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2. $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $100 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $200 $300 $300 $300 $300 $300 $400 $400 $400 $400 $400 $500 $500 $500 $500 $500 Landforms Pt. 2 Landforms Pt. 3 LandformsPt. 4 Changes to Earth Changes to Earth pt. 2 Landforms 3. $100A natural land shape or feature 4. What is: a LANDFORM? 5. $200 All the kinds of landforms in a certain area C1-$200 6. What is: TOPOGRAPHY? 7. $300A landform that is much higher than the surrounding land C1-$300 8. What is: A MOUNTAIN? 9. $400Groups of mountains C1-$400 10. What is: a MOUNTAIN RANGE? 11. $500a mountain that usually occurs individually- has the ability to erupt C1-$500 12. What is: a VOLCANO? 13. $100Landforms that are like mountains, but not as high. Most have rounded slopes. C2-$100 14. What is: a HILL? 15. $200A large, flat landform with little relief. C2-$200 16. What is: a PLAIN? 17. $300The difference in elevation between high and low places. C2-$300 18. What is: RELIEF? 19. $400A large, thick sheet of ice that move and change the land around and beneath them.C2-$400 20. What is: a GLACIER? 21. $500How can you tell a moraine from an ordinary hill? C2-$500 22. A moraine contains rocks, sand, and clay.You do not find them together in most hills.? 23. $100Long, low hills formed by materials carried by a glacier.C3-$100 24. What is: a MORAINE? 25. $200A feature formed when a lacier scrapes and scratches the rock beneath it.As the glacier melts, grooves can be seen in the rock.C3-$200 26. What are: GLACIAL GROOVES? 27. $300 A sand hill that is made and shaped by wind.C3-$300 28. What is: a SAND DUNE? 29. $400Long, narrow piles of sand that help protect the mainland from wave erosion. C3-$400 30. What are: SAND SPITS and BARRIER ISLANDS? 31. $500Where are sand spits and barrier islands located? C3-$500 32. What is: along the Atlantic coast and the Gulf of Mexico? 33. $100A tall, flat-topped rock feature. C4-$100 34. What is: a MESA? 35. $200 Deep valleys with steep sides.C3-200 36. What are: CANYONS? 37. $300A cause of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions 38. What is: PLATE MOVEMENT? 39. $400 What makes sand dunes and moraines similar?C3-$400 40. What is: Both are kinds of hills? 41. $500 How can wind change landforms? 42. Wind can weather landforms and carry away tiny pieces of rock. 43. $100How can water cause a rivers banks to change? 44. Water can erode a rivers banks and carry away sediment, making the river wider.Sediment deposited on a rivers banks makes the river narrower. C3-$500 45. $100 The process by which the surface of the Earth gets worn down C4-$100 46. What is: EROSION? 47. $200 transported particles that fall out of the transporting medium and settle on a surface C4-$200 48. What is: DEPOSITION? 49. $300 MoLten rock that reaches earths surfaceC4-$300 50. What is: LAVA? 51. $400 the wearing away of Earths surface by the breakdown and transportation of rock and soilC4-$400 52. What is EROSION? 53. $500 the natural processes that break down and change rock into soil, sand, and other materials; differs from erosion in that no transportation of those materials takes placeC4-$500 54. What is WEATHERING? 55. $100 An area of new land at the mouth of a river C4-$100 56. What is: a DELTA? 57. $200 The curst, mantle, inner core, outer core C4-$200 58. What are: the four layers of the earth? 59. $300 Blocks of crust and upper mantle rock that fit together like puzzle pieces. C4-$300 60. What are: PLATES 61. $400 The movement of the ground caused by a sudden release of energy in Earths crust. C4-$400 62. What is: an EARTHQUAKE? 63. $500 Melted, molten rockC4-$500 64. What is MAGMA?