Chapters 14 & 15 (Part I) Guided Notes Chapter 14 & 15 (Part I) Guided Notes Chapter 14: The Formation…

Download Chapters 14 & 15 (Part I) Guided Notes Chapter 14 & 15 (Part I) Guided Notes Chapter 14: The Formation…

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Chapters 14 & 15 (Part I) Guided Notes Chapter 14: The Formation of Earth Earths Age Scientists think that Earth formed more than ____ _________________years ago by the accumulation of dust and debris moving through space. Radiometric Dating The ages of rocks and other materials can be determined by measuring the amount of ___________________________ _____________________that has occurred in radioactive isotopes found in samples of those materials. An isotopes ___________________ is the time that _________________of a sample of the isotope takes to decay. The First Cells The first cells that formed on Earth were probably ________________________ __________________________________. Chemosynthesis o The first autotrophic cells probably used ___________________________ to make food. o _______________________________produces energy through the use of inorganic substances, such as sulfur. Chapter 15: Evolution Evolution: __________________ in a _______________ over _______________ In science, theories are statements or models that have been _______________ and _______________________ _________________ times Can be used to make _________________________ Can be _______________________ as new evidence is found Charles Darwin developed the _______________________________________________________, which explained how organisms changed over time (_______________________) ________________Theory of ____________________ _______________________________ Thought that you would _____________ or __________________ features if you overused or didn't use them, and that these changes would be __________________ to ___________________________ PROVEN TO BE ____________________! Darwin noted that there existed many finches on the islands, but while they had similarities, each was ______________________ to eating a _______________________ type of island food. He concluded that the finches all came from ___________ ________________________species and ________________________ into __________________ ______________ species. Darwins Ideas Darwin wrote On the Origin of Species, in which he argued that: _________________________ with _________________________occurs, in that species descended from ___________________ancestors, and that ___________________ ________________________is the _________________________for evolution. Natural Selection: Organisms in a population _______________ to their environment as the proportion of individuals with genes for _______________________ ___________________increases. Those individuals that pass on ________________genes are considered to have greater _______________________. 1. _______________________ exists among individuals in a species. 2. Individuals will _____________________ for resources (food, mates, and space). 3. Competition would lead to the death of some individuals while others would __________________. 4. Individuals that had advantageous variations are more likely to survive and _______________________. This process came to be known as __________________ _________________________ The favorable variations are called _______________________________ 1. Say in a species of blob, there exists blobs of all shapes and sizes (______________) 2. During a particularly hot year, food became less abundant ( _________________) & blobs that had the ability to dig into the soil to get food had a better chance of survival. 3. The ones that survived mated and passed their genes to the next generation. (______________) 4. The next generation had move blobs with the pointed noses. That is ___________________ ___________________.


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