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Chapter 24 Section 3. Revolution and Reform in France. I. Discontent and Revolution. A. The “Citizen King” Louis Philippe- Liberal Bourbon monarch Came to power after the revolt of July 1830 Favored conservative upper middle class - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Chapter 24 Section 3

Chapter 24 Section 3Revolution and Reform in France

I. Discontent and RevolutionA. The Citizen KingLouis Philippe- Liberal Bourbon monarch Came to power after the revolt of July 1830Favored conservative upper middle classMonarchist- wanted a direct descendant of Charles XBonapartists- wanted to revive Napoleons empireRepublicans wanted a republicFood shortages and unemployment heightened tensions

I. Discontent and RevolutionB. Revolution of 18481. Erupted after Louis Philippe decree restricted free speech2. National Guard troops joined in rioting3. Louis Philippe abdicated and left for England4. Started the Second Republica. Allowed all men to voteb. Elected the National Assembly to write a constitutionc. Elected Louis-Napoleon as presidenti. Labor unions permitted to strikeii. All men were allowed to vote

II. Louis-Napoleon and the Second French EmpireLouis- NapoleonNephew of Napoleon- hoped to restore the empireArrests 70 members of National Assembly over issue of extending termsPut issue to a plebisciteb. The Second French EmpireLouis Napoleon given a 10 year term1852- Senate passed a resolution to restore the empire- Louis Napoleon elected Emperor Napoleon IIIAuthoritarian RegimeEncouraged the building of canals, railroads, and other transportation to encourage growth of industries

III. Foreign ConflictsThe Crimean WarRussia claimed authority over certain holy placesFrance, Great Britain, and Ottoman Empire form alliance and declare war on RussiaMost fighting was in Crimea, a peninsula in southern RussiaRussia is defeatedb. Overseas EmpireNapoleon III tried to build a colonial empireFailure in MexicoIV. Foreign Conflictsc. Franco-Prussian WarPrussia was trying to unite all German statesOtto von Bismarck decided a war with France would unite the German statesTerrible for France- Napoleon captured1871 Paris fell to the Prussiansd. France under German DominationTreaty of FrankfurtGave up Alsace and eastern LorraineLarge payments to Germany

V. Third RepublicThe Third times a charm RepublicConstitution of 1875 made France a republicFrance governed by a cabinet, headed by the premierPresident would be elected by the legislature for 7 year termsLegislature was made up of the Senate and Chamber of deputies Many fractions but manages to last for nearly 70 yearsReactionaries, moderates, and radicalsVI. Third RepublicScandalsPanama Canal projectDreyfus affairA Jewish army Captain Alfred Dreyfus was accused and convicted of giving French military secrets to GermanySentenced to life in prison even though evidence showed he was innocentAttempt to discredit the Third Republicb. Reform and Coalition1905 church state were separatedNo political group had complete control they would have to form coalitionsAccomplishments included free public education, medical care for elderly, expansion of business, 12 hr work day, and a minimum age of thirteen for working children

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