws upon the waterside context to provide a string and sustainable office building