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  1. 1. Charlotte Bronte 1816-1855
  2. 2. Charlotte BronteCharlotte Bronte was born on Aprilwas born on April 21, 1816 in21, 1816 in Yorkshire. She isYorkshire. She is the third born of sixthe third born of six children tochildren to Reverend PatrickReverend Patrick and Maria Branwelland Maria Branwell Bronte.Bronte. Charlotte, Emily, and Anne Bronte
  3. 3. In 1820 CharlotteIn 1820 Charlotte Brontes father wasBrontes father was appointed to theappointed to the position of curate.position of curate. Therefore theTherefore the family wasfamily was relocated torelocated to HaworthHaworth parsonage.parsonage.The Brontes home
  4. 4. The following yearThe following year Charlottes mother died. Mr.Charlottes mother died. Mr. Bronte was left with sixBronte was left with six young children to raise.young children to raise.
  5. 5. Speak of theNorth! A Lonely MoorSpeak of theNorth! A Lonely Moor Speak of the north! A lonely moorSpeak of the north! A lonely moor Silent and dark and tractless swells,Silent and dark and tractless swells, The waves of some wild streamlet pourThe waves of some wild streamlet pour Hurriedly through its ferny dells.Hurriedly through its ferny dells. Profoundly still the twilight air,Profoundly still the twilight air, Lifeless the landscape; so we dreamLifeless the landscape; so we dream Til like a phantom gliding nearTil like a phantom gliding near A stag bends down to drink theA stag bends down to drink the
  6. 6. And far away a mountain zone,And far away a mountain zone, A cold, white waste of snow-drifts lies.A cold, white waste of snow-drifts lies. And one star, large and soft and loneAnd one star, large and soft and lone Silently lights the unclouded skies.Silently lights the unclouded skies. By Charlotte BronteBy Charlotte Bronte
  7. 7. He soon discovered the talent that his children possessed for writing. He then decided to find proper education for his them.
  8. 8. The four eldestThe four eldest daughters (Maria,daughters (Maria, Elizabeth,Elizabeth, Charlotte, andCharlotte, and Emily) wereEmily) were enrolled as pupilsenrolled as pupils of Clergyof Clergy Daughters SchoolDaughters School at Cowan Cowan Bridge.
  9. 9. After becoming seriously ill with aAfter becoming seriously ill with a cough Maria dies in May 1825.cough Maria dies in May 1825. Shortly after her death ElizabethShortly after her death Elizabeth died. Her death was some whatdied. Her death was some what controversial. It was said that shecontroversial. It was said that she was pushed down a flight of stairswas pushed down a flight of stairs after being scolded by aafter being scolded by a schoolmaster, because she told himschoolmaster, because she told him that she wasnt feeling well enoughthat she wasnt feeling well enough to attend her attend her class.
  10. 10. CharlotteCharlotte witnessed thewitnessed the tragic accidenttragic accident that happened tothat happened to her sister. A finalher sister. A final tribute to hertribute to her sister is found insister is found in several pages ofseveral pages of Jane EyreJane Eyre..
  11. 11. Jane Eyre I still recoiled at the dread of seeing a corpse. Helen! I whispered softly; are you awake? She stirred herself, put back the curtain, and I saw her face, pale, wasted, but quite composed; she looked so little changed that my fear was instantly dissipated. Can it be you Jane? she asked, in her won gentle voice. Oh! I thought, she is not going to die; they are mistaken; she could not speak and look so calmly if she were.
  12. 12. I got on to her crib and kissed her: her forehead was cold, and her cheek both cold and thin, and so were her hand and wrist: but she smiled as of old Chapter 9
  13. 13. Mr. Bronte then pulled CharlotteMr. Bronte then pulled Charlotte and Emily from Cowan Bridge,and Emily from Cowan Bridge, and are then brought home. Atand are then brought home. At the age of nine Charlotte findsthe age of nine Charlotte finds herself as a mother figure forherself as a mother figure for Emily, Branwell, and Anne.Emily, Branwell, and Anne. Charlotte arranges her bedroomCharlotte arranges her bedroom into a school room to teach herinto a school room to teach her younger siblings. At age elevenyounger siblings. At age eleven Charlotte and her siblings start aCharlotte and her siblings start a four volume epic tale.four volume epic tale.
  14. 14. In 1839, Charlotte accepted a position as governess in the Sidgewick family, but left after three months and returned to Haworth. In 1841, she became governess of the White family, but after nine months left once again.
  15. 15. Publication of Charlottes Writings In 1846, Charlotte discovered Emilys poems, and decided to publish a selection of the poems from all three sisters. Charlottes The Professor was rejected for publication. However, her work Jane Eyre, Emilys Wuthering Heights, and Annes Agnes Grey were all published.
  16. 16. Charlottes WorksCharlottes Works 1847-1847-Jane EyreJane Eyre 1849-1849-ShirleyShirley 1853-1853-VilletteVillette 1857-1857-The ProfessorThe Professor 1925-1925-The Twelve Adventures andThe Twelve Adventures and Other StoriesOther Stories 1971-1971-Legends of AngriaLegends of Angria
  17. 17. BronteasaFeministBronteasaFeminist The novelThe novel Jane EyreJane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, isby Charlotte Bronte, is frequently viewed as the earliest majorfrequently viewed as the earliest major feminist novel. Although there is not afeminist novel. Although there is not a hint in the book that relates to political,hint in the book that relates to political, legal, educational, or even intellectuallegal, educational, or even intellectual equality between the sexes.equality between the sexes.
  18. 18. On June 29, 1854On June 29, 1854 Charlotte marriedCharlotte married A.B. Nicholls.A.B. Nicholls. On March 31, 1855 Charlotte dies.
  19. 19. AfterCharlottes DeathAfterCharlottes Death In 1857, Mrs. GaskellsIn 1857, Mrs. Gaskells Life of Charlotte BronteLife of Charlotte Bronte waswas published, and in Junepublished, and in June The ProfessorThe Professor was publishedwas published posthumously.posthumously. The works from her juvenilia were also publishedThe works from her juvenilia were also published posthumously such as:posthumously such as: The Twelve Adventures and Other StoriesThe Twelve Adventures and Other Stories The nineteen volumes ofThe nineteen volumes of The Shakespeare HeadThe Shakespeare Head BronteBronte are the most complete edition of theare the most complete edition of the works of Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and of Charlotte, Emily, Anne, and Branwell. Legends of AngriaLegends of Angria
  20. 20. TheEndTheEnd By:By: MashhuraHamdamovaMashhuraHamdamova

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