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CETI : CERCS for Enterprise Transformation and Innovation. National Science Foundation Center for Experimental Research in Computer Systems (CERCS) Georgia Institute of Technology and The Ohio State University Directors: Jay Ramanathan, Rajiv Ramnath, - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • *Agenda Introduction of New DirectorsCETI Metrics 2009-2010CETI Projects ReviewCETI Engagement ProcessIntroduction to Panel IT Innovations for the Services Economy

  • Introduction to New DirectorsDr. Ola Ahlqvist, Assistant Professor, Dept. of GeographyDr. Anand Desai, Professor, John Glenn School for Public AffairsDr. Michael Freitas, Research Assistant Professor, Department of Biomedical Informatics, Department of Molecular Virology, Immunology and Medical GeneticsDr. Ashok Krishnamurthy, Interim Director and Senior Director of Research, Ohio Supercomputer Center

  • CETI Metrics 2009-2010Industry Collaborations: Members: 8 Other Collaborators: 48Projects: Total: 28 Completed: 11 Ongoing 17Faculty: In Center: 6 External: 21Students (MS and PHD): Total: 39 Graduated: 11 Current: 28 (1st Year: 16)Placements: Total: 21 Permanent: 11 Internships: 10 Yahoo, Microsoft (3), Google (2), Deloitte(2), Thoughtworks, Nationwide (2), ST Industries, Epic Systems (2), Grange Insurance, PlugSmart (2), Samraksh (2), TDCI, IBMCorporate fellowships: MS: 16 PhD: 1 (IBM PhD fellowship)Grants: NSF: 2 (Curriculum development, Entrepreneurship) Other: 2University support: Tuition support: $70,000, Laboratory spacePublications: Conference: 14 Books: 1 Book Chapters: 1

    *Vision: Enable Enterprise Transformation with Innovations and Dissemination of Advanced Knowledge for Service Intensive Processes

  • CETI Research Areas

  • CETI Projects 2009-2010BHEF: Cyber Infrastructure Runtime Services, Shubhanan Deshpande CableLabs: Knowledge-Based Network Topology Discovery, Yuri Shelke City of Columbus DOT: My Neigborhoods, Ramya Jadda, Swati Rathore, Yingxiao Xu City of Columbus DOT: Sense Respond Environment for Adaptive complex Services, Nisheet SinghCity of Columbus DOT: Enterprise Traceability for Strategic Planning and Execution, Farha Mukhri City of Columbus DOT: CI Framework for Intelligent Service Delivery and Life-Cycle Monitoring, Kelly Yackovich GAP: Agile Performance Framework, Vineet Harbhajanka Grange Insurance: Knowledge-Based Architecture for Fraud Detection of Insurance ClaimsKiplinger Program, BETHA, USA Today: Cognitive Engineering of an Intent Mining Tool Suite, Preethi Raghavan Kiplinger Program, BETHA, USA Today: Framework for Intent Mining, Xu ZheNationwide: Micro-Modeling: A Framework for Maximizing the Efficiency of Collaborative Tools Within Groups of Knowledge Workers in Service Delivery Organizations, Joe Bolinger

  • Nationwide: Optimization of Data Center Application Allocation, Rajesh Nandagiri Nationwide: Data Center Machine Power Profiling, Ralston DaSilvaNationwide: Data Center Application Profiling, Mike GreenNationwide: Data Quality Improvement, Artika Agrawal Nationwide: Document-Centric Workflow, Greg Horvath Multimedia QoE In IPTV Deployments, Prashanth Chandrasekaran ODJFS: Applications of Enterprise Ontology for Knowledge Mining, Praveen Nagarajan ODJFS: Performance Dashboard, Roshni DuttaOSUMC: Knowledge-based Architecture for Role-based Access Management, Chowdary DavuluriOSUMC: Metadata-Driven Data Management, Aman KumarCETI Projects 2009-2010 Contd.

  • CETI Projects 2009-2010 Contd.Plugsmart: Intelligent Smart Electric Vehicle Charging System, Srinivas Hegde, Sharada PatilTechColumbus, 1492 Program: Mylee: Making Your Life Easier Everyday, Shweta Deshpande, Bruno RibeiroOSU Dept. of Geography: Exploring a Framework for Goal-Driven Collaboration through Serious Gaming, Cheyney Loffing OSC: J-FTP, Portal Tools for High-Performance Computing, Arun Chockalingam ST Industries: Towards Metadata Driven User Interfaces, Rahul Mukhedkar ST Industries: ESB Based Integration, Ketaki Koppal TDCI: Hybrid Rule-Constraint driven Product and Service Configuration Vasudha Gupta

  • Engagement ProcessLevel of Interest FormCETI Industry Day, June 10th 2010Please fill and return. Thank you!

    10:30-11:00 Registration and networking 11:00-11:10 Introduction to CETI, the Industry Day, NSF and LIFE Forms Dr. Jay Ramanathan, Director, CETI 11:10-11:30 Applied Research Projects at CETI Dr. Ola Ahlqvist, Associate Director, CETI Dr. Rajiv Ramnath, Director, CETI 11:30-12:30 Poster Exhibition and Lunch Collaborative Research and Senior Capstone Projects at CETI 12:30- 2:00 IT Innovations for a Service-based Economy - Panel Session Dinesh Dhamija, PhD, SVP and Chief Strategy Officer, TDCI Inc. Vijay Gopal, CTO for Shared Applications, Nationwide Insurance Moez Chaabouni, Deputy CIO, City of Columbus Rajiv Ramnath, Director, CETI, Moderator. 2:00- 2:30 Return of LIFE forms, departure, teardown ****