chapter 11 resources and energy section 4 alternative energy sources notes 11-4

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  • Chapter 11Resources and EnergySection 4Alternative Energy SourcesNotes 11-4

  • Solar EnergyFact: Sun puts out enough energy every 15 minutes to meet the needs of the world for one year.How can we capture that energy and put it to good use?Why arent more people using solar energy as a source of energy?

  • Solar EnergyPassive System:Sun enters the dwelling and heats the areaWindows facing the sun all dayRequires no working partsActive System:Uses solar collectorsBox with a glass top, placed on a high surface (roof).Box has tubes that circulate water through the buildingCloudy days must used stored heat to maintain heat in building

  • Passive Solar Energy

  • Active Solar Energy

  • Solar EnergyPhotovoltaic cells:Convert sunlight directly into electricityFound in calculatorsMaking energy for cities is in the experimental stage

  • Geothermal EnergyWater can be used that has been heated by magma Water is heated as it flows through rockHot water or steam is used to create electricityTurning turbines to create electricity in generatorsWater can be pumped into the area that has the hot rocksThrough a well that has been dugHot water or steam can be used as a direct source of heat

  • Geothermal EnergyIceland uses geothermal heat

  • Water and Wind EnergyHydroelectric energy:Energy produced by running water11% of energy in US comes from hydroelectric power plantsWater spins the turbines which spins a shaft that goes to an electric generator

  • Hoover Dam

  • Water and Wind EnergyTides:Dams are built to trap water at high tideWater is released to low tideCreates moving water and works just like itWind:Small wind mills can give enough energy for homesLarge wind mill farms can produce enough for neighboring communitiesWind is not a constant and can not always be depended on

  • Wind Turbines

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