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    Barton WillmoreTower 12, 18/22 Bridge Street | Spinningfields | Manchester | M3 3BZ T: 0161 817 4900

    Document reference: 22564Desk Top Publishing and Graphic Design by Barton WillmoreThis artwork was printed on paper using fibre sourced from sustainable plantation wood from suppliers who practice sustainable management of forests in line with strict international standards. Pulp used in its manufacture is also Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF).

    CopyrightThe contents of this document must not be copied or reproduced in whole of in part without the written consent of Barton Willmore LLP.

    All plans are reproduced from the Ordnance Survey Map with the permission of the Controller of HMSO. Crown copyright Reserved. Licence No. AR152684.

    Document Status: Final

    Author: SW

    Checked by: ST/VR

    Authorised by: ST/VR

    Issue Date: August 2015

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    1. Scope and Purpose

    2. Site Description

    3. Site Context

    4. Site Analysis

    5. Evaluation Local Residential Character

    6. Employment Precedent Study


    7. Application Proposal

    8. Design Development

    9. Indicative Development Platforms

    10. Amount and Scale

    11. Landscape Strategy

    12. Access

    13. Layout

    14 Residential Appearance

    15. Employment Appearance

    16. Community Safety

    17. Sustainability Statement


    18. Public Consultation


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    VISIONOur vision for the site at Chaddock Lane is the delivery of a mixed use development comprising employment and residential development, as well as, a new community building.

    We see a development where locally reflective residential development and future employment development can happily co-exist.

    The implementation of a multi-functional and connected landscape framework will provide an attractive setting and protect residential development from any noise and visual impacts resulting from the employment development.

    The design principles and parameters established within this Statement will act as a framework to inform future reserved matters applications.

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    1.1 This Design and Access Statement (DAS) has been prepared on behalf of Peel Investments (North) Ltd (Peel) in support of an outline planning application for:

    Residential development (Use Class C3);

    Business (Use Class B1), General Industry (Use Class B2) and Storage and Distribution (Use Class B8);

    A community building (Use Class D1 (Non-residential Institutions); and

    Associated infrastructure and public open space.

    1.2 This document has the following purpose:

    To provide a concise description of the key issues and the evaluation that informed the masterplanning process;

    To provide comprehensive information on the proposed development in terms of composition, urban form, access and circulation, open space and landscape; and

    To set out design standards that will establish the following:

    - a framework for the proposed development which promotes a high quality design;

    - clear standards and criteria, that should be used to evaluate and assess applications supporting the development control process, and ensuring high quality and co-ordinated design; and

    - a clear brief for designers and others involved in the development process which will help secure high design standards for individual buildings.

    1.3 The proposed development has been subject to pre-application consultation with Officers at Wigan Council, key stakeholders, and the local community. This extensive process, together with a detailed analysis of constraints and opportunities has informed the submitted proposals presented within this DAS.

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    2.1 The Site is part of the settlement of Astley within the Borough of Wigan, located in the eastern part of the Borough and to the north of the East Lancashire Road (A580).

    2.2 It comprises approximately 18.65 ha of land which is enclosed to the south, east and west by the existing urban area. The northern boundary of the Site is demarcated by Garrett Lane which extends east to west. On the northern side of Garrett Lane, Peel has outline planning permission for residential development of up to 600 dwellings.

    2.3 The Site currently has planning permission (ref: A/06/67659) but remains largely undeveloped except for a recently constructed access road (ref A/09/73189) and the Applewood Restaurant and Public House.

    2.4 The Site has been used for rough grazing and contains a small number of hedgerows, small trees and field boundaries.

    2.5 The Site gradually falls south from Garrett Lane (c.43m AOD) to Chaddock Lane (34m AOD) which represents a gradient of 1:40.


    2.6 The predominant land use to the east and partly to the west is residential. As documented, land to the north of the Site has outline planning permission for up to 600 new homes.

    2.7 At the northern boundary of the Garrett Hall site, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is constructing the Leigh-Salford-Manchester Guided Busway. It forms part of a 7km stretch of Busway which will be guided from Leigh in the west to Ellenbrook in the east. It will then link to the East Lancashire Road and is predicted to reduce journey times from Leigh to central Manchester to less than 45 minutes.

    2.8 To the south and west of the Site is existing industrial land, containing a number of differing employment generating buildings including a Morrisons warehouse and distribution facility; a timber yard and Astley Park Estate.

    2.9 To the north west of the Site is Garrett Hall Primary School buildings and playing fields. Adjacent to the south west part of the Site is the Applewood Public House and Restaurant which formed part of the original site for employment development secured by Peel.

    2.10 To the east, is existing residential development; typically inter-war semi-detached and terraced properties. To the north east of which and on the opposite side of Mosley Common Road, there is a modern housing estate (served from St Johns Road) and a modern industrial estate, including various warehouse and distribution units.


    2.11 An outline planning application was submitted in October 2006 for an employment park for B1, B2 and B8 uses (31,500 sq m) which was approved in September 2007 (application reference A/06/67659).

    2.12 Following this, a planning application was submitted seeking to vary Condition 2 relating to the approved Masterplan (application reference A/08/72144) which was approved in April 2009.

    2.13 In October 2009, planning permission was granted for a restaurant and public house (Use Class A3) at land off Chaddock Lane (the Applewood) which is outside but adjacent to the Site.

    2.14 A Reserved Matters application was approved in February 2010 in relation to the new access road (application reference A/09/73189).

    2.15 A planning application was approved in December 2012 for an extension of the time limit for the implementation of planning permission A/08/72144 (application reference A/12/76732). This permission expires in December 2015.

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    Site Boundary

    Garrett Hall Development Site (outline planning permission for residential development of up to 600 dwellings)

    Existing Access Road

    Existing Public House

    Garrett Hall Primary School

    Holy Family RC Primary School

    Garrett Hall

    Garrett Lane


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    3.1 To ensure the physical, social and economic integration of development proposals, the areas immediately adjacent to the Site, together with the wider surroundings, have been the subject of an appraisal.


    3.2 Figure 2 shows the Site location in relation to the surrounding context, including, land uses, local facilities and public transport infrastructure.

    3.3 The nearest local centre is within 800m of the Site, off Mossley Common Road at the junction with Thornton Road. This provides local residents with a range of local services and amenities, including a Spar convenience store, takeaways, a hairdressers and a car wash facility.

    3.4 Astley Centre is located approximately 1.2km south west from the centre of the Site, providing additional facilities, including the nearest doctors practices and dental practices to the Site.

    3.5 A greater range of services and facilities can be found at Tyldesley Town Centre, approximately 2.5km from the centre of the Site. This provides local residents with access to retail, professional services, health services, restaurants and cafes, and number of small scale business premises. Alongside the smaller units, the Town Centre contains a large food store (Morrisons).

    3.6 There are a number of primary schools in close proximity to the Site, including Garrett Hall Primary school to the north west of the Site boundary and Holy Family RC Primary School to the south east of the Site boundary.

    3.7 There are four secondary schools within 5km of the Site. St Marys and Atherton Community School caters for students between 11 and 18 years. Bedford High School and Fred Longworth