ch 6 rocks

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Ch 6 Rocks. Rock that forms when magma cools and hardens. Answer. Igneous Rock. Home. Igneous rock that is rich in feldspars and silica and generally light in color. Answer. Felsic Rock. Home. Zones of weakness in an ingneous rock structure. Answer. Joints. Home. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Igneous Rock Sedimentary Rock Metamorphic Rock Terms Grab Bag 100100100100100200200200200200300300300300300400400400400400500500500500500

  • Rock that forms when magma cools and hardensAnswer

  • Igneous Rock Home

  • Igneous rock that is rich in feldspars and silica and generally light in color Answer

  • Felsic Rock


  • What can change the angularity of sediment? Answer

  • How far the rock has been carried, the agent that carried it Home

  • The pattern that illustrates the order in which minerals crystallize from cooling magmaAnswer

  • Bowens reaction seriesHome

  • Igneous rock that is rich in Mg and Fe is generally dark in colorAnswer

  • Mafic Home

  • Sedimentary rock that is made up of rock fragments that become compacted or cemented together Answer

  • HomeClastic Rock

  • Layers and bed of sedimentary rock are examples of ________Answer

  • Stratification Home

  • The crystallization and removal of different minerals from cooling magmaAnswer

  • Fractional Crystallization Home

  • Lumps that have compositions different from the main body of rock


  • Concretions Home

  • Forms when minerals precipitate from a solution or settle from a suspension Answer

  • Home .

    Chemical sedimentary Rock

  • Rocks that forms when existing rock is altered by forces of heat, pressure or chemical processes Answer

  • Metamorphic Home

  • Changes in temperature and pressure over a large area Answer

  • Regional metamorphism Home

  • This texture results when extreme pressure causes minerals in Metamorphic rock to realign, or when minerals separate out into dark and light bands Answer

  • Foliated Home

  • What does the strength of a rock depend upon?Answer

  • The type of minerals that make up the rock Home

  • How do most sedimentary rocks form?Answer

  • Compaction and Cementation Home

  • AnswerRocks from magma that cools deep inside Earths crust

  • Intrusive igneous Home

  • Rock formed from the cooling and solidification of lava at Earths surface


  • Extrusive Igneous Rock Home

  • Formations that spread over 100 km squared Answer

  • Batholiths Home

  • Process in which minerals precipitate into pore spaces between sediment grains and bind sediments together Answer

  • HomeCementation

  • AnswerRocks change from one type to another as a result of geologic forces and processes that are part of the ______

  • The Rock Cycle Home

  • A type of rock with vesicular texture has what in it?Answer

  • Air bubbles from dissolved gases Home

  • Texture with a mixture of large and small crystals Answer

  • Porphyritic Home

  • Forms from the remains of plants and animals Answer

  • Organic Sedimentary Home

  • Granite has large, well-developed crystals giving it what kind of texture? Answer

  • Coarse-grained texture Home

  • When magma forms by partial melting, which of the following mineral pairs melt first? Answer

  • Quartz/ feldspar