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  • 1. Challenge AssumptionsTeam Intrigued Wendy Livingston

2. Problem Having to leave a dog alone for 10 hours eachday. 3. Problem Defined Family dog Mom works Kids go to school Not responsibility of au pair Left alone in the house Without companionship Without bathroom facilities Can leave water and food 4. Ideas Give dog to another family that will let us see him Give dog to anyone Dog is old so put to sleep Do nothing and then clean up the mess Withhold food until evening Keep dog outside on a tether Fence in backyard and keep dog outside Put dog in astronaut suit Put dog in diapers Doggie sleeping pills so sleep all day Gate first level of house Keep in crate in house Keep in crate in garage Keep in garage Get professional dog walker 5. Ideas, Part II Have kids come right home after school every day to let dog out Pay au pair to walk dog twice a day Doggie daycare. Quit job and stay home. Invisible fence around house and keep dog outside. Take dog to work with me. Keep dog in car while Im at work. Take dog to school with kids switch off days. Keep dog tethered outside of school. Put in huge doggy door with tether. Put in huge doggy door with fenced in backyard. Ask neighbor who is home all day to walk dog. Ask babysitter who is in junior high to walk after school. Build Lego house for him to stay in. Confine to Barbie house so dog can babysit Barbies during the day. 6. Ideas, Part III Fill kiddy pool with water so hell want to stay in the in the yard all day. Get inflatable bounce castle and keep him in there during the day. Get him a girl dog for company. Leave the television on so he can watch to pass the time. Freeze metal dog bowl with plastic chew toys so he licks the bones until he gets to the toys could take all day! Build a doggy robot to take care of dog. Have dog get job during the day police or fire dog. Spirits of dead relatives who reside in house can watch and let dog out during the day. GetAladdins magic carpet for dog to fly on during the day. Invent doggy catheter, like they use in the military. Send to live with grandparents in Florida during the week. Rent out first floor to local community group who have to let out dog as payment. Rent the 7 Dwarves from Disney to dog sit. Turn him into a vampire dog so he will sleep all day and be up all night. Set off house alarm every few hours so police come to let dog out. 7. Ideas, Part IV Move to place where weather is always perfect and dog can remain outside. Schedule daily unsupervised doggy play dates with other dogs in neighborhood. Build dog size hamster wheel. Get Rosie the Robot fromThe Jetsons to take care of dog. Open in home business and force employees to take care of dog. Get a vibrating massage bed that he wont want to move off of. Leave pans of paint around for him to step in and he can decorate the house. He can spend day as taste tester for Dunkin Donuts across the street. With over 10 veterinarians in a 2 mile radius, can spend his days as doggy model. Work as door-to-door sales dog for over 10 veterinarians. Meet neighborhood bitches and become stud dog. Teach him to use the toilet. Use hypnosis to train dog to not go to the bathroom. Strategically place Garden Gnomes to magically take care of dog and his needs. Do nothing and dont clean up the mess. 8. And the winning idea is 9. How could we not keep him in the family?? 10. And make sure he is safe and happy?? 11. And this is NOT the best idea 12. But this is Provide the dog with shelter from inclementweather Allow him to have space to run around Give him an area for his own bathroom (Can include a gnome or two for company ) 13. Ta Da Fence in the backyard and keep the dogoutside! The area includes a cement patio beneath thedeck which gives him shelter from snow, rainand heat!