Chapter 1 present continuous + present simple

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Chapter 1Body and mindGrammarStepping Stones 3gtPresent continuous en present simplePresent continuousGebruik je om aan te geven dat iets nu aan de gang is.Je maakt de present continuous met een vorm van to be (am, are, is) gevolgd door werkwoord + ing I am walking to the park right now. Kates having a bath now. They are playing golf at the moment. Present simpleGebruik je om een feit of gewoonte te beschrijven. Let op woorden als often, always en never. She often walks to school. I always jog in the morning. It never snows in September. They play tennis every Friday evening.Now show what you know!(gebruik de present continuous of present simple) He never ______ my calls. (answer) You ______ for work, arent you? (look) ______ they ______ 10 miles every day? (run) At the moment I______ online classes. (take) I ______ a magazine right now. (read) She sometimes ______ problems getting to sleep. (have) At the moment the babies ______ in their rooms. (sleep ) ______ you regularly ______ to the dentist? (go)


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