chapter 8 review history and culture of latin america

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Chapter 8 Review Chapter 8 Review History and Culture of History and Culture of Latin America Latin America

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  • Chapter 8 ReviewHistory and Culture of Latin America

  • 1

    Another term for corn


  • 2

    form of writing that uses signs and symbols


  • 3

    farm product grown for export

    cash crop

  • 4

    A cowboy of Latin America known for roaming the Pampas of Argentina


  • 5

    high ranking military officers who ruled as dictators


  • 6

    Spanish conquerors


  • 7

    a person who moves from place to place to find work

    migrant worker

  • 8A factory in Mexico used to assemble products owned by a foreign company


  • 9

    A person of mixed Native American and European descent


  • 10

    A large festival held on the last day before Lent


  • 11A common tradition at this celebration is when a girl exchanges her flat shoes for high heels


  • 12

    A language that is made by combining parts of different languages

    pidgin language

  • 13

    Latin Americas first civilization


  • 14

    Ancient civilization known for building roads and irrigation systems


  • 15

    The civilization that developed hieroglyphics and a numbering system


  • 16

    Ancient civilization known for holding a monopoly on trade because they had developed weapons from obsidian


  • 17

    Civilization that built their capital city on an island and developed floating gardens


  • 18

    Conquered the Aztec

    Hernan Cortes

  • 19

    Enslaved African who led a revolt in Haiti against French rule


  • 20

    Led the fight for independence in Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, and Bolivia

    Simon Bolivar

  • 21Catholic priest who urged poorer Mexicans to fight for freedom from Spanish rule

    Miguel Hidalgo

  • 22

    Conquered the Inca

    Francisco Pizarro

  • 23

    Led a revolution in Cuba in 1959

    Fidel Castro

  • 24

    Official language of most countries in Latin America


  • 25

    Official language in Brazil


  • 26

    Main religion practiced in most Latin American countries

    Roman Catholic

  • 27Designed to shorten the distance from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific OceanPanama Canal

  • 28Builders of the Panama Canal had to battle this disease malaria

  • 29People from Puerto Rico do not pay this even though they receive welfare from the Federal governmentIncome tax

  • 30A celebration to honor the dead and make peace with deathDay of the Dead

  • 31

    A celebration to honor a girl as she turns 15


  • 32

    Many Latin Americans migrate to the U.S. to give their families a better . . .

    way of life

  • 33

    Three sports popular in Latin America

    Soccer, baseball, cricket

  • 34One of the most important things to the people of Latin Americafamily

  • 35Who makes up the work force in a maquiladora?young women

  • Essay QuestionDescribe at least two reasons why the people of Puerto Rico would like to remain a commonwealth of the United States rather than become a state

  • Essay QuestionWhat is the significance of exchanging flat shoes for high heels in the quinceanera celebration?

  • Bonus QuestionWhich country was the second country in the world to play baseball?Cuba