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  1. 1. Changing the landscape MSc Advanced General Dental Practice: Moodle to Canvas Claude Monet [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  2. 2. Context Campus course since 2001 Distance MSc launched in Feb 2013 Currently 3 cohorts 40 students
  3. 3. Delivery Live Lectures => Online lectures Discussion => Online forums BUT: Residential weeks (practical elements)
  4. 4. Point of interest Ease of Communication Overlap of duties & responsibilities Ease of decision- making & reporting Course team: 1. Course director 2. Academic lead 3. TEL practitioner 4. Course administrator
  5. 5. Feedback The quality of the lectures in terms of presentation, clarity and content is excellent. I do enjoy them! The fact that I can do it any time of the week and day/night is also relevant here. A great aspect of the forum is that our posts with questions/queries are automatically available to everyone from MSc team. The feedback we receive is possibly more comprehensive than if we were limited to one-to-one contact. English is not my first language. However Ive found all lectures easy to understand. I honestly think this course is perfect the way it is, offering students a wide variety of important topics. I have found the course really interesting so far. It made me do many things I would have never done otherwise and discovered new areas that I am interested in.
  6. 6. Moodle vs Canvas 1. Site layout/design 2. Lecture content 3. Assessment 4. Community
  7. 7. Next steps 1. Beta test with all 3 current cohorts (Moodle to run in parallel temporarily) 2. Reiteration based on feedback 3. Potential addition of further masters programmes to online portal? By John T. Daniels [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
  8. 8. Questions?