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  • 1. Presented by:- Mr.Thadchanamoorthy Sekaran

2. Contents

  • Introduction
  • Objectives
  • Preparation of pesticide
  • Determination of recommended amount
  • Determination of pre harvest interval
  • Results & discussion
  • Conclusion

3. Introduction

  • Botanical pesticides
  • The term botanical pesticide is used for microbial biological pest control agents that are applied in a similar manner to chemical pesticides .
  • Bio pesticides, key components of integrated pest management (IPM) programs, are receiving much practical attention as a means to reduce the load of synthetic chemical products being used to control plant diseases.


  • Advantages of botanical pesticides
  • Do not leave harmful residues
  • substantially reduced impact on non-target species
  • when locally produced, may be cheaper than chemical pesticides
  • In the long-term may be more effective than chemical pesticides.
  • Disadvantages of botanical pesticides
  • high specificity, which will require an exact identification of the pest/pathogen and may require multiple pesticides to be used
  • often slow speed of action often variable efficacy due to the influences of various biotic and a biotic factors

5. Lantana camara

  • Lantana camara (Verbenaceae) -perennial woody shrub -multicoloured flower clusters
  • Lantana is now a majorweedin many regions. It is regarded as one of the most serious weeds in plantation crops such as coffee, oil palm, coconuts and cotton.
  • In addition to its weed status, lantana is toxic to sheep and cattle.
  • Lantana camara contains a wide array of compounds exhibiting diverse range of bioactivity.
  • Leaf extracts are reported to have antimicrobial, fungicidal, insecticidal & nematicidal activities.

6. Objectives

  • To prepare the pesticide from
  • Lantana camara
  • To know the pests which can be controlled by the pesticide.
  • To determine the recommended amount of pesticide
  • To determine the pre harvest interval of pesticide.
  • To know the advantage & disadvantage of prepared pesticide.

7. Preparation method

  • Materials:
    • Mid & lover leaves of lantana camara
    • 0.5mm sieve
    • micro pulverizer / blender
    • oven

8. Oven dry 105 0 C, 12 hours Pulverize Stored at room temperature 9.

  • Lantana camarapowder act as Bio pesticide to repel the following pests:-
  • Maize weevil
  • Rice weevil
  • Bruchids
  • Aphids
  • Adult termites
  • In our experiment we used maize weevil to determine the recommended amount & pre-harvest interval of that pesticide.

10. Determination of recommended amount oflantana camarapesticide for maize weevil

  • Materials-
  • Pest boxes-4
  • Connecting tubes-3
  • 500g of Maize seeds
  • 100 maize weevils
  • Lamtana camarapesticide
  • Four insect boxes were taken.
  • Three boxes were connected with one common box by connecting tubes & the olfacto meter set up was constructed as shown by above figure.

11. 12.

  • Then maize weevil movement from the common box to other three boxes was observed & number of maize weevils counted in each boxes.
  • The observation was done every 24 hours & the results were recorded.
  • The amount of pesticide powder was changed every day until minimum amount of pests available in box having pesticide+ maize seeds.
  • Then observation & recording was done properly.

13. Observation Amount of pesticide (g) Number of pests in box having maize seeds only Number of pests in box having pesticide+maize seeds Number of pests in empty box Number of pests in common box 10g 44 36 9 11 25g 59 28 5 8 50g 78 10 4 8 75g 90 4 - 6 100g 91 4 - 5 14. Determination of pre-harvest interval

  • Pre harvest interval: -
  • The time between the last pesticide application and harvest of the treated .
  • Materials needed:
      • Pest boxes-2
      • Connecting tubes-1
      • 500g of Maize seeds
      • 100 maize weevils
      • 75g of Lamtana camarapesticide

15. Maize seeds Lantana extract 16. Observation DayNumber of maize weevil in box contained maize onlyNumber of maize weevil in the box contained pesticide + maize seeds1st day94 06 2 nd day87 13 3 rd day67 33 4 th day52 48 5 th day24 76 6 th day13 87 7 th day08 92 8 th day08 92 9 th day0 100 17. Discussion

  • The prepared pesticide is effective for pests like Maize weevil, Rice weevil, Bruchids, Aphids & adult termites. We select maize weevils for our experiment, because
    • Its easy for doing experiments
    • Maize weevils can culture rapidly
  • When we have put 75g & 100g of pesticide, it repelled about 96 out of 100 insects. If we increased the pesticide amount for more than 100g it may repel all the insects from maize. But minimum usage of pesticide is better. So we have considered the 75g of pesticide as recommended amount.

18. Characters of prepared pesticide

  • Its used to preserve the maize seeds during storage period against maize weevil.
  • Its also effective for like Maize weevil, Rice weevil, Bruchids, Aphids & adult termites.
  • Its a repellent pesticide & in powder form.
  • The recommendation amount for 250g of maize seeds is 75g. So we have to use the maize seeds & pesticide in 10:3 ratios.
  • The pre harvest interval of pesticide is 9 days. So we can consume the maize 9 days after the pesticide application.


  • TheLantana camaraplant is widely available.
  • Easy preparation of pesticide
  • Preservation of pesticide is easy
  • Effectively control the maize weevil during the storage
  • It s in powder form. So easy to handle. No need for the dilution.
  • Non toxic pesticide for human.


  • The recommended amount is high.( maize: pesticide in 10:3 ratio)
  • The pre harvest interval is only 9 days. So repelling effect of pesticide is finished in 9 days.
  • The pesticide is directly mixed with maize seeds. So it gives an unfavorable smell to the maize seeds.

21. Conclusion

  • We have familiarized with the preparation ofpesticide fromLantana camara
  • The recommendation-75g of pesticide for 250g maize seeds.
  • The pre harvest interval-9 days


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