ch. 21 - electricity i. electric charge  atoms and charge  conductors  insulators ...

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  • Ch. 21 - ElectricityI. Electric ChargeAtoms and ChargeConductorsInsulatorsStatic ElectricityElectric Discharge

  • A. Atoms and ChargeAtomsAll matter is made of small particles called atomsProtonElectron

    Neutron -+ + -

  • A. Atoms and ChargeElectric Forceforce between charged objectsElectric Fieldthe region around the charged particle that can exert a force on another charged particleLaw of Electric Chargeopposite charges attractlike charges repel

  • A. Atoms and ChargeFrictionRubbing two objects together can cause electrons to be transferred from one object to the otherConductionElectrons are transferred from one object to another by direct contactInductionCharges in an uncharged object are rearranged without direct contact with a charged object

  • B. ConductorsConductormaterial that allows electrons to move through it easilyelectrons are loosely held ex: metals like copper and silver

  • C. InsulatorsInsulatormaterial that doesnt allow electrons to move through it easilyelectrons are tightly heldex: plastic, wood, rubber, glass

  • D. Static ElectricityStatic Electricitythe net accumulation of electric charges on an object

  • E. Electric DischargeThe loss of static electricity as charges move off an object



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