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Chapter 11, Section 4. Changing a Shower Head. Turn off the water. Remove the old showerhead. Clean the showerhead stem of any corrosion or buildup. Wrap Teflon tape around the showerhead stem threads. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Chapter 11, Section 4</p> <p>Chapter 11, Section 4Changing a Shower HeadTurn off the water.Remove the old showerhead.Clean the showerhead stem of any corrosion or buildup.Wrap Teflon tape around the showerhead stem threads.Once the tape has been wrapped around the threads once, begin to stretch the tape while wrapping.Tighten the new showerhead onto the showerhead stem.Turn on the water and make sure the showerhead works properly, the mixer valve works properly, and that water pressure is satisfactory.</p> <p>11.4-12Discuss the steps for repairing a wash basin drain.Turn the water supply to the wash basin off and inspect the wash basin drain for damaged or corroded piping.Place a bucket and a towel under wash basin drain to catch any excess water.Loosen the wash basin drain trap.Allow any water and dirt to drip into the bucket.Loosen and remove all bad piping as well as the bad trap.Ensure that he remaining drain piping is clear form debris.Wipe all piping clean with a towel.Install the new drain trap and rain piping using the manufacturers installation instructions. Make sure the replacement drain is the same quality size, and design as the previous one.Turn the water supply to the wash basin back on and run the water to check the piping for leaks.Clean up the work area, making sure no water or dirt is left under or around the drain.</p> <p>11.4-23Maintenance Tasks Related to the ToiletFix a running toilet.Unclog a toilet.Replace a broke toilet handle.Fix loose toilet seats.</p> <p>11.4-34Section 11.4 QuizBecause of the amount of water typically used in a guest bathroom, the majority of maintenance tasks performed in the guest bathroom involve water or water _____.</p> <p>When changing a showerhead, maintenance workers will wrap _____ tape around the showerhead stem threads.Damageteflon5Section 11.43. What is the first step a maintenance worker should perform when repairing a wash basin drain?Turn the water supply to the wash basin off.Loosen the wash basin drain trap.Wipe all piping clean with a towel.Answer: a6Section 11.4 Quiz4. Which of the following toilet components opens and closes on the valve seat when the toilet is flushed?Lift chainFloat ball assemblyflapperAnswer: c7Section 11.4 Quiz5. When fixing a loose toilet seat, what do maintenance workers place at the top and the bottom of the toilet seat bolts?Channel lock pliersGarden hose washersToilet puttyAnswer: b8</p>