Chapter 24 and Chapter 32

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Chapter 24 and Chapter 32


<p>Chapter 24Characters </p> <p>1. Granda steals a car and drives it to the lay to take a rest</p> <p>2. Rory amazed by his Grandas ability to steal a car, and at the same time, frightened of his bad driving skills. Once they stop, Rory is thinking on what to do next.</p> <p>Settings </p> <p>1. The lay this is where Granda and Rory stop after driving to take a rest. Granda manages to sleep for a while here.2. The train station Granda steals a car here by hotwiring it and their journey takes off from here. Moral Values</p> <p>Intelligence and resourcefulness</p> <p> Grandas intelligence is really useful in this occassion. His old days as mechanic brings the much needed skills to hot wire a car, thus ensuring they survive a little longer. Moreover, this is all done without any proper tools. All granda did is tap into his experience and lets his hands do all the talking by successfully hotwiring a car. His intelligence and resourcefulness are there for readers to see. He sees a wire lying down, uses it as key to open a cars door and manages to start the engine.Experience breeds calmness</p> <p> Like old wine, it gets better with age. Age really does matter in this chapter. Being relaxed and calm in a tense situation is a lot to ask from someone. However, Granda manages to keep his head cool and thinks a way to ensure their survival. Rory, however, being so young, is at times erratic. This comparison of age really matters. It is a classic young versus old debate and this time around, its the Granda with his calmness that successfully get them out of the trouble, even if it is temporary.Chapter 32</p> <p>Characters</p> <p>1. Rory runs to find help from a house. Meets with his dad later on.2. The man and the woman they are the people whom Rory seeks help from. They instantly recognize Rory and calls for help. He then brings Rory in his car to the bus shelter.</p> <p>3. Policewoman consults Rory at the bus shelter and asks him to sit down in the car.</p> <p>4. Granda- lies down and falls from the bench. He is taken into the ambulance which arrives later.</p> <p>5. Rorys dad sits in the car with Rory and confesses to him that he is his dad.</p> <p>Settings</p> <p>1. Bus shelter this is where Granda waits for help. The police and ambulance arrive later here to help him.</p> <p>2. Home of the man and old woman this is where Rory runs for help. Rory knocks the door and the man calls for help immediately.</p> <p>Moral values</p> <p>Being kind to all people</p> <p> The old man and the old woman are perfect examples that we should be kind to all people, regardless the situation. Rory is frantic and thankfully, the man is very helpful. To him, Rory is a stranger but he ignores the fact and call for the police and ambulance. He even drives Rory back to the bus shelter. </p>