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<p>Facebook update 5/30/14: Posting from page</p> <p>Facebook update 5/30/14: Sharing options when Posting from page have changedA Hey Bev! Facebook Tutorial</p> <p>Sharing options when posting from your Facebook Page have changed</p> <p>In the past, when you click the share button on a post from your Facebook Page you would see options to share to your profile, a friends profile, a page you manage, a group or in a private message. At the end of May, 2014, this has changed. When you are using Facebook as your page, you will now see this dialog box, where the only option is to share to your page.</p> <p>You Must Now Use your Facebook Page as your Profile to see all Sharing Options</p> <p>At the top of your Facebook Page youll find the option to post, comment and like as your Page, or as your Personal Profile. Pages can not interact with Profiles (people). Facebook used to allow you to see all of your profile sharing options even when using your Page as your Page but now you need to change this setting so you are posting, commenting and liking as yourself your Personal Profile to see all of your sharing options.Posting, commenting and liking as your personal profile allows all sharing options.</p> <p>Once you change the setting to post, comment and like as your profile, youll see the more familiar sharing dialog box. </p> <p>Dont forget to change the setting BACK to post as your Page!Want more tips like this?Visit the Hey Bev!</p>