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<p> 1. +Chapters 21-24 Freak the Mighty 2. + Nomore crazy adventures, or dangerousquests, young man. You have to be careful,she keeps saying. Extra careful. 3. + Freakgets this very cool, scientific look onhis face, and he always says the same thing:The bionic research continues, my friend. The work goes on. 4. + Maybehe wont have to stay home, the FairGwen says, and she and Gram kind of lockeyeballs for a second, that secret code that mothers have. This is just in case, Max. 5. + Thefunny thing is, when at last they do bringout the cake, Freak asks me to flame out the candles while he makes the wish, and then he doesnt even touch his piece, he just sort of pushes it around the plate. 6. + Sotheyre taking really good care of him?Theyre doing their best, Max, she (Gwen ) says. 7. + Thatsfor you, he says, I want you to fill itup with our adventures.</p>