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Chapter 28: Russian Revolution. K. Shaver and P. Gushue Week 22 1/26-1/29. Bell Ringer 1/26/2009. Please hand in your bell ringers from last week, you should have 3! Effects of the 5 year plans: Look at the graph on page 710 of your text book. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Chapter 28:Russian RevolutionK. Shaver and P. GushueWeek 221/26-1/29

  • Bell Ringer 1/26/2009Please hand in your bell ringers from last week, you should have 3!

    Effects of the 5 year plans:Look at the graph on page 710 of your text book.The five-year plans increased Soviet industrial output. How much more steel was produced in 1938 than in 1928?

  • Now Hear This!Test Chapter 28 Sections 1-3January 29, 2009!

    Review sheet to follow

  • Homework 1/26Read Primary Source Activity distributed in class. Answer questions 1-4

  • From Lenin to StalinClass Discussion: First Leaders of the USSR graphic.

    In groups answer: How did the main goal of Lenin differ from that of Stalin?What did they have in common?

  • CollectivizationCollectives: state-run communal farms.

  • Collectivization: The DreamStalin forced peasants to live on these large farms owned and operated by peasants as a group.All farm animals and implements were turned over to the collective.The State set the pricesThe grain from the collectives was to go to feed workers in the cities.

  • Collectives: The RealityPeasants resistedKilled farm animals, destroyed tools, burned crops.The government responded with force.Stalin wanted to destroy the kulaks (wealthy peasants)He confiscated their land and forced them to work in labor camps.Thousands were killed or died from over-work

  • Collectives: EvidencePage 711: Synthesizing InformationBased on the evidence what were the social and economic impacts of collectivization?What resulted from forcing people to relinquish private property? Why?

  • Bell Ringer 1/27/2009

    Make a list of the freedoms we enjoy in our society.

  • Homework 1/27/2009Read Chapter 28 Section 3Complete note-taking chart based on reading.

  • Life in a Totalitarian StateOne Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich

  • Bell Ringer 1/28/2009Lenin: Of all the arts, for us the cinema is the most important.Why is film so important as a form of propaganda?

  • Reminder!Test tomorrow Chapter 28 Sections 1-3!

  • The Golden Era of Soviet Film