characteristics of tragic hero with reference to ' hamlet', 'dr. faustus' and 'adam

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  • 1. Name :- Parmar Milankumar L.Roll No. 16Enrollment no.:- 14101026Course No. :- 3, Literary Theories And CriticismEmail :- parmarmilan1994@gmail.comTopic :- Characteristics of Tragic hero with reference toHamlet, Dr. Faustus, Adam.Submitted to:- Dr. D.P.BaradDepartment of EnglishSmt.S.B.GardiM.K.B.University

2. Aristotle(384- 322 BC) Greek philosopher The characteristic of tragic herowas laid down by him. Today he is known for his twocritical treatise. The Poetics The Rhetoric 3. Definition of TragedyAristotles definition of tragedyTragedy depicts the down fall of basically goodperson through some fatal error or misjudgment,producing suffering and insight on the part of theprotagonist and arousing pity and fear on the part ofaudienceA man cannot become a hero until he can see theroot of his own downfall.-Aristotle 4. Characteristics of tragic Hero The chief characteristics of tragic hero A good man coming to bad end( Book of Job) A bad man good end (The Moll Flanders) A bad man bad end(moral, but not moving) A rather good man- bad end(ideal situation)(King Lear) 5. He should be of mixed character. Suffers from flaw in his character. He must fall from height of prosperity and glory. He is man of ordinary weakness that we cancompare ourselves with him. Hamartia:- error of judgment(derived fromignorance of material fact and circumstances),tragic flaw in character realization of his mistake/s His falling arouse pity and fear. 6. He is noble by birth and coming fromroyal class- he was prince of Denmark. He is not totally good or thoroughlybad but mixed kind of personality. He suffers from his tragic flaw(tragicflaw), his tragic flaws are, hesitation,hubris and fate. When he says "O wicked spite thatever I was born to set it right," Hamletis acknowledging that he is fated to theact and tragic 7. His other "flaw" is hubris, the sin of thinking oneselfgodlike. Hamlet's 'tragic flaw' of course is 'procrastination His error of judgment is he killed Polonius bymistake. His Peripeteia (reversal of fortune) starts from thatpoint. He realize his mistake. His tragic end arouse pity and fear in us Aristotle: "A man cannot become a hero until hecan see the root of his own downfall. 8. Characteristics of Tragic Hero in Dr.Faustus He is from high social class He suffers from a tragic flaw, excessiveaspiration for knowledge, hubris (selfpride). The excessive aspiration of knowledgeand pride make him commit a fatalmistake. Selling of his soul to Lucifer Realization of his mistake. In the end he fall, his fall is tragic,damned in hell forever. 9. Qualities of Tragic Hero in Adam He is character of divine birth. Created by God. Intelligent. Tragic flaw, his uxoriousness, excessivelove for Eve. His downfall from Eden (heaven) toearth. 10. Downfall arouses pity or fear In all the tragedy we discussed has a tragic end Audience feels pity for hero because flaw is not hisfault, so downfall seems undeserved Audience feels fear because they can identify withheros thoughts and actions Waitthis could happen to me! 11. Thank You