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<p>Sample Resume for an Experienced IT Project Manager</p> <p>Chahinda Aly Moustafa Abbas MonibCairo, Egypt +201224328090</p> <p>Executive ProfileA results-driven marketing professional with 5+ years of impressive track record in driving excellence in campaign measurement performance and marketing planning processes. Hands-on experience in architecting campaigns and delivering a wealth of quantitative information that can be used for ongoing optimization. Seeking a position to utilize twin benefits of acquired expertise and industry know how to catalyze organizational excellence.Skills Summary</p> <p>MarketingCampaign Measurement Performance Customer Journey Mapping</p> <p>Strategy DevelopmentMarketing OptimizationMarket IntelligenceAnalytical Skills:</p> <p>Return On Marketing Investment- ROMI</p> <p>Data Analysis and Insights</p> <p>Soft and Technical Skills:</p> <p>Leadership, Communication &amp; Interpersonal Skills, Analytical Skills, Meeting Deadlines, Training, Time managementReporting tools &amp; MS ApplicationsOffice 365 Specialist</p> <p> Career ProgressionPartner Channel Development Manager Cloud Solutions August 26th- Present</p> <p>Microsoft Accomplishments:</p> <p> Engage with Microsoft Partners to Move from On-premise solutions to the Cloud. Facilitate business and procedures between Distributors and partners</p> <p>Key Responsibilities: Develop strong, deep, relationships with Microsoft partners.</p> <p> Educate Partner on Cloud solutions (Office 365) and enhance his knowledge about Office 365 specifically.</p> <p> Provide Partner with Materials, documentations, and presentations.</p> <p> Acting as Partner account manager</p> <p> Provide demonstrations to Partner (Hands-On) on how to use the Office 365.</p> <p> Educate Partner on Microsoft Partner Network benefits.</p> <p> Help Partner build his marketing Plan and offerings(Build Offer - Market Offer - Sell Offer)</p> <p> Define Partners Reach/Target audience.</p> <p> Educate Partners on Modern Biz campaigns</p> <p> Discuss Partners/Customers concerns about the product. Provide a monthly full analysis of Partners Performance, Senior Campaign Measurement Performance for Microsoft France- ROMI team November 2012 July 2015Wunderman - Microsoft France AccountAccomplishments:</p> <p> Implement Tracking strategies/execution, for Campaigns measurement performance Served as key member of ROMI team, delivered best in class actionable insight &amp; reporting. Key Responsibilities:</p> <p> Mapping the customer journey to ensure that each touch point is elevated to facilitate deep engagement and optimize customer lifecycle.</p> <p> Defining and implementing measurement/tracking strategies that aligns with marketing and business objectives; analyzing dashboards and delivering performance reports with actionable insights to optimize communication plan.</p> <p> Commanding end-to-end campaign set-ups on Execution Planning tool (tracking tool): creating tracking Urls/Code, according to customer journey. Tracking Return on Marketing Investment (ROI) and provide a centralized data to help to make and track marketing and sales decisions. HTML testing Providing insights, data analysis on each campaign element/segment, and highlight impacts of most important and significant drivers/engines and develop recommendations for optimization.</p> <p> Developing and enhancing sales and marketing insights and analytics. Conducting Sales stages analysis and delivering standard reporting to show leads/opportunities status in MSX tools Microsoft Selling Experience.</p> <p> Developing monthly updates on campaign performance per segment, articulating and presenting those insights in simple-to-understand ways that drive improvements in sales and marketing effectiveness. Training client on how to use/read marketing insights reports, which answer the questions fundamental to clients business and drive their business goals and objectives. Defining business processes to send out newsletter to France.Marketing Coordinator MEA - Alliance and Channel December 2010-April 2012Oracle MEA </p> <p>Key Responsibilities:</p> <p> Responsible for the management and coordination of all event including venue booking, drafting/ sending out invitations to invitees, making follow-up calls to increase number of attendees. Develop and maintain partners database. Coordinated flow of information and communication and circulate it according to plan/strategy. Contacted 3rd party payers to discuss and resolve payment issues and questions. Worked closely with team members to maintain and monitor the integrity of the billing and collection process. Prepared feedback forms, updated feedback results and reported success metrics to management. Calculated the unique Partner and attendees to quantifying the benefits.Previous Professional Experience:July 2010: Trainee, Barclays BankJune -July 2009: Trainee, Suez Canal BankNovember 2009: Team Work / Presentation, Analyzing Human resources department in BNP Parisbas presentationEducation &amp; Credentials</p> <p>Poitiers University in France/Ain Shams University in Egypt July 2012Master degree in Marketing and StrategiesPoitiers University in France/Ain Shams University in Egypt July 2010Faculty of commerce, French Section Ain shams University, Dpartement de Gestion Et de Commerce international </p> <p>Major: Marketing, M1 in Sciences de Gestions from Poitiers University </p> <p>Sacr-Cur Heliopolis, Sanaweya Amma, at 94.5%, sciences Section 2005-2006Other Trainings and Certifications:</p> <p> 2008: License of Management science License en Sciences de gestion from Poitiers University</p> <p> 2005: D.E.L.F Diplme dducation de langue FranaisePersonal information Nationality: Egypt Date of Birth: 28th of July, 1988 Marital Status: Single Language: Fluent in French, , English and Arabic </p> <p>3</p>