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CH 32: Section 2 –Text pp. 852 -54. . 1. Who? Who was Mao Zedong? Who was Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-shek) ?. Leader of the Communists. Leader of the Nationalists. Mao Zedong. 2. When? When did the civil war in China resume? When would the civil war end?. Jiang Jieshi. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Aim: Do Now: Whats the Message Here?

CH 32: Section 2 Text pp. 852 -54. 1. Who? Who was Mao Zedong?

Who was Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-shek)?

Leader of the Communists.Leader of the Nationalists.

Mao ZedongJiang Jieshi2. When? When did the civil war in China resume?

When would the civil war end?

At end of World War II in 1945.1949.3. When? What advantages did Nationalist forces have?

What advantages did Communist forces have?

A large national army that had U.S. aid.An army skilled in guerilla warfare that had the popular support.See China Under Mao Zedong in Textbook, p. 852Japans Invasion Suspends the Civil War1931: invade Manchuria1937: all-out invasion of China

What is the effect of Japans invasion on the Civil War? [We will look at this in greater details tomorrow]. Civil War stops when Nationalists and Communists join forces against JapanCivil War in ChinaMaos ReformsMaos Version of Communism?Lenin got support from the workers in the citiesMao support of the rural peasants in ChinaPeasants Align Themselves with CommunistsJiangs government: promises democracybut very corruptDoes not improve life of peasantsTurns out to be a dictatorPeasants turn to Communist PartyCivil War in ChinaU.S. supports Nationalists -- $2 billion in aid; army outnumbers Communists 3:1Communists, however public support & guerilla tacticsWhat are Guerilla Tactics?Retreat when enemy advancesHarass when enemy encampsAttack when enemy hesitatesPursue when enemy retreatsIn 1949, Mao Zedong and his Communists had gained control of the country. He proclaimed it to be the new Peoples Republic of China. Jiang and other Nationalist leaders retreated to the island of Taiwan and proclaimed themselves to be Nationalist China.

CH 32: Section 2 Text pp. 852 -54. 4. Where? Where is Nationalist China located?

Where is the Peoples Republic of China located?

On the island of Taiwan.On mainland China.5. How? How did the superpowers react to the existence of two Chinas?

The U.S. helped Nationalists set up a democratic government and enlarged Americas sphere of influence in Asia. The Soviets provided Communist China financial, military, and technical aid.T. Many in the United States viewed the Communist takeover of China as proof of a Communist campaign to conquer the world.

Such Americans also believed this further justified the official U. S. policy of containment.

CH 32: Section 2 Text pp. 852-54. 5. How? How did the superpowers react to the existence of two Chinas?

How did Mao transform the economy of China?

- The U.S. helped Nationalists set up a democratic government and enlarged Americas sphere of influence in Asia. The Soviets provided Communist China with financial, military, and technical aid.

Mao transformed Chinas economy by giving land to peasants, and then copied Stalins policies in the USSR - forming collective farms and nationalizing all the industries.The Communists claimed to have a new Mandate from Heaven and aimed to restore China to a powerful nation of 550 million people. CH 32: Section 2 Text pp. 852 -54. 6. Why? Why did Maos Great Leap Forward program fail?

Why did Mao launch the Cultural Revolution?

Poor planning, inefficient industries, lack of work incentive,crop failures and famine.Hoping to revive the Marxist revolution he had begun.

B. To extend the economic success of the five-year plan to agriculture as well, Marx created large communes where the Chinese peasants lived in strictly controlled communities.

In response to Maos call to revive the Marxist revolution (which dreamed of a society where peasants and workers were equal and intellectuals were considered dangerous) Chinese students formed militia units called Red Guards who targeted and reported on citizens they considered dangerous to the Communist ideology.Reasons for the Communists SuccessMao won support of peasantsMao won support of womenMaos army used guerilla war tacticsMany saw Nationalist government as corruptMany felt that the Nationalists allowed foreigners to dominate China

October 1949: Nationalists flee to Taiwan

Barebones Civil WarHow did this radical China become an ally of the United States?Under Deng Xiaoping, China began opening up its door again in the 1970s (in terms of economic trade & travel)Modernizing China agriculture, industry, defense, and science / technologyEliminate many of Maos reforms (communes, etc.)China is still CommunistU.S. doesnt approve of Communist regime in Chinabut open to them economically [benefit from Chinas cheap stuff as a result, the U.S. rarely produces much]. 2000: U.S. voted to normalize trade with Chinabest way to prompt change is through greater engagementTodayGoogle issues in China [China greatly limits the civil liberties of its citizens monitors/spies on them, especially while on the Internet. How did this radical China become an ally of the United States?China TodayEconomy forecasted to be bigger than U.S. economy by 2016 wow, think about that for a moment. China still has planned economy [that means the govt controls the economy for the most part]but keeps opening up to further western influenceHuman rights discussion in China One-Child Policy: (If you have time watch on Netflix) National Geographic: China's Lost GirlsIntroduced in 1978, implemented 1979Today, China has the largest populous in the world (well over 1.4 BILLION people wow!!!) see: population is 2nd by that of India: well over 1.2 BILLION people . In all seriousness, as per various data, Asia has the largest population in the world, by far.

US population stands at a little over 318 million people Family permitted to have one childPolicy has developed Fines for extra children, plus have to pay for education and health careMultiple births ARE allowedImplications:Male: Female = 117:100 (vs. average of 103:100)Growth of Infanticide, forced abortions, abandoning children, rape, sex trafficking, homosexuality, etcNot implemented the same throughout China some districts = more strict than othersMarch 2011 reconsidered, discuss possibility of 2 child policy?Moving forward, students are asked to write down their thoughts on paper in connection to the listed video: As an American citizen/resident, what was going through your mind as you viewed the listed video? In terms of outsourcing (and well beyond), if at all, how might the information in the ABC World News (with Diane Sawyer) video impact your future as a consumer and producer/worker?========================If you desire further information, students are asked to check out ABC World News Made in America its a great series focused on the state of the American economy [its consumers and workers] as it competes with the rest of the world. You can locate the videos at: or on Youtube. They are very educational and would definitely recommend them to you, the future prospects of our nation. Based on HW #53, students are asked to write down what they know about Taiwan.What role does Taiwan play in terms of the worlds economy & politics/policies?

Taiwan is a small Island off the eastern cost of Asia in the western PacificThe capital Taipei, is located on the northern end of the island

21Taiwan is located off the coast of China. Separated by the Taiwan Strait.22Economic ReconstructionConsumer Goods Industry Rapid Growth of Light IndustryCapital & Technology Intensive IndustriesHigh-Tech IndustriesIndustrial Restructuring

1960s1970s1980s1990s1950s1940sIndustrial Development of TaiwanPast, Now and Future

A very small country (approx. size of Maryland) but a giant in termsof technological innovations & economy. As highly skilled/educated people, they will competewith you for future jobs.

Knowledge Industries2000s2010s221980ITITThroughout the postwar WW II era, how many Chinas were there? 1? 2? 3? How many? Mainland China The Republic of China (the one most people know of). Hong Kong held by the British after the Opium Wars, until 1997. Taiwan (Taipei capital) thinks of itself as an independent country (noticed I placed in quotation marks for this is a VERY controversial topic till this very day) reference the Do Now/cartoon.

Free Tibet!!! (Good morning, Kunchok lol). All must know about the following:

The Great Leap ForwardRed GuardsDeng XiaopingMao Zedong Tiananmen Square Massacre The Four ModernizationsThe Cultural RevolutionThe causes and impacts of Communism in China

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