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<ul><li> 1. The reward point for good!</li></ul> <p> 2. Blue Dots are reward points for doing good About Blue Dot Blue Dot provides money-cant-buy rewards, unique job experiences &amp; recogni&gt;on on CVs for people suppor&gt;ng any of 9,000 chari&gt;es in the UK &amp; 100,000 globally. Founded by Chris Ward aKer he helped raise 480m as a Director for Comic Relief and the legacy of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, and then found shoppers in his local WesSield Centre had spent 870m in the same period. Through Blue Dot, chari&gt;es can engage more volunteers &amp; donors, and reward their supporters. 3. Chari&gt;es use it to Reward supporters with money-Engage, incen.vise &amp; cant-buy oers, career reward supporters &amp; experiences &amp; recogni.on on CVs promote their charity Individuals Businesses Sell Blue Dots to businesses, amplify links &amp; create new partnerships 4. It works in 5 easy steps 1. Engage 5. Record 2. Reward YOUR CHARITY 4. Socialise 3.Recognise 5. 1. Engage exis&gt;ng &amp; new supporters Who are you looking at? Raise 500 for Marie Curie Give 5 a month to Help for by Christmas and well give Heroes and win a signed you 10 Blue Dots:? England Shirt You can exchange them for Strictly Come Dancing &gt;ckets, signed CDs or just some great magazines: Take part in our Volunteering Go to and win &gt;ckets to Noels helpfor UK Arena Tour! heroes for more informa&gt;on Blue Dot is the new social currency Sign-up here: for people who do good. Sign-up for the Kilimanjaro and get another 10 Dots. Use the money-cant buy celebrity rewards and work experiences that will best incen&gt;vise your audience 6. 2. Reward with oers in the Blue Dot Store A tailored thank-you message Choose a reward from the store And user shares on social networks: 7. 3. Recognise all good ac&gt;ons on their Good CV Include your logo, links and Twieer handle And user shares on social networks: 8. 4. Socialise every single ac&gt;on through Facebook &amp; Twieer Charity Twieer handles, hashtags &amp; links are shared I got 5 Blue Dots by volunteering for @charity I got 5 Blue Dots by dona&gt;ng 5 to @charity hep://your website 9. 5. Record analy&gt;cs for on-going, personalised communica&gt;on Improve campaign performance Use our newsleeer and social networks to con&gt;nue the conversa&gt;on Who par&gt;cipated What mo&gt;vated them They record their ac&gt;ons + 10. 5 ways for chari&gt;es to use Blue Dot 1 Engage supporters using Blue Dot website 2 Give out Blue Dots 3 Sell Blue Dots to businesses 4 Create a branded Blue Dot page 5 Use Blue Dot World Agency Services 11. 1 Engage supporters using Blue Dot website Blue Dots are given for dona&gt;ons, volunteering &amp; liking non-prot Facebook pages at Publicise via your website, Facebook &amp; twieer feeds &amp; e-mail communica&gt;ons, how your supporters can get rewards by suppor&gt;ng your charity at Receive 1 Dot for every 1 donated via Receive 1 Dot for liking non-prot Facebook pages 72 chari&gt;es have already received dona&gt;ons via Blue Dots website 12. 2 Give out Blue Dots Your exis&gt;ng campaigns Blue Dot Increased support Volunteering programmes More supporters engaged Donors Supporters rewarded &amp; Fundraisers Challenge events + = recognised Thousands of posi&gt;ve social men&gt;ons Event sponsorship Data to improve your Payroll giving campaigns Quick and easy to get started: Easily distribute Blue Dots using e-voucher codes that can be emailed or embedded in a website Any good ac&gt;on can be rewarded - agree with Blue Dot the ac&gt;ons and number of Dots for each. We have a standard structure for each ac&gt;on 13. 3 Sell Blue Dots to businesses Businesses buy &amp; sponsor Blue Dots as part of cause related marke&gt;ng Use Blue Dots to amplify an exis&gt;ng partnership or help create new partnerships Twieer handles, hashtags &amp; links are shared Include business in Good Account I got 5 Blue Dots by working with @business &amp; volunteering for @charity I volunteered with @business I got 5 Blue Dots by volunteering with @business to support to support @charity @charity hep://your website 14. 4 Create a branded Blue Dot page Get a branded page just for you Lock the site to your charity Add your own oers Your own logos &amp; info Live stream locked to your charity ac&gt;vity Embed your facebook page and like bueon 15. 5 Use Blue Dot World Agency Services Exper&gt;se in commercial partnerships, social media, campaigning &amp; communica&gt;ons to provide online, media, marke&gt;ng, adver&gt;sing &amp; design services Create a cause marke&gt;ng campaign with Blue Dot 16. Gemng started / pilot a Blue Dot scheme Its quick and easy to get started using Blue Dots. They can be used to incen&gt;vise / reward / promote any good ac&gt;ons your supporters do Theres lots of possibili&gt;es, but heres a few ideas: Tell your supporters they can support you and get Dots already on our site Give out Dots: to volunteers or fundraisers for specic ac&gt;vi&gt;es Corporate partnerships: use Blue Dots to enhance an exis&gt;ng or help establish a new corporate partnership Get in touch to talk through the dierent ways Blue Dot can help you. 17. Find out more about using Blue Dot to harness the power of big brands and celebri&gt;es About Blue Dot Contacts Media coverage BBC Radio 2, BBC Radio London, The Guardian, Blue Dot World Ltd. Financial Times, Hungton Post, 5th Floor, 52 Horseferry Road, Third Sector, Marke&gt;ng Week, London SW1P 2AF Money Week, Music Week Chris Ward Awarded a grant from the NESTA Innova&gt;on in Giving Fund +447932 746 591 Contracted by the UK Government Cabinet Oce Jon Stephens Recognised by HMRC +447799 470 596 </p>