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  • Project Booklet

  • Description


    Working with universities in Turkey, the project is a mix of Women Rights with Career Development. With a cooperation with AIESEC, international interns with different background and from different countries will work for preparing university students to their future career plans and to create social awareness about equal gender chances in the job market in Turkey.

    According to researches, in Turkey, the unemployment rate for young people (15-24 years old) is 19%, and most of them are women. Only 33% of the employees in Turkey are women, and 67% are men. The rate of women in the Turkish Parliament is 14,4% and men is 85,6%, and the rate of Senior Women Managers is 9,3% and 90,7% of all Senior Managers in the country are men. According to the New Civil Code (2002) in Turkey, women, in theory, have the samerights as men, but in practice there is still a huge discrimination that makes the women and men unequal in the job market

    Theme Women Rights and Career Development

    Target Audience Universities and University Students 1

  • Benefits for stakeholders

    Getting ready for the job market;

    Having clear next steps for after university;

    Receiving knowledge about Human Rights in an international perspective;

    International InternsCoaching skills;

    Marketing skills;

    Human Rights knowledge in an international perspective;

    Causing a positive impact on the Turkish society;

    Working in an international environment;

    University Students


    RA: September to October/ March to April

    MA: October to December / April to June

    RE: December to January / June to August

    OCP Selection: September to October/ March to April

    OC Selection: September to October/ March to April




  • ResourcesFood



    Structure to work

    Structure for Orientation Week

    Airport pick-up

    First day of work transportation





    AIESEC or University



    AIESEC member and interns

    AIESEC member and interns

    University or AIESEC


    Total costs


    Company (if possible)

    Company or University (if possible)

    Sponsors Responsible

    1 TMP

    2 TMP

    3 TMP

    1 OCP + 3 Ocs

    1 OCP + 4 Ocs

    1 OCP + 5 OCs

    5 to 10

    10 to 20

    15 to 30

    20 to 40

    30 to 50

    40 to 60

    # Members / Ocs Responsible


  • Project Timeline


    weekOrientation Week:

    Getting to know each other, cultural day, presentations, dynamics

    AIESEC, clarity of why, NPS, leadership survey

    Getting to know the University, Getting to know the situation of Women Rights in Turkey

    Coaching workshop and Marketing workshop

    Operational planning (activities, responsibilities, timeline, and goals), create an interview guideline

    Weekend: Social activities (Getting to know the city and socializing)

    Preparing workshops

    Giving workshops to university students (company/government/third sector and entrepreneurial opportunities, what are they looking for? How can we get ready for that?

    Coaching university students (Defining the students' career plans, goals setting)

    Researching, arranging and interviewing successful business women in Turkey

    Researching about other successful women (In Turkey and in other countries)

    Coming up with an operational plan for promoting the event


    3rdweek Preparing workshopsGiving workshop (enneagram, personalities, SWOT analysis of each participant)Coaching university students (defining character traits, strength and weaknesses of the person)

    Finishing Interviews and writing articles

    Planning the event

    Promoting the event (start it) 4

  • 4thweek Preparing workshopsGiving workshops (Know-how about job interviewing, application training)Coaching university students (Defining their career path, creating clear next steps)

    Promoting the event

    Finishing event planning

    5thweek Preparing workshops Giving workshops (soft skills: stop procrastination, How to track yourself, stay focused)Coaching university students (Tracking of the improvement, follow up)

    6thweekEvent Realization

    Creating a report for AIESEC and University telling about the workshops, coaches,

    event organization, and also achievements and difficulties

    Job Description for Intern


    Attending the preparation week and fill out AIESEC survey

    Preparing and delivering workshops to university students (twice a week)

    Coaching university students in terms of career planning

    Preparing interview guideline for interviews with successful business women in Turkey

    Interviewing successful business women and write articles about it

    Creating a booklet based on the researches and the articles

    Planning, promoting and executing an event about woman rights in Turkey in cooperation with other interns

  • General ones:

    oKPI: NPScore (MA, RE), NPS response rate, RA, MA, # of women who are interviewed

    oMoS: # RE, NPScore completed

    Project indicators:

    oKPI: # workshops delivered, # number of university students coached,

    # university students attending to the workshops, # successful women interviewed

    oMoS: # of people attending the event # of clicks on online booklet, results of the survey

    for students (how much did they liked the workshop, how much did they improve)

    MoS & KPI:

    MC AIESEC in Turkey 2014-2015

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