challenges faced by schools, teachers and ways of handling such problems

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H 1 The Challenges faced by schools, teachers and ways of handling such problems h1 Introduction

Both the schools and the teachers face a lot of challenges in ensuring that the students fulfill their educational potential. Today the provision of quality education is hampered by both educational and non educational challenges which have made it difficult for the provision of quality education.H2 The Challenges and their solutionsh2 The problem that most schools face today is absenteeism of students from class by the students. Students stay away from school without providing genuine reasons for doing so. This behavior is negative and affects the performance of the students. Absenteeism is caused by several factors but the main reason why student miss school is due to lack of interest on their part. The lack of interest could be as a result of content being taught being difficult for them to learn. This makes them want to stay away from school. In order to effectively address the issue of absenteeism in school, the teachers should communicate high expectations of attendance with the students and monitor students attendances. The school should also provide support and intervention to those who skip classes by identifying the reasons for their poor attendance, promoting the benefits of attending classes and developing realistic plans for improving the attendance in school.Motivating students is another key challenge the school and the teachers face. Most students are not motivated to learn and only attend school because they have to and not because they want to get knowledge. This lack of interest is dangerous to the educational life of a student and teachers should find a way of encouraging the students to be motivated. By adopting strategies such as technology in school for example computers, most students will be eager to learn. Adoption of games into the curriculum also helps a lot since students learn a lot through games they play with each other. Providing rewards to the best performing students will also motivate the students to want to be the best and a result increases their educational performance.The use of different teaching methods by the teachers in school has resulted in students struggling to accommodate the various methods while learning. Some students might not be good in handling group projects and thus end up struggling. Teachers are faced with the challenge of trying to use a method of teaching that accommodates all the students in the class. A standardized method of teaching should be used to teach in school which takes into account the different capabilities of the students in class. Students should therefore not only be evaluated in education but also in other areas of a students life such as his skills and talents. Adopting a teaching method that would ensure all the different teaching methods end up educating the students effectively without any student being left out.The use of the same rubric evaluating the students is also a matter of concern. This is because the different ways in which the teachers teach may not be accommodated in the rubric which is used to evaluate the students. The school administration should therefore ensure that well developed rubrics are put in place to evaluate the students. This will enable the school to have a factual account of the level of learning in the school. The schools should therefore take into consideration the different talents of the students and not with rigid rubrics that do not accommodate all aspects of education.Monitoring the progress of the students in the school is a key challenge in the education system. Teachers administer exams and grades to students based on rigid questions and it is thus not easy for the school to monitor the progress of the students. It is not possible to know whether a student is acquiring the right kind of knowledge that best suits his progress. Schools and teachers should come up with innovative ways of monitoring the progress of the students such as having academic clinics where the students, teachers and parents come and discuss the progress of the student in school and identify the various areas that the students need to work on.The increase in dropout rates among the students is at an alarming rate. Schools are faced with the challenge of ensuring that the students complete their education. Among the reasons that make students drop out of school include family issues, school experiences that are unpleasant, underperformance and poor socio economic status. Keeping students in school has therefore been a major challenge which the school and teachers need to address by encouraging the students to complete their education. Schools should remind students of their set goals and motivate them to pursue their education in order to achieve their set goals.In this digital age, the implementation of use of computers and the use of mobile phones in school has had a profound impact on education. This has however come with some challenges which have been a source of nightmare for both the teachers and the schools. The school is faced with challenges such as exposing the students to obscene materials in the internet and the distraction caused by mobile phones in schools. In order for schools and teachers to effectively provide quality educational services, they must adopt strict measures in the use of multimedia. Appropriate punishment should be placed on those found to have broken this rules in order to deter others from doing the same.H3 Conclusion h3 The education system faces a lot of challenges both from the internal and external environment of the school. Through cooperation of the students with the teachers, learning in schools would improve in quality. The goal of education is to instill knowledge but schools should go further and not only offer knowledge but also mould the students into responsible people who are capable of achieving their potential. The teachers and schools therefore have a huge role to play in the future lives of the students and their success in providing knowledge will result to the students success in their future lives.