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CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY4 5Fertilisers Soap and detergents in soap Automobile-Increase crop yields -hygiene purpose -cleaning clothes -fuel -body of cars -Glass (cermin) -cement-Urea and ammonia -Sodium hydroxide in soap -Sulphurric acid in detergent -Kerosene in fuel -Iron in car body -Silicone dioxide -Calcium hydroxide1.1 CHEMISTRY AND ITS IMPORTANCE Chemistry comes from Arabic word al-kimiya . Chemistry is a branch of science that studies the properties of substances (ciri-ciri bhn) and the products that are formed when substances mix and join together (hasil yg terbentuk apb bhn2 bercampur) Uses of common chemicals in daily life. FIELD/ INDUSTRY Medicine CONTRIBUTION -To fight disease and prolong life -Vitamins, antibiotics, antiseptics SUBSTANCES - Iodine in antiseptics 67Buildings and constructions (pembinaan)1.2 THE SCIENTIFIC METHOD- Is a systematic method of approaching problems. - Its so important so that:12Preservatives-Prolong the storage of food- Acetic vinegaracidiny y y yA hypothesis tested Experiment conducted systematically Results obtained are accurate Correct conclusion made1.3 SCIENTIFIC ATTITUDES AND NOBLE VALUES3Cookings-Seasoning food- Monosodium bicarbonate Ajinomotoin-Rising cake- Sodium bicarbonate in baking powder and soft drinks- Enquiring mind (sifat ingin tahu) - Honest in reporting the experiment -Cooperation - Practise safety regulations -Prevent wastage -Clean and tidy - Knowledge of first aid